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📧 O-Zone Late Night: Jets 26, Jaguars 21


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – This was wacky, costly and frustrating all at once.

The Jaguars on Sunday lost their seventh consecutive game, rallying in the fourth quarter before eventually losing to the New York Jets – 26-21 on a late December Sunday afternoon in MetLife Stadium.

The wacky? Two touchdowns by offensive linemen – one for each team – and a 103-yard kickoff return, the latter of which marked the second consecutive week the Jaguars allowed a kickoff return for a touchdown. Inexcusable. And untouched at that.

The costly? Jaguars running back James Robinson sustained an Achilles injury and will miss the rest of the regular season. Stay tuned on the long-term impact there.

The frustrating? The Jaguars had 3rd-and-goal and 4th-and-goal from the 1 in the waning seconds. When you don't win in that situation, it's frustrating.

Two games remain in a looooong season.

Let's get to it …

Jeremy from Wise, VA

Oh, no. Non-contact injuries are never good. Hate that for James.

The major Jaguars news Sunday indeed was Robinson's injury. And he indeed sustained the injury with no contact. It was announced an Achilles injury, and Jaguars Interim Head Coach Darrell Bevell confirmed after the game the injury was a tear. An Achilles injury is never good, particularly for a running back. Here's wishing Robinson the best.

Josh from Lakewood

Boy, sure is dumb Robinson suffered a potentially serious injury just so we'd have a chance to go 3-14 instead of 2-15.

Robinson's injury was a shame. I can't say it was dumb. It's professional football player. Professional football players play football.

Jeremy from Jacksonville

How much better did our chances of having the No. 1 overall pick get after today's game?

A lot.

Mike from Saint Augustine, FL

I will see that Zach Wilson run in my nightmares forever. Then the special teams is excited about a blocked extra point. Announcer: "this is Zach Wilson's first signature play of his career." I'm sad.

This was the much-ballyhooed, long-awaited, always-enticing First Email of the Game – and it came in the wake of an admittedly pretty ugly Jaguars moment Sunday. The moment: a 52-yard touchdown run by Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, a play on which Wilson evaded at least three tacklers – defensive lineman Dawuane Smoot, nickel safety Rudy Ford and safety Andrew Wingard – who could/should have made the play. I don't know that a long run at the end of a long season – a long run in a pretty meaningless game – is lifetime-nightmare-worthy, but hey … who am I to judge?

Kenny from Youngstown, OH

Rudy Ford and Andrew Wingard need to be cut immediately after the game. This has to stop. That effort is pathetic, and not the first by both players this season. How can a culture ever change when that is the type of players we have to watch on game day? Sickening.

Ford and Wingard weren't cut immediately after the game. I don't expect them to be cut in the coming days, either.

Jwall from Mandarin

We really are the worst team in the league! And it's really not even close! REALLY!!! I'd ask your take, but I think it's gonna be really obvious!!

The Jaguars are 2-13, which is the worst record in the NFL. They haven't won in seven weeks and Sunday was the first time they have led in seven weeks. So, worst team in the NFL? Sure.

Matt from Tremonton, UT

This might seem like a low priority given our laundry list of issues to address in the off-season, but should we try to find ourselves a big leg kicker? A guy that boom one every time on kickoffs and hit longer field goals would help our defense a lot.

I expect that will be on the to-do list – and yeah, it will be a long list.

Bobby from Section 410

Big O, What are your thoughts on going for two so early in the game? I totally disagree with it..

The Jaguars went for two after offensive lineman Will Richardson's fumble recovery for a touchdown early in the second quarter. They did so because the Jets had been called offsides on the first point-after attempt, which allowed the Jaguars to try for two from the one-yard line. That's a pretty standard decision in the NFL these days, with percentages playing strongly in the attempting's team favor on a one-yard play as opposed to a two-yard play. So, what did I think? Sure. Why not? The Jaguars were 2-12 and haven't exactly been an offensive machine lately. Go for points where you can.

Daniel from Jersey City

O man, for all those people always asking you if things could get any worse? Everyone, yes it can!

Of course, it can. Things can always get worse. But Sunday's game wasn't worse – or really that much better. It was kinda, sorta more of the same. The Jaguars are 2-13. You're probably not going to feel better about this season in the final weeks.

Michael from Middleburg

WHAT A JOKE!!…Embarrassing, too.

I swear I'm not trying to be cute here, but you need to be more specific. A lot more.

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