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O-Zone: Rocks and garbage

JACKSONVILLE – Baltimore bound.

Let's get to it … Duval Doom from Section 217:
I'm curious … did J.J. Watt have the exact same type of sack play taken away from him as Sen'Derrick did? If not, is there a process for reviewing this that players can appeal to when dealing with clearly ridiculous media bias?
John: First, the media has nothing to do with sacks or any other official NFL statistics. Crews in press boxes track in-game statistics, and the league office reviews when necessary. Players don't really have an appeals process, but teams often notify the league of possible errors on behalf of players. In reference to the first part of your question, I'll assume you're referencing Watt's sack Sunday when he touched Blake Bortles down after Bortles slipped. On that play, Bortles rolled to his right and appeared to be looking to pass before he slipped as he approached the line of scrimmage. That by league rules is a sack. Marks' "sack" was reversed because it was clear Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was trying to complete a hand-off on the play and slipped; therefore, it was never a passing play. That by league rules is not a sack. You can make an argument that Watt got a cheap sack. Those happen. But the ruling under current rules was correct and had nothing to do with media bias.
Matt from Jacksonville:
Two of my favorite things on are Kickin' It With Scobee and the O-Zone Video Mailbag. Seems like Scobee has been slackin' on the frequency of his videos lately. Did you tick him off in some way or has his level of celebrity become too high with all the free Firehouse subs that he can't make time for low-level sports writers?
John: What's "Kickin' it With Scobee?"
Limo Bob from Neptune Beach, FL:
I know teams are not asked to lose, but if we would have lost to Colts a couple years ago they would not have Andrew Luck and if we lose to the Titans they will not get Marcus Mariota. Just sayin'.
John: I'm worn out on talking about coulda-shoulda-woulda lost to the Colts in 2011. The Jaguars were never going to try to lose that game, and for players to do so would have been pathetic and wrong. Think about what you're suggesting – that a professional athlete try to lose. C'mon. As for worrying if some team gets Marcus Mariota … I wouldn't fret much. He's a good college player. Will he change an NFL franchise and be a building-block player in the mold of Luck? We'll see.
Otto from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
Who do I want at left tackle? John, isn't that why we have a general manager scouting department for? Just know it isn't Luke.
John: Point proven.
Jerry from Tamarac, FL:
What position – other than quarterback – does a player have success, falls victim to teams having game tape to prepare for him … then that player must in turn develop further?
John: That's the challenge at pretty much every position. It's just more pronounced and much more scrutinized at quarterback.
Gpp from Savannah, GA:
Big O … to think we could have had Derek Carr, a quarterback that throws an accurate pass beyond 20 yards. It's sad!
John: I'm glad you liked how Derek Carr played last Sunday.
Eric from Section 224 and Ponte Vedra, FL:
Who are our best three offensive players? Who are our three best defensive players and what are the chances these players will still be the best players in three years?
John: One man's opinion. The three best offensive players: Denard Robinson, Brandon Linder and … well, let's say maybe Allen Robinson. Three best defensive players: Sen'Derrick Marks, Roy Miller and … well, right now, maybe Aaron Colvin, though that's a reach after three games. I think there's a pretty good chance Brandon Linder is on the list in three years, and maybe Allen Robinson. I'd say the same thing about Colvin.
Bobby from Draper, UT:
So, even though our offensive line has been horrible this season, I've seen glimpses of the offensive line actually giving Bortles time. There were a few times where he had all day to throw it. Should we be expecting that from here on out?
John: Are you asking should we expect Bortles to have all day to throw consistently in every game starting Sunday? No. We should not expect that. That is unrealistic. You should expect improvement, though for this season you may have to look closely to see it. You don't go from struggling to pick up blitzes and having a few "look-out" blocks every half to a quarterback having all day to throw overnight. It takes time. This is real life.
Steve from Outer Mongolia PRC:
Regarding Marqise Lee, I lucked into some great seats and was on the first row, 40-yard-line, Jags side of the field. I saw Lee in man coverage more times than I could count and saw the cornerback and safety openly shouting and arguing with each other about the safety coming over to help out. So when even the Texans defensive backs know what he's capable of why do we only gave him one or two moderately deep balls? Certainly no chances to "go up and get one" deep. I'm mystified why we didn't test it more and at a minimum draw the safety off to open up a crossing route. Contrary to how coaches and announcers often try to make it sound it's NOT rocket science.
John: It's indeed not rocket science, and it's also a little more complicated than throwing the ball up deep and having Lee go get it. You need time to throw deep passes, and it helps to have an effective running game and an offense that holds up well against the blitz. The Jaguars don't have those things yet. But yeah, I'd like to see more deep passes to Lee, too. I think you'll see that more and more as the coaches trust what he can do.
Quinn from Tampa, FL:
I would classify the 49ers and the Seahawks under the subject rebuild through the draft. It wasn't all that long ago that the NFC West was one of the worst divisions in football. Also, the Detroit Lions. The problem is the Jags need to hit on draft picks. Ndamukong, Bowman, Chancellor, Megatron, Russell Wilson, Wagner, Stafford ... These teams made good decisions in the draft. Are Joeckel, Cyp, Bortles, and A-Rob capable of being our foundation for a successful future?
John: The Jaguars' 2014 draft class at first glance looks very good. The 2013 draft class looks like it still has some developing to do. So, yeah … we'll see.
Rob from Jacksonville and Section 114:
I have read the various questions about fans and what the fans want … coaching changes, etc. I think the fans have been patient for seven years of rebuilding, actually. They do deserve a better product on the field and for the last seven years it just has not been that good. What do you say to fans if you are Caldwell and Mr. Khan besides you have a giant Khan-tron to see in larger than life HD how bad the Jaguars really are for a seventh year in a row? It is hard in such a blue collar small market city for people to shell out the $$ to sit with me in the stands and root for bad teams. I love the Jags dearly but we only create more apathy with poor effort. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little bit of extra - Jimmy Johnson.
John: Wow, I'm getting Jimmy Johnson quoted to me now. That does make for an awesome Saturday. Look, I get the frustration, and I get that fans deserve better. No one around here would tell you different. And everyone knows people are paying money to sit in the stands. But realistically when you ask a question like this, what do want to get in return? A public apology? A daily video on the site with Shad Khan or David Caldwell apologizing? A video with the senior writer being pelted with rocks and garbage? And as far as the front office … Should the team make change for change's sake? Should they abandon this plan and pursue another plan for the sake of changing a plan? Should they do that every two years and just break the team down year after year and rebuild? Should they take a fan vote and hire a coaching staff, sign free agents and draft players based on daily internet polls? The Jaguars know this is frustrating, and as badly as the fans want to win, the people running this team and the players want it just as much if not more. The problem is not effort. The problem is that it takes time to build a consistent winning organization. I'm not asking fans to be patient. I'm not asking fans anything. I'm just answering a question, and the question was, "What do you say to fans?" The answer is, "We're working hard and doing whatever possible to build a winner and do it the right way." That's the only acceptable answer, and the people running the Jaguars are darned sure doing that.

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