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O-Zone: One awesome streak

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Gabe from Washington, DC:
Is there any realistic chance that the Jaguars trade one of the talented three-technique defensive tackles currently on the roster before the season starts? What are the odds that Malik Jackson, Sen'Derrick Marks, Sheldon Day and Michael Bennett all make the 53-man roster?
John: There's certainly a chance one of the players could be traded, though I'd say it's a small chance. The most likely candidate by far would be Bennett because Marks and Jackson are making the roster if they're healthy. Judging by early feedback, Day's absolutely going to be make it; he looks like a keeper. None of that means Bennett is automatically not making the roster. He has played well against the run and has shown pass-rushing skill. The Jaguars want to have a heavy rotation on the defensive line and I'd expect 10 defensive linemen to be kept; I also expect multiple three-techniques to be on the field quite a bit. That makes keeping four three-techniques a possibility.
Carl from Tallahassee, FL:
This may sound corny, but the thing to remember about feeling like your soul has been crushed when a fan favorite leaves to join another team is that they will always be a Jag in your heart. Brunell, Boselli, Taylor, Mojo, Keenan ... the list goes on and on, but I will forever remember them to be some the greatest Jags to play when I was younger even though they finished careers with other teams. It hurts in the present when it happens, but that doesn't stop me from still proudly sporting my old No. 8 jersey every now and then!
John: #DTWD
Mikey from Tallahassee, FL:
One of the biggest reasons for having a long snapper on the roster – as I'm sure 'Tink' will remind you – is that centers are busy practicing with the offense while the specialists are practicing elsewhere. Without diversifying your roster, practice becomes limited. If this keeps him on the roster, I can include a forwarding address for any gratuity Mr. Tinker would like to send my way.
John: That's one reason. Another reason is that long snapping is a different skill from short snapping, and while that ties into the practice issue, most teams consider the skill important enough to keep a player who specializes in long snapping. The good thing about that for the Jaguars is it makes a guy such as Carson Tinker valuable. That's good, because while I kid him in the O-Zone he's a great guy – as any fan who has met him can attest. I'll let him know about the tip. You're certain to have better luck with him than you would from me.
Matt from Black Forest, CO:
I'm sure you've already heard that sports writers for other teams (specifically the Raiders and Colts) are upset with Bortles being ranked ahead of their quarterback in the Top 100 list. Most of their reasoning doesn't make sense, however. For instance they say Carr is better because he's "more mobile and athletic, which is trending up in the NFL, for good reason." If anything that's a reason why Bortles is better. In two full seasons Carr has 230 rushing yards (3.7 ypa) and zero touchdowns. In three less starts Bortles has 729 rushing yards (6.8 ypa) and two touchdowns, including rushing for nearly four times the yardage per game. Based on that, Bortles is actually among the most mobile quarterbacks in the league while Carr is among the least mobile. Do you see this mobility debate differently than I do?
John: I first of all find it a bit amusing that "sports writers for other teams" would care enough about a Top 100 list to be upset, but I'll take your word for it. I'll be honest here and say I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about the Top 100 list, or the Carr-Bortles Mobility Debate – if this indeed is a thing. The only thing I know about the mobility debate is Bortles' mobility is a big part of what makes him effective. That's what's important for the Jaguars.
Tom from Jacksonville:
I for one love the fact that our stadium is constantly evolving. The vision to keep the old, new and relevant is unique. Every year there is something new and special to enjoy; it just seems to keep getting better. Are there any other franchises that are taking this approach?
John: The Jaguars are well ahead of the curve on this. A lot of it's by necessity, because EverBank Field needed upgrading, but it's absolutely a core part of the operating philosophy of Jaguars Owner Shad Khan and President Mark Lamping. This in fact was a topic Lamping discussed with us on LIVE this past week – that it's necessary given the current state of professional sports to give fans something new to experience every season. Over the last several seasons, the Jaguars have done that more often than not.
Nate from S. Petersburg:
Hey John! I just finished watching Nathaniel Hackett's Q-and-A segment, so: he seems like a highly intelligent, personable young man. Besides Doug Marrone, who do you see on this staff as possible head coaches down the road?
John: Todd Wash and Nathaniel Hackett.
Wallace from Jacksonville:
O-Man, with Hurns being signed to a "core-player contract," Julius Thomas being paid a handsome sum and Allen Robinson on track to earning a lucrative second contract, is the writing on the wall for Marqise Lee? Would Dave Caldwell invest that much of the total team salary cap in the receiving corps?
John: I understand fans' desire to get these issues decided Right This Very Minute, but the reality is a lot of the teeth-gnashing over future contracts is premature. First of all, Hurns' contract essentially is for two seasons and is very much pay as you go after that. Thomas is a tight end and Robinson has yet to sign his long-term deal. The bottom line regarding Lee? If he has a couple of more seasons like his first two … sure writing is very much on the wall that he wouldn't be retained. If he plays the way he is performing this offseason, then that wall writing may say something different.
Glen from Riverside:
If our three best linebackers are Telvin, Puz and Jack then why aren't we trying to have all three on the field as much as possible? Jack seems talented enough to play any of the three spots. And what is DTWD?
John: Jack may be talented enough to play all three linebacker spots. A question is: is he ready to play the strong-side position? Another question the Jaguars will work through in the coming weeks/months: What is their best linebacker corps for each situation? There may be times when your best approach is Jack/Posluszny/Smith in base with Smith/Jack in passing situations. There may be times when your best approach is Dan Skuta/Posluszny/Jack in base with Smith/Jack in passing situations and Skuta rushing. There may be times when other combinations make sense. There are some moving parts here and I expect the scenarios to start getting clearer in training camp. #Dreadthewhitedoves
Ryan from Duval:
Hello, John ... Any news on the new outdoor practice facility? And do you think T.J. Yeldon has what it takes to make it in this league? He does a lot of dancing and with constant issues on offensive line he has to hit the holes a lot quicker "if they are there!"
John: Preliminary work has begun on the Jaguars' flex facility, and I expect an official groundbreaking soon. Yes, I think Yeldon does have what it takes to make it in the NFL. You say he dances a lot, but he has very good vision and ability to make people miss; as the offensive line improves Yeldon should, too.
Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL:
I love this time of year for the Jaguars. Except injuries, which are beyond anyone's control, everything is so perfect and rosy … the positivity is in abundance. I can't buy it anymore. I want to believe this year will be different, but I've been believing that every offseason for too long. Maybe the roster is stronger, maybe Bortles doesn't take a step back, maybe the injuries to first-and-second rounders aren't a factor, maybe the O-line is better, etc. But I can't believe anything until the regular season; been burnt too many times. I'm hopeful for 2016, but as a longtime Jag fan, I can't really believe or buy the positivity anymore. Not until October, and I'm skeptical. Tired of being burnt.
John: OK.
Patrick from Jacksonville:
What's the streak at now? And what was the reason it started in the first place? I forget it's been so long.
John: I have hit the soft-serve ice cream six consecutive days after lunch despite telling myself each day before lunch that I will not succumb to the temptation. Why did the streak start? Because the soft-serve ice cream is awesome. Seriously … it's dangerous. Ask anyone. Especially Shadrick.

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