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O-Zone: Really, truly yes

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Brian from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
Very disappointed in Aaron Colvin. How much does this hurt? Does it mean the Jaguars now take Vernon Hargreaves III at No. 5?
John: Jaguars cornerback Aaron Colvin indeed has been suspended for the first four games of the 2016 regular season for violating the NFL's performance-enhancing-substances policy. It absolutely hurts because Colvin is a very good nickel corner, and he likely will focus more on that role now with newly signed Prince Amukamara likely to start opposite Davon House. The suspension also brings a lot more clarity to reasoning behind the signing of Amukamara to a one-year deal last month. But honestly, I don't know that it affects the Jaguars' approach to Hargreaves too much. You choose a player No. 5 overall in the draft for the long-term; not for the first four games of the ensuing season.
Mike from Des Moines, IA:
I would immensely enjoy being a sports writer. To be paid to do something many of us do for free –talk football – would be quite enjoyable. The only thing I would hesitate on is having to write critically about professional athletes. At some point it is inevitable you will say something about a player they don't particularly care for. I may have to watch my back in case Fernando Bryant was waiting to have a word with me for calling him a bad draft selection. Aside from the Tony Boselli incidents, have any players had a problem with things you have written about them?
John: Absolutely. It happened quite often when I was covering the Jaguars for the Florida Times-Union and it happens on occasion with Maurice Jones-Drew didn't talk to me one-on-one for a while one year in 2011 or 2012 – I forget which and I'm not certain I remember why – and other players since haven't been too crazy about something or some things I have written. It's part of the job. I'm not always right; sometimes the player has a point. The player isn't always right; sometimes I actually have a point. In either case a conversation typically takes place and rarely is a grudge held.
Steve from Ponte Vedra, FL:
Could the Jags possibly be serious about putting Rashean Mathis in the "Ring Of Fame?" This guy was so bad his last few years here the fans were begging for him to be released. The Jags called me about renewing my season tickets back then and I told them I would not even consider it as long as Mathis was on the team. Maybe it was just me. I doubt it.
John: I hope whoever called snickered when you laid down your gauntlet. Not that fans don't have the right to an opinion, but to say you won't renew season tickets because of the presence of a player who started and played at a high level in the NFL for more than a decade? Look, I don't know how soon – or even if – Mathis will be in the Pride of the Jaguars. I do know some fans thought he played poorly at the end of his career here. I also can tell you that during the time I covered the Colts, offensive players there thought very highly of Mathis – and I can tell you that when I covered him here in 2011 and 2012 he was very, very good when healthy. I believe in this case fans were wrong and yeah … I believe he eventually will deservedly be in the Pride.
Mark from Jacksonville:
If Prince Amukamara is able to overcome the injury bug and develop in his prove-it contract, can he fit the mold of a shutdown corner?
John: He can certainly come pretty close. Amukamara has played very well – often at the level of his first-round status – when he has been healthy. The Jaguars believe a lot his injuries have been fluky and that there's no reason to think he can't stay healthy. If so, he has a chance to be part of this defense for the long-term. That was the idea of him signing a one-year contract – to see if he could stay healthy, play at a high level and be worthy of a long-term deal.
John from Jacksonville:
When asked over the years about Justin Blackmon's suspension, you have often stated something to the effect that the Jags retain him without risk whether he returns or not. When does this time period expire? It seems it has been a long time already. I think we know by now he will never return to the NFL.
John: The time period does not expire; Blackmon is suspended indefinitely and unless something happens to change that, that will remain his status. I have no idea if he will return, and although I tend to doubt he will, the Jaguars still risk nothing retaining his rights.
Scott from Aurora, IL:
How does the playing style of Myles Jack compare to that of Khalil Mack? Do they have similar or different styles of attack?
John: Not really. Both players are very physically talented, but Jack is more of a true four-three outside linebacker – with perhaps once-in-a-generational coverage ability. Mack fits the 3-4/4-3 hybrid end role in that he is an exceptional pass rusher who can either play end in a 4-3 or linebacker in a 3-4. His scheme fit, in fact, was a major debate as the 2014 NFL Draft approached. Mack has one advantage over Jack in that he has proven he can play at a high level in the NFL. Jack has the potential to do that, and there's indeed a difference.
Antony from Columbia, SC:
O, I almost never hear people talk about the future of the nose-tackle position for the Jags. Do the Jags like Abry Jones as a backup? Do you think the Jags might see upgrading the backup nose-tackle position as a pretty big priority?
John: The Jaguars do like Abry Jones as a backup nose tackle and he indeed is a valued reserve along the defensive line. One reason for that is he is good nose tackle and another is that he is versatile enough to line up at several different spots along the line. Any team always is looking to improve when possible, but I wouldn't say upgrading backup nose tackle is a huge priority for the Jaguars.
Chad from St. Augustine, FL:
No question – just kudos to you and everyone with the Jags that works on the website. The mini-interviews with the potential draft picks are superb. We have the best site in the league. Thanks again!
John: I'll pass this on to the Supporting Cast.
Matt from the Mattcave:
I understand that we will move our defensive linemen around a lot in waves, but I am still confused as to where Sen'Derrick will fit into all of this. I know he is once again coming back from injury but I assume Malik Jackson will be our three tech and Marks will back him up. Would Marks move to Roy Miller's spot on passing downs?
John: It might technically be correct that Marks will back up Jackson, because I imagine the official depth chart could have Jackson at the three technique with Marks second on the depth chart. I emphasize "technically," because I can't see Marks' role next season as anything remotely resembling a true backup. I expect Jackson to lineup at various spots around the defensive depending on situations, and I expect Marks to do the same – and I expect Marks to line up a lot at the three technique. I expect Marks and Jackson to play side by side; I expect them to play at the same time even when they're not side by side. As far as Marks lining up in Miller's spot in passing situations … yes, in a sense, though remember: Miller as a nose tackle really doesn't play all that much in obvious passing situations, so he doesn't have a very prominent spot there.
Chad from Orlando, FL:
As I watched the fine work the staff did with the player interviews something jumped out at me: the attire. You had everything from suit and tie to hoodie with a backwards hat. While I'm sure David Caldwell is not going to pass on a guy because he didn't wear a suit, I wonder why more guys don't find a bit of a middle ground. Is this relaxed style something that is new, or has it always been this way?
John: It pretty much has been that way for as long as I can remember. These guys are football players, and they're going to be highly-drafted football players. If they want to wear a suit no one's going to penalize them for it, but if a guy projects as a Pro Bowl talent he could show up wearing a cape – yes, just a cape – and no one's going to mind a bit.
Steve from Hudson, FL and Section 106:
Do you know you are awesome?
John: Yes.

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