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O-Zone: Lighters to the sky

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Brian from New Hampshire:
I feel this is one of the harder drafts for David Caldwell. If Leonard Williams somehow falls to No. 3, choosing between Vic Beasley, Leonard Williams and Dante Fowler, Jr., isn't going to be easy. Williams: we are already stacked at defensive tackle and run-stopping defensive end. But he fits our defense pretty much to the 'T.' Beasley and Fowler have the look of Pro Bowlers all over them. I'd give the edge to Beasley only because he fits our defense and I could see him playing some Otto as well as Leo.
John: I agree that it's a difficult draft at No. 3 for Caldwell, and it perhaps will be the toughest first-round decision he has faced in three drafts with the Jaguars as general manager – in part because you have to throw wide receiver into that mix, too. I imagine there will be significant debate/discussion in the coming weeks about Amari Cooper and Kevin White as well as the players you mentioned. The immediate needs in this case are pretty equal. The Jaguars have wide receivers, pass rushers and strong-side ends who can play well at an NFL level. They like the growth potential and believe they have players at those spots who can play well quickly. At the same time, they could certainly benefit from a special, long-term player at any of the spots. That makes the decision critical and difficult. But it also allows Caldwell to pick the player about whom he feels strongest and in the end, I imagine he'll make the decision with a lot of confidence.
Gator from my Couch in Gainesville, FL:
Finally!!!! Brian from Gainesville gets it. All great players who know how to win, well except for the Irish guy I never heard of … If only Caldwell could understand. In closing I don't need to mention a certain hometown Gator who is still waiting as well to win and sell tickets.
John: You and Brian are visionaries. I don't think there's any doubt about that.
James from Jacksonville:
Why do you think Bleacher Report lists Luke as a bust when he has only really played one season? And why do you think ESPN and others feel that the Jaguars will draft Fowler and that he will be a bust as well? Is it because of all of the bad drafts of years ago? Thanks.
John: Bleacher Report has some good people working for it, and so does ESPN. All sites and outlets create lists because people read them. Some sites and lists are more informed than others, and none matter much in the sense that what matters is what happens on the field. Luke Joeckel has plenty of time and will have ample opportunity to prove his worth. And as far as picking an as-yet undrafted rookie to bust … well, whatever makes people click … I wear Christmas hats in videos throughout much of December pretty every year … who am I to judge?
Bruce from Gotham:
Go right to the source and ask the horse. He'll give you the answer that you'll endorse. He's always on a steady course. People yakkity-yak a streak and waste your time of day. But Mr. O will never speak unless he has something to say.
John: #DTWD
Brandon from Duval:
It seems that you and Boselli have the same type of relationship Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon have. If you had a talk show, would you bump Boselli at the end of every show? Go Jags!
John: Tony Boselli was a great left tackle who I think should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He also knows important people in this organization. I've been told that's all I should say right now.
Alexander from Rockville, MD:
Yo Zone howz it? I needed to know if you are a true Jaguars fan because I truly love the Jags forever and wanted to know if you do too since you have done this for a while now and I read every day. Also I wanted to know your take on the pass rushers since we most likely will draft one. I really think Beasley is the best- speed, power and production. Why don't more people see this?
John: The am-I-a-fan question is always tricky, because many, many readers don't grasp the perspective you must have professionally to do the job I do. It's hard to be a "fan," per se, in this position. Would I like to see the Jaguars win? Sure. Would I rather see them win a Super Bowl than any of the other 31 teams? Sure. Do I pull for the Jaguars to lose? Ever? Absolutely not. At the same time, I don't think you can consider me a fan because my emotions don't rise and fall wildly when they win or lose. I was an Oakland A's, Washington Redskins and Seattle SuperSonics fan growing up. I vividly recall punching walls, leaping over coffee tables and being thrilled or devastated many, many times watching those teams. I remember not wanting to go to school on days after my team lost. I have the feeling of not wanting to go to work a lot, but it's sort of key to work on Mondays in the NFL, so calling in sick after losses wouldn't bode well for my future. Bottom line: When you cover a team, there's no room for punching walls, though I will say my relationship with and respect for the people I cover absolutely allows me to be happy when the Jaguars have success and feel badly when they do not. As far as pass rushers, I honestly don't know who's better: Vic Beasley, Dante Fowler, Jr.; Shane Ray, etc. All appear to have strengths and all play a position that has become increasingly difficult to evaluate. I imagine one or two will make it big and one or two will be disappointing. That's usually how is it at the top of the draft. Which one that will be? I don't know. I sort of like Fowler, but I see why people like Beasley. I'm going to Fowler's Pro Day in Gainesville Tuesday. Maybe I'll feel more strongly after that.
Mike from Albany, NY:
I was watching The Profit last night on CNBC about a candy story called Sweet Pete's located in Jacksonville. I'm pretty sure I saw you pushing kids out of the way for some salted caramel.
John: They had it coming.
Charles from Bangalore, India:
John, please tell me the Jags will NOT take a wide receiver before Fowler or Williams! Isn't the general consensus that good receivers are available way deep in the first and later rounds? Running backs have fallen, but have wide receivers really risen to be strategic high number-one type picks? As a reminder, we have had really bad luck with picking first at this position. Also, I don't see Robinson, Lee, and Hurns as an indictment, but rather a vindication of this opinion.
John: First, don't get caught up in luck or history when debating who the Jaguars will take early. There's no such thing as the Easter Bunny – though I got a really cool Easter basket Sunday with a little chocolate bunny – and there's no Wide Receiver Jinx for the Jaguars. That doesn't exist anymore than a Defensive End Jinx or a Safety Jinx. I believe the Jaguars probably will take pass rusher at No. 3. I believe this because I believe there's something fundamentally strong about taking quarterback, left tackle, pass rusher, etc., with premium selections. It's harder to find those spots deeper in the draft. At the same time, I see the argument for wide receiver. If you're going to have an elite quarterback – which the Jaguars believe Blake Bortles can be – there's something to be said for surrounding that quarterback with elite players. Would I rather get a receiver at No. 10 or so? Sure, but the Jaguars aren't picking No. 10 unless they trade down. Which, by the way, you never know …
Jordan from Joplin, MO:
IF the Jaguars do draft Cooper at NO. 3, it will not be because he has potential to be our slot wide receiver, but because he is seen as the best wide receiver in the draft. With that said, Which wide receiver would you take in the draft?
John: I'd take Cooper, because he seems to be the most pro-ready and seems to have the least chance of being a bust. He's a very good route runner and would appear to have the ability to continue improving in that area in the NFL. Mostly, he just seems safe. Remember, I'm conservative by nature and believe in the no home-runs no strikeouts theory of building a roster. You love to have superstars, but you absolutely can't miss. Kevin White seems to have the most upside, but Cooper's skills make him seem like the safer selection and he appears likely to at the very least be very productive.
Dave from Jacksonville:
"FREEBIRD"!!! Lighter lit and lifted skyward!
John: Play it pretty for Atlanta.

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