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O-Zone Late Night: Sunday was tough

HEADING HOME – Let's get to it . . . Ray from Pooler, GA and Section 124:
John O, pass this to the Jaguars' fans. OPERATION PATIENCE.
John: Yeah, I could pass it along, but a lot of people won't hear. I don't talk much about patience, because fans don't want to hear it and because I think fans absolutely should want to win now. It's their right, and what else should they want. Besides, right now, most fans are too mad to listen to anything about patience anyway, and that's OK. Still, I've said often it's the fans' jobs to want to win now, and the team's job to try to build the right way. This seems like a good time to reiterate that.
Fred from Jacksonville:
They should fire the GM, Head Coach, the players, and you! This team is going NOWHERE. Such an embarrassment.
John: Three weeks in, Fred – three weeks in. What has happened in those three weeks isn't pleasant and it isn't acceptable, but it's not completely unexpected, and it doesn't alter the long-term course established by David Caldwell and Gus Bradley.
Stan from Jacksonville:
0-16. Yes.
John: No.
Spencer from Satellite Beach, FL:
I continue to be VERY impressed with this defense. Yes, there is some work to be done. But to me it's quite obvious we have a Top 5 defense in the making. If I can take anything away from this season, it's the return of old, smash-in-your-face wall of defense I grew up with as a Jags fan.
John: The Jaguars gave up 45 points Sunday, so it's really not a night to endlessly laud the defense. But a lot of the Jaguars' issues came on pass defense, and those issues at least in part came because of a secondary that was playing three rookies – safety Josh Evans, safety Johnathan Cyprien and cornerback Demetrius McCray. There were mistakes made in that area, but can you see the beginnings of a decent defense around the Jaguars this season? I think you can, and think you will more as the season continues.
Steve from Denver, CO:
O- "It's way too assume the teams will fight it out for the first two selections," did you hire Shadrick to proofread ?
John: As a matter of fact . . .
Justin from Section 133:
Are the 2013 Jaguars the worst team you've ever seen in the NFL? No variables or equivocations necessary, just a yes or no answer.
John: No.
Lance from Jacksonville:
I wish the Jags would just forfeit the year.
John: Oh, Lance . . . There are 13 games left in this year, and there is a lot that has to be accomplished in those 13 games. I get that the first three games have been brutal. No one contests that. But to say there is no hope of improvement just isn't true. The offense took a little step forward Sunday, and while a lot of it came after the outcome was decided, perhaps something positive started. And the Jaguars are considering making some changes in terms of approach on the offensive line that they believe could help the running game. Marcedes Lewis could come back next week, and Justin Blackmon is expected back the week after that. I'm not saying those things turn the Jaguars into a contender, but to build for the future you have to see what's good and bad about the present roster.
Chris from Mandarin, FL:
The Jags are not remotely competitive. Shouldn't we expect the team to play better than this? I can't remember ever watching a team play as poorly on offense as this...defense isn't much better either. Ugh.
John: Yes, "Ugh." And the Jaguars weren't competitive in the first half on Sunday. And there's no way to paint the second half as "competitive," considering the Seahawks' lead was pretty much insurmountable by the time the Jaguars started to play well. Yet, at the same time, the offense did move more effectively late than it had all season, and some of the Jaguars' young players – safety Johnathan Cyprien, specifically – played well in spots. But no, Sunday wasn't good.
Al from Orange Park, FL:
If we're looking for improvement, I felt like I saw a bit. You?
John: Actually, yes. Not enough, and maybe not a lot, but there was improvement. Cecil Shorts III played well in the second half, and the offense did move the ball. It wasn't enough to win or even come close, but if you're asking if there was a measure of improvement, yes, I'd say there was. Don't forget the Seahawks are really good and the Jaguars are really building. They were also playing the game in Seattle. This one was going to be really, really difficult. And indeed it was.

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