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O-Zone: Ooohh Yeeeaahhhjh

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Gary from St. Augustine, FL:
O-Zone, settle the debate: Did Bortles or did Bortles not outplay Russell Wilson on Sunday?
John: Did Blake Bortles outplay Russell Wilson on Sunday? Of course he did. Wilson threw three interceptions. Bortles threw two touchdowns and no interceptions. The Jaguars won. Why is there a debate?
Nick from Annapolis, MD:
The defense made quite a few big plays, but ultimately fell way short of FULL CONSISTENCY Sunday. They had a chance to make my prediction of embarrassing the Seahawks a reality, but seemed to have quite a few big-time mental errors that kept the game relatively close. Concerning or just fluky?
John: It was far more the latter than the former. Look, it's the NFL. Mistakes happen. And when you're playing a quarterback as good as Wilson, mistakes are magnified. The Jaguars' defense played well enough to help the Jaguars to a 17-point lead – and with the game on the line, the unit came up with a huge sack/stop to help secure the game. The unit also intercepted Wilson three times and the pass rush was a dominant force throughout much of the game. The Jaguars remain the NFL's best defense. On Sunday, that defense was enough for the team to win for the ninth time in 13 games. That's what mattered.
Miguel from Section 144 and Duuuuvvalllll!!!!!!!:
Oh. My. Goodness. What a game! It had everything you could want and more. Blake Bortles with excellent quarterback play. Leonard Fournette with hard, power running. Dede Westbrook and Keelan Cole making big plays downfield. From the defense: interceptions and a fourth-down stop to put the game away. This was the game I was most concerned about this second half and the Jaguars dominated. Who can stop this team when they play like this Zoney? Do you think/expect them to be Super Bowl contenders? #DTWD!!!
John: The Jaguars appear likely to be in the playoffs. They lead the AFC South by a game with three remaining, so they have a real chance to win the division. With this defense, they can beat any team in the postseason. That makes them Super Bowl contenders. If Bortles continues to improve and play as he has in the last month or so, then their chances get that much better. That doesn't make them favorites. It doesn't guarantee anything. But do they have a chance? Absolutely.
Nick from Annapolis, MD:
I know it's tough to achieve FULL CONSISTENCY, but how frustrating were the two penalties on Fowler? Had the game gone a bit differently, those could have been pretty costly.
John: Fowler's two hands-to-the-face penalties absolutely could have been costly. They were the correct calls, and they're something he has to stop.
Ryan from Nashville, TN:
Calais Campbell and A.J. Bouye are regarded as the best free agent pick-ups but let's throw Josh Lambo in there. I don't even worry about field goals anymore. I don't see winning six out of the last seven games without him. One for Lambo!
John: Hey, one fer Lambo!
Tommy from Corona, CA:
As one who has been hard on Blake ... I am starting to believe ... ONE FER BLAKE !!! GREAT JOB KID !!!!
John: You're not alone. I have been writing for the last month or so that Bortles is improving. His accuracy, decision-making, poise and pocket presence had been improving for a while – and it showed up in a big way statistically last week against the Indianapolis Colts. It showed up again against the Seahawks Sunday. He was playing better than people thought for a while; his receivers have started to catch more consistently and that has been a big plus. Bortles threw for 268 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions and didn't take a sack Sunday. He also played his best in the biggest moments, particularly when the Seahawks rallied to make it close in the third quarter. One fer Blake? Absolutely.
Mike from Atlanta, GA:
This defense is good. How much of it can they keep together long term?
John: Nickel corner Aaron Colvin and middle linebacker Paul Posluszny are the only key Jaguars defensive players whose contracts expire at the end of the season. The Jaguars would obviously like to have both back, but the thought here is that it won't be financially feasible to re-sign Colvin. Could they find a way to keep Posluszny for another year on a deal friendly to both sides? Perhaps. The other players are signed through at least next season. Beyond that … well, a season is a long time in the NFL. Teams can't keep all front-line players forever, but the core of his defense can remain strong for a few seasons.
George from Jacksonville:
Poz goes full-throttle every time he's on the field. What a leader! One for No. 51.
John: It shouldn't be overlooked that the Jaguars have won their last two games despite linebacker Telvin Smith being sidelined with a concussion. Posluszny has been a huge part of that, playing Smith's nickel role in Smith's absence. It's not right to say the Jaguars haven't missed Smith because you can't replace his speed and playmaking ability, but Posluszny's instincts and knowledge have shown through and he was a huge part of the Jaguars shutting down the Seahawks for three quarters. I spoke to Posluszny briefly following the game. This is his first winning season in the NFL. The sheer joy on his face when discussing the victory and the atmosphere Sunday was evident. This is a guy who truly is savoring, enjoying and appreciating this moment. Good for him. And yeah … one fer Poz. He has earned that and then some.
Scott from Fernandina Beach, FL:
Can't say the defense won the game. Can't say the offense won the game. Can say the team won the game! Offense, defense and special teams did win the game. What a great game! #WeOwnOurFuture
John: That does sum up Sunday. The defense and special teams had some huge plays that really hurt, and both units also had crucial plays without which the Jaguars probably wouldn't have won. The offense was just OK in the first half, but responded in an enormous way in the third quarter – and found a way to drain the clock in the fourth quarter. But this game wasn't about sides of the ball. Or statistics. Or players or units getting credit. This was about the Jaguars winning a game with a playoff feel and moving into first place in the AFC South. Just win, baby? Yes, this one had that feel.
Johnny from Jacksonville:
I've had tickets next to the opposing team's tunnel for nine years and have never witnessed anything like I witnessed tonight. My son and I were having the time of our lives, and it was spoiled because of ridiculous people who decided they wanted to give Jacksonville a bad name by throwing multiple things at players. That is not who we are.
John: There was a lot ridiculous at the end of the game. The first and most ridiculous thing was Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett rolling at the knees of Jaguars center Brandon Linder. That's a huge transgression among players, and I was surprised to see it. So were Jaguars players. It's one thing to play hard; it's quite another to go after a player in a cheap fashion with intent to injure. But to your point … no, throwing objects at players is not acceptable. And it's ridiculous.
Otto from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
John, I always thought how a team handles pressure when things are going good is easy. It's a lot tougher to deal with pressure when things are going bad. I believe Seattle and their coach showed their true colors … pitiful.
John: It's often difficult as a reporter to dissect late-game situations. You're often trying to send content and unable to see all of the circumstances when incidents break out. I saw enough of what Bennett did to Linder to know it looked cheap and unnecessary. It did appear that Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll was trying to get things under control. Overall, though … yeah, it appeared the Seahawks didn't very much like losing to the Jaguars. And from this seat it didn't look like they handled the emotion of the moment particularly professionally.
Brian from Round Rock, GA:
What a win. It's hard to not get too high after this one. My thoughts are with two people right now. First, our quarterback. He is developing into the franchise quarterback we've all hoped for right in front of our eyes. Second, Tom Coughlin, the godfather. There are certain, special people in the NFL. These people know what it takes. They make the decisions and provide the leadership that allows greatness to occur. These people are very few. Tom is one of them. I'm glad we get a second chance. I'm sure the Giants have regrets. Thoughts?
John: I think when you're right you're right.
Johnny from Jville:
No question just ooohh yeeeaahhhjh
John: #DTWD

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