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O-Zone Late Night: Jaguars 13, Falcons 7

ATLANTA, Ga. – Let's get to it …

Michael from Middleburg, FL:
That sound you heard is the "Start-Brandon-Allen" train leaving town.
John: I received this Thursday as Jaguars third-team quarterback Brandon Allen threw three interceptions in the first half, but I actually thought Allen showed a lot of good Thursday – even in that first half. One of his interceptions came off a tipped pass, and another was on a fade pass into the end zone that really wasn't a horrible throw. He threw really late to the sideline on his second interception, and that was a bad throw. I obviously never believed Allen was going to start this season, particularly early. But I do think he showed enough Thursday to make people optimistic about his progress and potential. I thought entering the game the need for numbers at other positions might make it tough for him to make the roster. I think he makes it.
Cliff from Orange Park, FL:
We cannot make this stuff up; Brad Allen was the referee for tonight's game. Really, did you arrange this O-man?
John: Sometimes the stars just align.
Ralph from Jacksonville:
John, recognizing it's against the twos and threes, Earl Watford is the best left guard on the roster. He is making holes, getting downfield and appears to have a good understanding of his responsibility every play. Play the man!
John: Watford, who missed the first three preseason games with an injury, got a long look at left guard in Preseason Week 4. This wasn't surprising because the Jaguars need an answer at that spot. I agreed that at first glance from my view from the press box it appeared he played well. Considering the uncertain state of the position, I have to think Watford plays heavy into the left-guard conversation in the coming days. We'll see.
Dustin from Orlando, FL:
I'm not a huge fan of Colin Kaepernick but I do think he is much more mobile than anyone currently on the roster. With an O-Line that looks like it will crumble approximately every other play, it seems having a quarterback that can run for a gain is better than having one that is just running for his life.
John: Perhaps, but don't expect Kaepernick to do that running for the Jaguars.
TJ S from Orlando, FL:
So, says Allen will be playing after Blake Bortles and Chad Henne gets benched Week 1, so we can go ahead and etch that in stone, right?
John: Ha. Sure. You do that. Wait: were they talking about Brandon or Brad?
Tom from Charleston, SC:
In response to your reply to Glen from Orange Park, FL: If a team with good depth at any position (i.e. guard) waives a player that is as good or better than your first team player; isn't it prudent to pick up that player in hopes of improving you roster?
John: Of course. But remember: Considering the difficulty all NFL teams have finding five quality offensive linemen – much less eight or nine – finding a waiver-wire acquisition to significantly improve even the worst line is very, very difficult. And rare.
Mike from St. Augustine, FL:
Beyond a quarterback of NFL starting caliber, the Jags lack personality. If you've watched J.J. Watt this week, his language is all about "our city ... our home ... our fans." Pride. Ownership. Leadership. Personality. More an observation than a question, I know. We had hurricane problems here in St. Augustine a year ago. I didn't see or hear about anyone from the Jags taking such ownership of the area or leadership in a helping role. Not expected and certainly not their duty. Just pointing out a difference. And, in combo with a horrible decade in the win column, perhaps a reason the fan base always expects the worst.
John: J.J. Watt is a huge NFL presence/personality. He is in his seventh season as the face of a franchise in a city that right now is going through extreme hardship. May Jacksonville and the area never need to test this statement, but I am confident there would be players take pride and show leadership if the situation were to arise. Perhaps not to the high-profile degree of Watt, but the Jaguars don't yet have personality/player on that level, either.
Dave from Duval:
If Chad Henne makes this team and Brad Allen gets cut or put on the practice squad I swear to the football gods I'm done with Jaguars until new leadership is out in place.
John: OK.
Jerell from Columbia, SC:
I blame Bortles for Allen's picks he was clearly trying to imitate Blake. Guy is simply a bad influence on our young QB.
John: I know of no better way to wrapup the final O-Zone Late Night of the preseason. On to the real stuff.

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