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O-Zone Late Night: What a reaction

JACKSONVILLE – What a turnaround. What a game. What a day at the 'Bank.

And of course, what an up-and-down day for the inbox.

Let's get to it …

Don from Macclenny:
Not a question, John. We've hung half a hundred on the Colts. Celebration time. Grilled steaks, baked potato for dinner.
John: Enjoy your meal. I'll probably have French bread pizza, but whatever … The Jaguars' 51-16 victory over the Colts was so complete – and on the surface, so unexpected – that it's hard to process and put in perspective. This was about as complete a victory as a team can have – and it was one that was absolutely stunning in the way it turned after the first half. There was a feeling in the Jaguars' locker room that the players and coaches had been waiting a long time for this. There was a feeling the team showed what it could do – at last. There was also a feeling that they had been close to a breakout, complete game for a long time. I don't think anyone anticipated a 35-point margin of victory. Or a franchise record for points. But no one in the Jaguars' locker room was surprised they won. And no one on offense was surprised that unit played better after a slow start. Of all the good signs from Sunday for this team, that may have been it. This was a team that not so long ago didn't respond well to adversity. On Sunday, it responded calmly and in a big way. That's maturity and that fits well with what we have started to see from this team of late.
Justin from Jacksonville:
This feeling, John. It's ... what is it? It's's beautiful.
John: Yeah, it ain't bad.
Seth Overreact from Prosper, TX:
We goin' to dah supah boawl!
John: No doubt.
Rob from Section 114:
I hope the fourth quarter of the season goes this well for the next three games. You know it is good when the fans stay for the whole game and even chant, "We want 50." Can we parlay this into momentum and a playoff run?
John: Just win two consecutive games. Then, we'll let the dust settle and see what's next.
Dane from Jacksonville:
The biggest takeaway from this game? We still made big mistakes, but we responded to them every time. That's something we haven't done in a long, long time. We're seeing the maturing process unfold.
John: I agree. I asked a lot of players in the locker room that afterward. Specifically, I asked offensive players if they could have had such a rough game in the first half and responded so well in the second half in September. All were reluctant to say they couldn't have done it in September. But I'll say it: this offense and this team couldn't have done this in September and they sure couldn't have done it last season. Very recently the book on this team was if one bad thing happened they were finished. Remember? The season opener? Blake Bortles threw a Pick Six against Carolina and an eight-point deficit felt like the Jaguars were down by three touchdowns? On Sunday, the Jaguars went down by 10 when Robert Mathis recovered a fumbled snap between Stefen Wisniewksi and Blake Bortles. The Colts scored three points the rest of the game. The Jaguars scored 48.
Brent from the South Side:
How long has it been since we scored touchdowns from all three phases in one game?
John: The Jaguars last did it against Tampa Bay in 2011.
Michael from Newport News:
Great win today, but the kicker is really on thin ice.
John: Those little lights aren't twinkling, either.
Steven from Denton, TX:
Three more games for Gus Bradley... NOOOOOOOT!!
John: Yeah, I've been saying for the last month – longer than that, really – that I didn't think Bradley was going anywhere. I understand people's frustration with losing, but he hadn't lost the team and that's a huge consideration when deciding on a coach's future. I never say never in the NFL, but I continue to believe Shad Khan wants Gus Bradley to be the coach of this team. Sunday only solidified that.
Harold from Jacksonville:
I've made countless excuses for this team all season long but decided to leave it up to this game to use it as a measuring stick. After that first play I have decided that this team indeed sucks.
John: This was the much-ballyhooed, coveted, anticipated first email of the game. Harold was not alone at the time …
Jerell from Columbia, SC:
John, didn't I tell you a few weeks ago the Jags have a clown at the QB position?
John: … He had Jerell to keep him company, of course …
Joe from Aurora, IL:
Julius Thomas needs to be cut. Not because he is expensive, but because he is bad at football. Look at all the receptions and yards he leaves on the field. Just catch the ball.
John: … and this Joe …
Joe from Duval:
This is embarrassing.
John: … and this Joe.
Jerell from Columbia, SC:
Bortles for the HOF!!!!!
John: Yeah, that's what I thought.

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