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O-Zone: Powerful force

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Will from Duval:
Pete Prisco and Mike Florio are drumming up the bandwagon and predicting the inevitable. Everyone around town said Blake Bortles played a much better scrimmage than Chad Henne. There is already a full-blown quarterback Khantroversy and we haven't even kicked off preseason yet.
John: And so it begins … or maybe it's better to say, "And so it continues." We'll be addressing Bortles/Henne a lot in the coming weeks, and I imagine that will be true until Bortles becomes the starter. Here's what's important to realize about where Bortles/Henne stands three days before the preseason opener – that as of now, the stance around the Jaguars hasn't changed. Henne remains the starter and Bortles remains the backup, and a reason why came Monday in practice. After looking very good in the mock game, Bortles had a bad pass Monday intercepted by cornerback Dwayne Gratz. That's not an indictment of Bortles any more than Saturday was a first step to Canton; it simply shows why as of right now the Jaguars aren't racing to rearrange the depth chart. Also, remember: as much as people want to talk about "quarterback controversies," there's no controversy unless people within the organization are split. Florio and Prisco, while dynamic personalities sure to be forever linked in the annals of history, aren't in the Jaguars' organization. Henne's the starter now, and I expect that will remain the case for the foreseeable future.
Rick from Callaway, FL:
Fourteen of 22 for 75 yards. That is terrible. If that is a sign of things to come this team won't win one game. Start Bortles a la Seattle.
John: Here we go, Jags.
James from Westside:
Saturday night in Walter Jones' Hall-of-Fame acceptance speech, he mentioned Tony Boselli in a short list of elite left tackles in his career. Do you think we will ever see Tony in a yellow HOF jacket?
John: I go back and forth on this. I absolutely hope Boselli gets in the Hall of Fame because he is deserving – as Walter Jones' mention of him in his speech Saturday indicates. I think it will be difficult, however, because there is a perception that he didn't play long enough. I believe a guy who played six years at a high level and five years at a level as high as anyone at his position during that period deserve to get in. I also believe it will take a lot of educating of voters for it to happen.
Alan from Jacksonville:
The biggest disappointment for me at the scrimmage was the new video screens. I wondered why they had the really wide aspect ratio; now I think I know why. The middle third of the screen showed replays while more the outer thirds just had static ads for Florida Blue. Are they going to be nothing more than an advertisement delivery system? I think the Jags missed a great opportunity to wow us.
John: Alan, I can't help what does or doesn't wow you. And without giving away too many secrets, I think I can tell you the video boards just might be used differently for a preseason or regular-season game than for a scrimmage.
Cory from Madison, WI:
Logically speaking, there's only so much "learning" you can do from the bench. It's like everything in life: you're going to make mistakes, and you have to learn from those mistakes. If Bortles and Henne are playing at a similar level, you gotta play the future of the franchise.
John: Yes, and logically speaking, the Jaguars will do just that when Bortles is ready to play.
Richard from Orange Park, FL:
I'm sick already of the "Will-Bortles-Start-Week 1 Questions." Chad is our guy; the fan base needs to embrace that for this year. I see this team winning eight games with Chad, possibly stealing more, and making a wild-card run. With Blake, I would question if we would get to five wins. Experience and confidence are way too important in this scheme. Do you agree?
John: I'm cool with it, but you'll probably get some push back from Rick from Calloway.
Greg from Section 122 and Jacksonville:
I am curious John … what do you think the postgame press sessions will be like this year? From what is being said, it seems like the expectations are pretty low this year for our team. Does that give Gus Bradley a pass when getting asked tough questions by the media?
John: I supposed Bradley will get a few tougher questions this year than last. Questions often get tougher as expectations get larger. But Bradley is pretty upfront and honest in his answers, and makes answering tough questions a whole lot easier.
Kevin from Jacksonville:
So, the scrimmage went well and our quarterbacks are looking good. Do you think that Blake Bortles is ahead of the curve on his development? (I personally still want them to stick to the plan for bringing him along.)
John: I think Bortles is ahead of where I expected after seeing him in the offseason. I also think he has a ways to go to be ready to start, which is what the Jaguars expected when they drafted him. (I don't think you need to worry about the Jaguars sticking to their plan).
Chuck from Jacksonville:
Is the addition of wide receiver Kenny Shaw a real threat to any of the receivers that are "expected" to make the 53-man roster and does he have an actual chance of making the final cut even as a fourth, or fifth receiver?
John: It would be a surprise. If the Jaguars thought he would be one of the four or five best receivers on their roster, they wouldn't have waited to sign him until after other players were injured. That's not to say he won't be given a chance, but yes, by any definition it would be a surprise.
Bryan from Tampa, FL:
I haven't heard much about Mike Brown this offseason thus far. Is his story just being overshadowed by the high draft picks? How is he looking to make the team and does he look improved compared to last season?
John: Mike Brown's story is similar to what it was last season and the year before that. He is overlooked by the media, which focuses on a lot of other more high-profile storylines. While all of that has been going on, Brown has been improving and has been good in practice and has been making it difficult for the Jaguars to release him. Bradley spent a lot of time Monday praising Brown's route-running, and as much as we all talk about other receivers on the roster, you just get idea that Brown will figure out a way to be around.
Blake from Bortles, FL:
We hear the term "veterans day off" a lot this time of year. What does that actually mean? Are they physically at practice or in meetings? Do they still go through stretching, and then just watch? Could you explain more what a veterans off day might be like?
John: A veterans day off is a way for the Jaguars to reduce wear and tear and fatigue on players, usually veterans. They participate in meetings and attend practice, but don't participate in drills.
David from Tucson, AZ:
I was reading the comments on and didn't realize how many professional scouts/trainers we have in our Jaguars' fan base. We even have fans that know everything about how a body reacts to heat and physical activity. Maybe we should open a chat forum where we can give players advice on what activities they can do in order to keep themselves from getting injured, then players can read it and we won't have any more injuries on the team. What do you say O-man?
John: You are a man of rare vision with rare, surprising knowledge. I can see why you feel at home in the comments section.
Jim from Jacksonville:
What scoreboards! My wife and I enjoyed watching the scrimmage, but there's a huge problem. Nobody looks at the field any more. Most everyone around me, myself included, watched the action on the boards. Has the field become obsolete???
John: Well, they still need a place for players to play, but I get your point: eyes are naturally drawn to the boards, because they're amazing and it's easy to watch the action. My sense is that once the novelty is gone people will watch the play as it unfolds, then look to the boards between plays. We shall see.
Brian from Ponte Vedra ,FL:
I agree with Shannon that the Jags of the round table music is bad and needs changed. More importantly the theme is awfully British. British makes me think of London. London makes me think of how bad the league wants a team there. Stop giving the NFL more reason to move our team there.
John: Influencing a franchise to move with theme music from one of our weekly segments … yes, I think it's clear that is only the first hint of our power here at Soon … soon … why, yes, soon we will take over the WORLD!!!  …. haaaaaaaaaa, haaaaaaah, haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

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