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O-Zone: Making a list

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it . . . James from Austin, TX:
If Blaine Gabbert were to miss time due to his ankle injury and Gus Bradley continues with competition at the quarterback position, who do you think would have the edge to compete with Chad Henne? Mike Kafka or Matt Scott?
John: Those are a couple of big "ifs," and I'll preface the answer by saying there aren't any indications that Blaine Gabbert is going to miss extended time with the ankle injury sustained late in practice Monday. No question Bradley is going to preach competition whoever happens to be healthy no matter the position, but right now, there realistically appears a very large gap between Henne/Gabbert and Kafka/Scott if for no other reason than Henne/Gabbert are getting the vast majority of the practice reps. Of the two, Scott is getting more reps than Kafka, so he would have the edge in your scenario, though the split between those two could change once Kafka gets more familiar with the offense.
Sean from Fleming Island, FL:
Can you tell us how much playing time each quarterback will get in the first preseason game?
John: Not yet. I'd expect Bradley to discuss that publicly a day or two before the game. You would think Gabbert would start, with him and Henne getting equal time and Scott and Kafka getting a series in the second half. You'd think Henne would probably start the second game with Henne/Gabbert getting equal time and Scott or Kafka getting a series late again. That's very much a guess and the Jaguars likely haven't thought about it much yet, if at all, but that sort of breakdown would make sense given the situation.
Matt from State College, PA:
With the new helmets, even the practice jerseys look sharp. I can see how the effect is supposed to look now, and I definitely am excited to see the team in game jerseys. It took some time, but I like the new unis more every time I see them.
John: These things indeed take time. I wish I'd thought to mention that when the Jaguars unveiled their logo, uniforms and helmets this past offseason. My bad.
Steve from Jacksonville:
Where depth at O-line is concerned (and I suppose everywhere else) is it fair to say that there will be quite a bit of free-agent activity rotating in and out as cuts occur? Would some one- or two-year contracts for a few "gas-in-the-tank" older veterans be a good idea at this stage of the team's development? Moodachay to you, sir.
John: The length of contract isn't actually much of an issue, but I get that that's not your point. The best way to answer all of the free-agent-at-cut-down-date questions is to paint the issue with sort of a broad brush: the Jaguars will be looking at the waiver wire and cut lists throughout training camp, and I'm not sure there is a position they won't be looking to improve. Right tackle might make sense, but shoot, defensive end, tackle, linebacker, secondary, tight end . . . the Jaguars are looking all around the roster. Late August could be a busy time on that front.
Justin from Toledo, OHI:
Is this thing on?
John: Wait. What?
Duran from Rapid City, SD:
Ok, so you say Matt Scott and Mike Kafka are not getting a sufficient amount of reps in order to have legitimate chance to take the starting quarterback role. How can they show that they deserve more reps in practice?
John: Keep working and outperform the guys in front of them. That will be difficult with fewer repetitions, but that's what they have to do.
Mario from Miramar, FL:
Greetings Mr. O! After watching the video of Cecil Shorts III mic'ed up it seems like he's becoming a leader among the receivers. Very vocal, very energetic. Is he the leader among the wide receiver corps or are other wide receiver standing out?
John: Yes, he's the leader, and barring a seven- or eight-year veteran as your leader, Shorts is a pretty ideal leader. The mic'ed up segment was indeed remarkable. Shorts had a phenomenal practice Sunday, and we followed that up by giving fans an idea the following day of how Shorts could lead and interact with his teammates. He's focused right now and has an exemplary work ethic. If other young receivers follow his lead, the group will be in good shape.
JC from Section132:
Matt Scott is not winning a job this year, but I have to say, watching him in camp, he has a chance to become something. His footwork is really good (better than Henne, I think) and he has a gun. If he can get consistent with accuracy, I think he could develop into a nice player. I'm no expert though.
John: You may be no expert, but you have a good eye. You're right that Scott's chances of the starting job this season are slim, but you can't watch him and not think there is talent there and potential to contribute or even start sometime in the future. He has a strong arm, and seems comfortable in the pocket and against NFL competition (in practice, at least). He must improve accuracy, and he may need the bulking-up that often comes with a full NFL offseason or two, but there is certainly potential there.
Mike from Atlanta, GA:
Free website? I've got a freezer full of Sea Best that would indicate there's a hidden cost to this free site. I can't stop buying it.
John: Thank you. And congratulations on your upcoming promotion at Sea Best.
Kamal from San Francisco, CA:
Is Denard Robinson not working as a backup running back? I thought he would be given a chance to compete with Forsett and Todman for the backup running back role. Is he only going to be used for gimmick plays and formations?
John: Robinson is being used in a lot of different formations. I don't know that they're gimmicks as much as different looks that will be a pretty big part of the offense. You can call them gimmicks if you want, but the team doesn't really see them that way. But to the point of your question, right now, Robinson is not working in the true "backup running back" role behind Maurice Jones-Drew.
Jeremy from Miles City, MT:
When will people realize Denard Robinson couldn't win the starting quarterback job on a bad Michigan team last year? If he can't play the position in college then he sure can't in the pros.
John: Not all people pay attention as closely as others. People know Robinson played quarterback at Michigan and they know that the Jaguars have struggled at the position at times, so if you're using that logic it would seem logical he would get a chance here. That logic leaves out that he was not drafted as a quarterback, and that he's going to play there, but speculation and projection in the internet/Twitter era isn't always logical.
Bill from Palm Bay:
Some history for you: Posted Dec 18 2009 03:23 PM I ghettoized my own personal version of it: "Moodachay, moodachay, moodachay. Ohh!"
John: Whoa! Moodachay historay!
Amar from Edison, NJ:
Do you see the team keeping five or six receivers? For me, it's hard to say without knowing who is No. 2 at tight end.
John: One doesn't actually have much to do with the other, though Marcedes Lewis is pretty entrenched at one tight end with Allen Reisner getting a ton of work opposite him when the Jaguars go to two tight ends. Cecil Shorts III obviously will be kept at one receiver, with Justin Blackmon at the other and Mohamed Massaquoi and Ace Sanders also making the roster. Right now, it's hard to put anyone outside of that above Mike Brown, so that gives you five with perhaps Jordan Shipley after that. Watch out for Jeremy Ebert once the preseason starts, too. He could have a chance to play his way onto the roster.
Jackson from Wasilla, AK:
I'm curious about Massaquoi. He hasn't been mentioned much, at least in the first couple of practices, while Mike Brown and Ace Sanders have stood out. Is he performing as expected and just not standing out.
John: Massaquoi hasn't been mentioned much, though he has made catches and he has been reliable. Brown and Sanders have been mentioned because they have stood out – Brown for making plays, and Sanders for not only making plays, but being strikingly quick. Massaquoi is still working with the starters on the outside, and I expect him to start the season there. Brown and Sanders could be competing for roughly the same position, and each could have a chance at making the team in the slot.
Jo from Jacksonville:
I heard that there will be no flyovers this year. I was just wondering why. Is the NFL getting rid of flyovers or is it just Jacksonville? And if it is just Jacksonville, is there anything that we can do to get them back. I don't have much to compare, but really thought that Jacksonville had some really good flyovers.
John: There will be no flyovers at Jaguars home games, but it has nothing to do with the NFL or with Jacksonville. The flyovers were part of normal Air Force training hours, and were eliminated as part of federal budget cuts. Many fans will miss them, and the Jaguars understand that, but it's very much out of the team's control.
Nimrod from Toronto, Ontario:
Why don't you like me?
John: Hold on. Let me get my list.

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