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JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it . . . Mark from Archer, FL:
I think the Jaguars should make a trade with the Packers, since we are rebuilding. They could offer the Packers Monroe for a first-round pick – maybe two – and a second-round pick or two. What do you think the chances are of something like that getting done?
John: Why not just ask the Packers to trade their entire 2014 draft, Aaron Rodgers and maybe throw in Bart Starr, Jerry Kramer and Paul Hornung in their primes, too? Kidding aside, if the Packers offered the Jaguars anything close to two first-round selections and a second-round selection or two for Monroe or just about any player on the roster, the Jaguars would take it. That's a "franchise quarterback" deal and then some, and just wouldn't happen for a left tackle. As for a trade of any kind with the Packers, I wouldn't hold your breath. Preseason injuries don't typically produce need-filling trades in the NFL, and if they do, they rarely involve franchise-altering draft selections. That happens in baseball, but NFL teams prefer to fill holes with non-cap-eating players and to keep building through the draft.
Fuzzy from Jacksonville and Section 148:
Oehser's only Bromance is with Boselli. It's just like middle school where you pick on the one you like the most.
John: I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.
Jensen from Huntsville, TX:
Behind Marcedes Lewis, which tight end is making the biggest impact in camp?
John: It's a bit of a tossup. Allen Reisner has looked very good at times, and appears likely to be the "move" tight end with a heavy receiving role opposite Lewis. At the same time, Brett Brackett caught a touchdown pass in Saturday's scrimmage and another in practice on Monday, so there is some competition and quality behind Lewis.
Mike from Jagsonville:
What's the cutoff date for Moodachay? It's really well past it's freshness date and has become extremely annoying.
John: A lot of things annoy me. Misplaced apostrophes, for instance.
Sirmo from Mandarin:
Took in the Suns' 10th straight win Monday night, and couldn't help but stare at the stadium and think of the first time we, "Moodachay." Let's do this!
John: #Moodachay.
Ryan from Jacksonville:
Do you think MoJo will get a few extra touches in the first preseason game to help him get back up to speed after all the time off, or just the standard one-to-two series with the first team?
John: I expect he will get the standard one or two series, if he plays. Gus Bradley hasn't announced who will play Friday, or the rotation at different positions. Jones-Drew could benefit from a series or two, and almost certainly won't play longer. I'm not real concerned about his carries early. If he gets a few reps in Weeks 2 and 3 of preseason, that's plenty.
Christina from Section 123 and St. Augustine:
I like you. That is all.
John: I admire your taste. That is all.
Jared from Madison, WI:
The NFL should have a "D-League" like the NBA, NHL and MLB. Thoughts?
John: My thought is I don't agree. College football has served as a developmental league, and has proven very popular through the years. I don't know that the interest in a professional D-League would merit the costs involved. I also don't know how much it would help developing players. NFL Europe didn't have great success as a developmental league, which was one reason for its demise.
Greg from Section 122 and Jacksonville:
With Dallas and Miami playing the Hall of Fame Game, they effectively have a five-game preseason. Is this equitable to the other teams? Doesn't it present greater risk for pointless injuries with an expanded preseason schedule? I thought the league wanted fewer preseason games, not more.
John: It does present greater risk, though teams can manage that risk by spreading out the reps they normally would give front-line guys. Teams rarely play their starters in Week 4, anyway, and teams can adjust by holding reps down in what is normally Week 2 or 3. The Hall of Fame Game is more of a logistical adjustment than it is a risky proposition. As with most things, good teams handle the change in schedule better than bad teams.
Glen from Lake City, FL:
In your humble opinion who will be the first Jaguar inducted into the Hall of Fame? I'd assume it's gotta be Coughlin as I can't see even Boselli or Taylor getting in unless it's by the Senior Committee.
John: I agree. Taylor and/or Boselli could have a shot before the veteran's committee, but it's going to take some serious education and heartfelt speaking on their behalf to get that done.
Bill from Jacksonville:
Can you please give your opinion on which undrafted free agents are on the cusp of making the squad? I will be watching all the preseason games but it would be more interesting in the fourth quarter if I knew who is on the fence. Or don't and I'll figure it out eventually. :)
John: I was tempted to go with your final option. Not to be funny, but because it just seemed much, much easier. You can't go completely off of the unofficial depth chart by these things, but in this case, it's a decent look. Wide receiver Tobais Palmer is listed with the second-team offense, as are fullback Lonnie Pryor and running back De'Leon Eskridge. Defensive end Paul Hazel also is listed with the first team, as are linebacker LaRoy Reynolds and cornerback Marcus Burley. On special teams, long snapper Carson Tinker is listed with the second team. Those players pretty much line up with guys you've heard a lot about. Oh, and don't forget quarterback Matt Scott – but I get the idea everybody will be watching him anyway.
Keith from Palatka, FL:
I am excited about many of our young players, but especially two on the defense: Pannel Egboh and LaRoy Reynolds. When you watch college film of Reynolds you see a young man that can knock your tattoo off when he hits. How did Reynolds go undrafted?
John: No one picked him. Sometimes, the fifth, sixth and seventh rounds pass and players who can play go undrafted. It happens every year, and all indications are it happened with year. That's what the Jaguars were counting on when they said they planned to emphasize collegiate free agency.
Marcus from Jacksonville:
To me, you've been perfectly clear with your thoughts about the quarterback position. Right now, it's a tight race, but you feel like Blaine Gabbert will win the job (you biased jerk!!!). But, please answer this for me: is it a tight race because both guys are progressing at the same rate, or is the race staying tight because neither one is getting any better?
John: I think they both actually have improved since the start of camp. That makes sense because all offensive players are getting more comfortable with the offense. People want desperately to make decisive judgments on the quarterbacks every day in training camp, but that doesn't take into account young receivers working with new positions – and the fact that the TEAM IS TRYING NEW THINGS TO SEE IF THEY WORK. That's what teams do in practice. I thought Gabbert looked better in the scrimmage Saturday and in practice Monday, and Henne had flashes in the scrimmage and looked pretty good in practice. If I was trying to pass judgment on two days, I'd go screaming off the Hart Bridge that "Gabbert Is the Greatest Quarterback in the History of Football." But I did that Monday in the Ozone, so I'm taking a break.
Chris from Jacksonville:
O-man, is it time to be concerned about Cyprien's hamstring? It has been two weeks with apparently little progress.
John: I'm never sure how to answer people who ask, "Is it time to be concerned?" I guess. I can't control if people are concerned over things, and it sounds as if you're a little concerned or you wouldn't be writing the question. Seriously, the Jaguars are trying to be smart with Cyprien. He's a good player and they don't need camp to find that out. He needs to be on the field, but Bradley said Cyprien may be able to return next week. If that happens, he probably hasn't missed too much to catch up.
James from the Couch and Jagsonville:
I watch NFL Network a lot – maybe too much. They were talking about how Daryl Smith will make an impact with the Ravens and how he was overlooked in the NFL community because he played for Jacksonville. It's kind of like a curse, the "small-market curse." My question is will winning change our visibility around the NFL and gain us respect we so deserve or will the "small market curse" never go away?
John: Yes, winning will change the visibility. Until then, don't worry so much about visibility. Read the O-Zone. Watch Watch local news. Read Big Cat Country. Read Paul Kuharsky. Shoot, if you're really in a pinch, read Gene Frenette. There's Jaguars coverage. Don't worry so much about ESPN and NFL Network. It's just not worth the gray hairs (actually, maybe that's what happened to Gene).

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