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O-Zone Late Night, Week 11: Jaguars 34, Titans 14

O-Zone Late Night

JACKSONVILLE – This was a sound, convincing, total victory.

This was important for the Jaguars for multiple reasons – and not just because beating the Tennessee Titans 34-14 at EverBank Stadium makes so many longtime Jaguars fans feel so good about … well, everything.

The Jaguars needed a victory Sunday to put a one-sided loss to the San Francisco 49ers behind them. They needed it to stay ahead of the Houston Texans in the AFC South. They needed it to get some momentum entering next Sunday's game at Houston. They needed it to show what they believe they are – a very good team with postseason hopes.

They got it that victory with quarterback Trevor Lawrence playing well. And wide receiver Calvin Ridley playing well. And the defense playing well. And the offense playing efficiently.

Mission accomplished. A good day for the good guys.

Let's get to it …

Michael from Orange Park, FL

So, where are all the Trevor haters now?

Lawrence responded impressively Sunday. After what he called perhaps his worst game in a 34-3 loss to the 49ers last Sunday, he had one his best Sunday against Tennessee: two rushing touchdowns, two passing touchdowns, no interceptions, overall efficiency, timely running. The angst and vitriol regarding Lawrence last week were a bit silly very premature. He was bad against San Francisco. He had been playing on an injured knee for a few weeks. Even so, he mostly this season had been progressing and showing a lot of growth. Most importantly, the Jaguars had been winning. But yes … Sunday was good. It still must get better. There's no reason to think it won't.

Big Jags Fan from Jacksonville

Hey O! It was great seeing the Trevor-Calvin connection we have wanted to see since the season opener. The team played complementary football this week. On to Houston!

Winning is cool. Fans like it.

Corey from Orange Park, FL

Is it illegal to tackle the QB? Because tackling Levis throwing the ball and calling roughing the passer makes me feel like the NFL.

You're referencing a roughing-the-passer penalty on Jaguars outside linebacker K'Lavon Chaisson in the third quarter Sunday. Officials ruled that Chaisson fell with his body weight on Titans quarterback Will Levis, which is a penalty. The agenda is protecting defenseless quarterback. I don't know what Chaisson should have done differently. I don't think the rule is fair for defenders. I don't expect the rule to change.

Clayton from Shawnee, OK

What a response by this team against a hated rival. #DTWD

It was impressive.

Greg from Jacksonville Beach, FL

Was that Ridley's best game?

Ridley has had three 100-yard games in 10 games with the Jaguars. I don't think the Jaguars would have beaten the Buffalo Bills in London without him. But yes … his seven receptions, two touchdowns and 103 yards Sunday probably qualifies as his best game of the season.

Anita from Springfield

Ridley is being unfairly criticized. At this point whenever he doesn't make the catch, I expect the flag.

This was the much-ballyooed, oft-criticized, always-ecstatic First Email of the Game. Ridley's ability to draw penalties indeed matters – and it's a strength. He's hard to cover. Teams have to commit penalties in many situations to stop him. It mattered early again Sunday when he drew a first-down converting interference penalty on third down on the Jaguars' first scoring drive.

Kevin from Jacksonville

O, how about one fer the defense.

Indeed. While the Jaguars' offense was the primary storyline Sunday after perhaps its most complete game of the season, the Jaguars' defense was perhaps equally impressive. When the offense was stumbling a bit in the first half with one touchdown in three red-zone trips, the defense shut out the Titans and allowed just 82 yards. That enabled the Jaguars to control the game even with some missed offensive opportunities. The Jaguars' defense has been good all season. It was good again Sunday. It's what's expected after 10 games.

DuvalJag95 from J-ville

This team sucks!!! Spin it anyway you want, they're not even close to being a contender. I'm so pissed for letting this dumpster fire of a team get my hopes up.

The Jaguars are 7-3 and in first place in the AFC South. This is not "spin," whatever that means. They have won 12 of their past 15 regular-season games, 13 of their past 17 overall. They have won six of seven games and haven't trailed in five of those victories. I have seen "suck" in 13 years covering this team. This team does not "suck."

Adam from Saint Johns

OK, Zone, I'm trying to be nice. I know our coaches are so awesome and can't be questioned, so I ask you. Is this the worst third-and-short team in the history of football?

No, but they haven't been good in that situation this season. Not even close.

Bo from Linwood, NC

Just when I thought I was out … they pulled me back in!

Welcome back, Bo. You're always welcome here. Unless you look at me wrong. Then I'll "deal with you" as I see fit.

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