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O-Zone: Oh, no no

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it . . . Chris from Philadelphia, PA:
Do you see Dee Ford as a potential fit at the Leo position? On an unrelated note, do you despise hashtags as much as I do? #hashtag
John: Sure, Ford could be a fit. He could be a fit for a bunch of other teams, too. I'll reiterate a couple of things about last week's Senior Bowl here just to get the week started on a fitting note. Just because the Jaguars coached the South team in the Senior Bowl doesn't mean they're going to draft 10 players from the South team, and it doesn't mean the players they coached there will be available to them when they draft. It's neat to think about, and it makes for a fun January storyline, but if you're asking for serious – or semi-serious insights – about whether or not the Jaguars could draft Dee Ford, the reality is the Jaguars won't draft him at No. 3, which means every team in the NFL will have a chance to draft Dee Ford; not just the Jaguars. And by the way, #Ilovehashtags because #theyaresoexpressive
Brian from Atlanta, GA:
Hypothetical Situation: Jaguars are at No. 3 with Clowney on the board and the Falcons want to trade up for him from No. 6. What picks would you want in addition to their first? Or would you just take Clowney?
John: I take Clowney unless the Falcons just "wow" me. If I really, really like Clowney, then I want a first-round draft choice in next year's draft, and maybe a second-round draft choice this season. As I have said already and as I'm sure I will say often before the draft, draft-day trade value will depend on how much the player is coveted. That's not true as much as you get later in the draft. But it's very true in the Top 10.
Lee from Fleming Island, FL:
I agree that the PAT does not have much thrill factor and even the two-point conversion from the 2-yard line is a little boring. I think they should place the ball on the 20 or 30 and make the kick worth two points and if they decide to go for it then make the prize 5 or 6 points. Comebacks in the 4th quarter would take on a whole new meaning. What do you think, O?
John: I think you and a lot of other people have put a lot of thought into this topic. I also think I may have to ban this topic for a lot of people's own good.
Race from Duval, FL:
Hey John, how about instead of getting rid of the PAT, they drop the Pro Bowl? They somehow managed to make it even more irrelevant than it had recently become.
John: I don't have a strong argument against your point. I've never been as worked up about the Pro Bowl as a lot of readers. Frankly, I was amazed the past couple of years when I would get emails furious at the "quality of play" of the game. I guess it just never occurred to me people would think a meaningless game had that sort of, well, meaning. But if you're asking, "Was I more interested before the new format?" then, yeah, I guess I was – if only by a smidge.
Carl from Live Oak, FL:
I just noticed on television Saturday college basketball coaches wearing sneakers with their suits. How long has this been going on and why?
John: Are you serious, Clark?
Jason from Jacksonville:
O'man I – like you and many other fans – am a BEER drinker. Pick up the phone and call the commish and be sure he knows that he will eliminate the built in bathroom break for all fans.
John: All kidding aside this may be one of the truest emails I've received in a long while.
Douglas from Section 131:
Excuse me, John, if this has already been addressed in regards to eliminating the PAT. As a season-ticket holder, I absolutely do not want to see the PAT eliminated. Rarely is anyone ever injured on the PAT and it's also almost automatic. But, it provides something for people attending the game and paying for tickets rather than sitting at home and watching the game. It gives us an additional 45 seconds to one minute to make it to the bathroom and back or the concession stand and back. This time is critical to season-ticket holders who want to miss as little action as possible. If you could pass this info onto the commish, it would be greatly appreciated.
John: A lot of fans seem to want me to call the commish on this one. I may do that after I get back from the bathroom.
Peter from Maribor, Slovenia:
Fifty-five seconds on the clock. Team A 24, Team B 20. Team B is 4th-and-goal on the 1 yard, with no timeouts left. Team B fails. Team A gets ball on their 1-yard line. They wanna kill some clock. Does taking a QB knee result in a safety, since it's a loss of yard if it happens in the middle of the field or is it dead ball as soon as you are in victory formation looking like you're taking a knee?
John: Yes, in your scenario the quarterback must sneak and not be tackled in the end zone.
Jeremy from Jacksonville:
To make PATs and field goals more fun, each team should be able to design the goal posts as a "home-field advantage." For example, maybe the Jags goal posts are shaped like an 8 to honor Mark Brunell, and the kicker must get it through one of the holes. Or it could be shaped like Khan's mustache. Some other team may choose to make the post in the shape of a heart. In Tennessee, maybe the goal posts is in the shape of a guitar (get it!).
John: Oh, my … we're all just having some fun now, aren't we?
Wallace from Jacksonville:
Just looked at the post-Senior Bowl mock draft posted on Bleacher Report and if the Jags get the players this mock draft has the team selecting I'm a happy Jag fan! Clowney,Garappolo, Tre Mason (a fourth-round STEAL using the pick from the Eugene Monroe trade), Tajh Boyd & more. While I'm sure this mock draft won't even be close to who David Caldwell drafts, the prospects are intriguing. I think Tre Mason will have a productive career in the NFL. His lateral quickness & power translate well to the NFL.
John: That's great news, Wallace. I'm happy when you're happy.
Artis from Norfolk, VA:
I think Matt Scott has great potential. If we draft a quarterback,it should be one with the intention of starting.
John: I think Matt Scott has the potential to compete to be the Jaguars' third quarterback next season, and maybe he has the potential to maybe even surprise me and compete for more than that. I'll bet if the Jaguars draft a quarterback he will intend to start. A lot of players drafted into the NFL have that intention.
Keith from Jacksonville and Section 436:
To Alex in Lynchburg on Friday, given the continual sale of rebuilding with no results and the fairly big body of evidence of teams going from 4-12 or worse to the playoffs in one year, a lot of fans are expecting playoffs this coming year. The honeymoon is over! Our patience is gone.
John: As often is the case when extreme people debate, the reality is probably somewhere in between. Alex was talking about three or four drafts making the Jaguars a contending team. Keith, you are talking about the honeymoon being over. That may be how a lot of fans feel. I think the Jaguars will be improved next season. I also think it's possible to be improved – particularly in the second year of a build – and not have a dramatic increase in victories.
Paul from North Dakota:
Say, John, when does the roster for the players participating in the combine come out? Also when is the first collegiate Pro Day and where at. We got a long time to sit and wonder about these draft picks now.
John: The combine list comes out closer to the event, usually around the first week of February. Pro Days are generally held throughout March, though those dates aren't announced until closer to the combine.
Bill from Atlanta, GA:
If Johnny Football is not available at #3, take Clowney if he's available or trade back if there is a taker. I don't think there's another QB in this draft who's worthy of a first-round selection.
John: One fer Johnny, and if not, Johnny, Jadaveon – though to break character for a moment, there are a lot of people who aren't sure if any of the quarterbacks are worthy of a Top 5 selection. I shudder to think what Jaguars Nation will do if all quarterbacks are on the board and the Jaguars don't go that route. Then again, I shudder quite a bit.
Zach from Knoxville, TN:
Will the Jags draft a center in the first round to replace Brad Meester?
John: Goodness gracious, I would hope not.

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