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O-Zone Late Night: Jaguars 44, Ravens 7


The Jaguars needed that one Sunday. They got it, and it was never close. It was stunning its completeness – and cathartic after a disappointing performance in Week 2.

Did I call Sunday? Did I see Blake Bortles throwing four touchdowns?

Did I predict Marcedes Lewis catching three touchdowns?

Did you?


Let's get to it …. Travis from South Florida:
Now that's how you play some football!
John: Well … yeah—yeah, that is how you play. The Jaguars on Sunday for a second time in three games this season followed their formula pretty close to perfection. They did it in Week 1 with a 10-sack, four-turnover game in a 29-7 victory at Houston – and their victory over the Ravens was even more pronounced and one-sided. Most of the pre-game talk about this game centered on a Ravens defense that entered the game with 10 takeaways in the first two games of the season. Instead, the Jaguars got an early lead when their defense forced four consecutive three and outs. The offense played efficiently and took advantage of opportunities. The Jaguars got three takeaways quickly in the second and third quarters and just kept stretching the lead. That's the Jaguars' formula – but hell, it's lot of teams' "formula." Following that formula is hard. So far, the Jaguars have followed it twice in dominant fashion and it's why they're over .500 through three games.
JT from Rosamond, CA:
So which Jags team is which? Are we a good team or the team that showed up to the Titans? Or are we somewhere in the middle?
John: The Jaguars are a team capable of losing big when they don't play well and a team capable of winning big when it does play well. Most NFL teams fit that description. Now, the Jaguars do, too.
Will from Jacksonville:
John: I assume you're asking if people – i.e., national media – will respect the Jaguars now. Maybe. I guess. I don't know. It doesn't matter. If the Jaguars play the way they did Sunday they will win a lot of games. If they win a lot of games it won't matter all that much who respects them because winning is cool. Fans like.
Jess from Castle Rock, CO:
What sound do you hear from all the Bortles haters? Crickets.
John: Pretty much. For today. When he struggles again, the noise will be louder. Bortles plays quarterback in the NFL. That's the drill.  
Cliff from Callahan, FL:
They're kneeling, I'm done. Try again next year, Jaguars.
John: There were those with this point of view …  
Stan from Jacksonville                                                                                                                                           Stan from Jacksonville                                                                                                                                                                                                           :
Don't care what Trump said. Don't care what Kaepernick says. Don't care if players kneel for our National Anthem. It's gotten to be OLD news for me and completely meaningless. People can feel and express themselves any way that they want. Just tackle the guy you're supposed to, or catch that pass. That's what I care about.
John: … and others with this point of view.  
Bill from Dansville, NY:
Give up on Myers already.
John: This was sent early in the game. Jason Myers went eight for eight on his first eight kicks Sunday. I didn't hear anything else about Myers the rest of the game.
Jaginator from (formerly of Section 124):
Can you (or anyone) please explain to me how I'm supposed to buy that the London game is a "home" game when the opponent's name/logo is painted in one of the end zones? What other "home" games have you ever seen where the opponent's name is painted on the home team's field? I ask this question every year and no one even tries to answer it. I guess I'll just keep asking …
John: I've discussed this in this forum before, I believe. Perhaps I'm wrong about that, perhaps you missed it perhaps the answer wasn't to your liking. Perhaps it's yet another area where I fall short of expectations. Goodness knows there are plenty of those. I sense the latter will be true about this answer, because many people don't like the fact that the London game is a Jaguars home game because the team and the league designate it as such. It's really as simple as that. The team gets the "local" revenue from the game, meaning sponsorship opportunities and so on – and the team thinks of it as a home game because it wants to think of it that way. Many Jaguars fans don't think of it that way. Many don't "buy" it as a Jaguars home game. I don't know if that's unfortunate, fortunate or one of life's dramatic tragedies. I'll save this answer for when you ask it this year. It will probably be inadequate then, too.
Robert from Moorpark, CA:
That's what I'm talking about O-dawgy!!! Eliminate penalties on offense and play our run game, let the defense contain opponents, we can take this division this year!  PEACE
John: Tennessee seems like a long time ago. It's funny how that works.

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