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O-Zone: Lunch bunch

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Peter from Perth, Australia:
So, how about a "home" London game followed by an "away" Germany game? See anything like that happening in the future?
John: The future takes up a long, long time. In some ways, it seems to go on forever – and the NFL terrain internationally has changed so much that an awful lot is possible that might have seemed impossible and/or ridiculous a few years ago. I doubt that a London-Germany back-to-back is in the Jaguars' immediate future; a London-London back-to-back with the Jaguars being a home team one week and away team the next seems far more likely because that seems like something that needs to be tested to see if it would work for the long-term. Could London-somewhere-else-that's-not-the-United States happen some day? Sure, but I doubt it happens in the next four or five years.
Tym from the Southside:
Alright O-Zone, a tough one: Laremy Tunsil, Joey Bosa, Jalen Ramsey, and Myles Jack are off the board. Who do you pick at No. 5?
John: DeForest Buckner or Vernon Hargreaves III – or maybe, maybe, maybe Shaq Lawson. I suppose I'd lean toward Hargreaves, but I wouldn't be passionate about it.
David from the Island:
Don't rethink the Gabbert pick, O. You were right. The Jags moved up to get him and traded away a second-rounder to boot, which ended up being Ryan Kerrigan. He has been solid for years. That's a double whammy and they hurt more.
John: Yeah, well … they sure don't help.
Jefferson from Phoenix, AZ:
John: "I 'Washington Redskins fanned' from 1972 or so until 1993." Please tell us why you stopped Redskin fanning in 1993. I have to ask because that was the exact same year I stopped Redskin fanning myself ... and started the process of bleeding teal.
John: The reason I stopped Redskins fanning is pretty simple. I started covering college football in 1993 and started covering the NFL two years later. When that happened, I started following the game in a different way. I started seeing the players more as peers – or, at the least, flawed human beings (Besides, I know what you're saying: "Zone, you have few true peers …") Covering the NFL, it became impossible to idealize players and their deeds in a league I covered. Some people pity me when I tell them this. Don't pity me (at least not because of that). It's fine. I don't regret it. I still enjoy football and I wouldn't go back. But it's different covering a team and fanning. No doubt.
Tom from Orlando, FL:
I have two issues to ask about, O-man. First, how much will Cleveland signing RGIII impact the draft? Could this increase the possibility of the Jaguars trading down because a team in need of a quarterback is willing to pay a king's ransom? My second issue is Denard Robinson. Has he fallen out of favor? Or could he be used creatively, such as occasionally lining up in the slot or in a wildcat formation? As a former quarterback, I would try him out as the holder on field-goal attempts for bad snaps or the occasional trick play.
John: Cleveland signing RGIII absolutely could impact the draft because it might mean the Browns passing on a quarterback at No. 2 when many previously thought there was no way that would happen. I still say the Browns go quarterback at No. 2, but Robert Griffin III's signing makes it less of a lock. That could hurt the Jaguars if four non-quarterbacks are gone before they select at No. 5, and no, I don't see a team giving up a king's ransom for any of the quarterbacks in this draft. As for Robinson, I think he has a real chance to be the third back and a change-of-pace player, but he has to fix his ball-security issues. They were major last season.
Matt from Bradford, England:
John, I understand Jacksonville fans being frustrated that the team plays a home game here in England. However, if I remember correctly, the (then-St. Louis) Rams had an agreement to play in London then backed out and the Jags took their place. I know it still may not be popular but those Rams fans would love to have one home game a year in London if it meant still having seven in St Louis – fair or not?
John: It's not fair to say the Rams would still be in St. Louis if they played a game a year in London. It is fair to say St. Louis Rams fans would prefer nine home games a year with a London home game than no home games at all. Yes, that couldn't be more fair.
Riley from Edmonton, Canada:
If we were to take Myles Jack or Jalen Ramsey in the draft, how would you see the depth chart shaping out seeing as these aren't position groups where we are in dire need of help? I am assuming both Jack and Ramsey have potential to make an immediate impact, so we would want them on the field ASAP.
John: Yes, the Jaguars would want either player on the field immediately, but you know the nice thing about the Jaguars' roster right now? It's good enough that the team wouldn't need either player to start and play an every-down role in the regular-season opener. A highly-drafted player can actually find his way into a role at his own pace on this team now, and that's something that hasn't been the case the last few years. As for the specifics of your question, I believe Jack would start at linebacker alongside Paul Posluszny and opposite Telvin Smith, with Dan Skuta playing a role as a pass rusher and Otto linebacker in some situations. Ramsey's situation is a bit more complicated. He could potentially start opposite Davon House at corner or at a safety position alongside Tashaun Gipson.
Jimi from Bondi Beach, Australia:
No question. I just wanted to say your reminiscing had me jumping out of bed and yelling at Gene Smith, looking for something to break - just one more glorious time! Then, I took a deep breath and gave thanks to Shad, Dave and Gus.... Felt sooooooo good!!!
John: No worries. Besides, you live in Australia. Go to the beach. Enjoy the surf. Have a Fosters. Mate.
James from Atlanta, GA:
John, not to be pessimistic but what if Fowler doesn't develop into an adequate pass rusher. Where do we go from here?
John: Back to the draft. Or into free agency.
Travis from St. Louis, MO:
With the way our offense performed last season and assuming the Jaguars stay the course this year, and our defense looking better, is it that crazy to think we could have a 10-11 win season and just maybe surprise someone in the playoffs? Or am I just a little too ambitious with my prediction?
John: You're probably a touch ambitious, though I do think a winning record this season is possible. Eleven? I wouldn't predict that. Not yet.
Royce from Jacksonvile:
Mr. O coach Gus said he plans to use Skuta as a pass rusher, what skills does he bring as a pass rusher? With the rush being woeful at best last season why wasn't he used last year?
John: Dan Skuta isn't your normal Leo rusher, but you know what? It's OK to get pressure from someone who's not a lightning-quick, beat-a-tackle-around-the-edge rusher!! Skuta rushes the passer with more strength and physicality. The Jaguars planned to use Skuta in a pass-rushing role last season, but he sustained a groin injury just and those plans were largely tabled.
John from Ponte Vedra, FL:
Zone, I'm not sure the new touchback rule will accomplish more safety and less returns in the manner the thinks. I think if I was a coach I might have my kicker kick more balls to the goal line now and take my chances on return coverage, and try to stop them around the 18 - 20. I think it may actually increase the amount of returns, what do you think?
John: I absolutely think this could happen.
Fred from Naples, FL:
Hey O....why does a GM like Caldwell being close to another GM benefit the Jags in terms of moving up? Do you think we would get a better deal from someone we know well than someone we are not as close with? I am not sure I understand the logic....but there are many things I don't understand.
John: There are many things I don't understand, too, but in this case I understand enough to explain. Contrary to perception, trades in the NFL aren't about one general manager trying to fleece another. The best trades are good for both sides. In that scenario, trust is a good thing.
Dave from Ada, OK:
John, your response to Trae was the single best statement regarding fandom I've ever read. It was personal, poignant, and all too real. It was something we have all felt, and I've never read it expressed more powerfully. For a moment there you were a supersta...sorry, lunch just got here.
John: I'll have the chicken salad.

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