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O-Zone: Serious answer

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Andrew from Sampson, FL:
You have always said the most important part of trading a player is finding a willing team. At this time of year, don't most teams just wait for players to be released? Realistically, what are the chances the Jags would find a team willing to trade? What is more likely to occur first, Jags reaching out, or another team contacting Jags about a specific player or position?
John: I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for an impact trade this time of year. Although a trade before the season is possible, the likely scenario is trading a veteran "bubble" player for a later-round draft selection. There's nothing wrong with such a trade because it garners draft equity in exchange for a player who probably wasn't making the team, but it's not likely to improve the roster in the short term. The most likely timing for such a trade is the weekend just after the final preseason game when teams are preparing to make their final roster decisions – and yeah, teams are typically waiting for potentially attainable players to be released. The reason for a trade is if a team felt it needed a player enough that it didn't want to risk him hitting waivers. That level of urgency might get a team a sixth- or seventh-round selection, but little more.
Jonas Gray fan from Jonasville:
Has Dave lost his mind?
John: Not to my knowledge.
Michael from Longwood, FL:
Hey John, I've heard a lot of interesting storylines this offseason and training camp. The one thing I haven't heard a ton about is how Sen'Derrick Marks is looking. Tony Boselli said on Jaguars Monday that he hasn't seen the explosion that made Marks special before the ACL injury and actually said that he could be a candidate to be cut. Have you seen the same thing, or is your perspective different?
John: My perspective is a bit different. I have seen much the same thing as Boselli, and for a while in camp I didn't think Marks was as explosive as in 2014. That was a concern, but Marks started slowly last season while returning from the torn anterior cruciate. Then, after three or four games, he looked more like the 2014 Marks. His torn triceps ended his season before we got a full idea of how well his knee had recovered, but Marks' 2015 progression led me to believe he could make similar progress this season. When I spoke to Marks this week he said he felt fully recovered. He also had a couple of his best practices so far during camp in recent days, so he may be on the right track. Stay tuned.
Edward from Los Angeles, CA:
Do you think we'll see packages where Malik Jackson, Sen'Derrick Marks, Dante Fowler Jr. and Yannick Ngakoue are rushing the passer simultaneously? That sounds downright dangerous.
John: I don't know that the Jaguars are going to have just One Best Look in passing situations. Jared Odrick could play a role there, for example – and Dan Skuta/Ryan Davis in the Otto role could be involved in a package. But yes – if Marks returns to his pre-injury form your suggested package has a chance to be special.
Paul from San Antonio, TX:
Hey John, how long is Allen Hurns expected to be out?
John: He is expected to practice today.
Spence from UT:
Love him, hate him … Ramsey's interviews are funny. Dude just wants to play ball … and not get asked about his knee.
John: I don't know that anyone hates Ramsey, exactly, and I don't know that Ramsey hates anyone. His interviews sometimes have had an unpleasant tone thus far, but so what? I've covered the NFL long enough to have seen many players interviewed and many interviews go many different ways. Some players like to talk to the media and some don't mind answering questions about any topic, including injuries. Others don't like talking about injuries or much else. Ramsey is seemingly tired of talking about his knee injury – and he didn't seem to ever actually like it all that much. And yes, he just seems to want to play football – and that's fine. It appears he does so very well, and that of course is the most important thing.
Sebastian from Austin, TX:
O, if Poz was in his prime going into Year 5 of his career, how would you see the Jags using Myles, Telvin and Poz for the long run? What positions do you see them playing? Also, in your honest opinion, do you see Poz with the Jags for a couple more years, starting for another team next year, backup role for a couple of years, retired?
John: If Paul Posluszny was entering Year 5, you might well see a scenario in which Poslusnzy started in the middle with Jack on the strong side and Smith on the weak side. That scenario could play out this season, though it remains to be seen exactly how the Jaguars will use Jack. As for Posluszny, I haven't talked to him about this immediate future after this season. If middle linebacker ends up being Jack's position I doubt Posluszny will start over him next season. Whether or not he plays as a backup/starts/retires, I have no idea. That would depend on him because I have no doubt he can play effectively.
Kyle from Jax:
Hey O: I keep hearing that it seems likely Davon House and Jalen Ramsey will be the starters on the outside with Prince Amukamara playing outside in nickel formations. I've also heard that Amukamara has really stepped his game up and is a solid contributor. Is there a case where it could end up with Ramsey and Amukamara on the outside in base packages or has House separated himself enough from Amukamara to warrant the de facto starting corner role?
John: Everything I've seen thus far indicates House will continue starting at one cornerback with Ramsey on the other side. That means House has earned that to this date.
Tony from Jacksonville:
How do you think our defense will fare against Tennessee's "exotic smashmouth" brand of football? I know we've gotten a lot faster on defense, but will that be a liability against them?
John: No.
Rick from Gainesville, FL:
Gator fan here. While I was excited for Josh Evans to be a Jaguar … he has been just serviceable. What are his chances at the 53 with the influx of new and better talent?
John: If Evans makes the roster it will be as a backup and special-teams player. I hope I'm wrong, because I like Evans a lot, but I think it's probably a long shot.
John from Boynton Beach, FL:
I've sent you a lot of questions over the years that you have not yet posted. I assume you are saving them for a 100% John from Boynton Beach version of the O-Zone, so thank you in advance.
John: No worries.
Al from Orange Park, FL:
Somehow, I thought that teams had input into who they play in the preseason. No?
John: Teams can request and make their thoughts known, but unlike years past, the league now sets the preseason schedule.
K.C. from Jacksonville:
Hey John, I was hoping you could help me feel good about a few things. First, maybe it's just me and I know it's early, but Malik Jackson looked really good against the Jets; he seemed to have a lot of pressure up the middle, which is really inspiring. Did you see that, too? Also, is it just me or did Jonathan Cyprien look a lot more in-place and comfortable against the Jets? He just seemed to be a lot more in the box and in position to make more plays.
John: You don't need me to help you feel good. Your eyes are doing fine on their own.
PK from Atlanta, GA:
There seems to be a consensus that Bortles' numbers will be down from last year's because of an improved running game and (hopefully) trailing in fewer games. But won't the improved running game, plus a few more possessions provided by an improved defense, and a few more extended drives, counter that? Not to mention a group of pass catchers that should continue to improve as well?
John: If the Jaguars' offense is as efficient as would be ideal, Bortles statistics probably will be down from last season's 4,428 yards passing and 35 touchdowns. The 18 interceptions also could be down, which would be a good thing. That's indeed because the Jaguars ideally won't trail as much and because they ideally will be running late in games to run clock and protect leads. That doesn't mean he would have digressed as a quarterback, just that his statistics wouldn't be as good. And that would be very much OK.
Casper from Jacksonville:
Why do you hate me? You never post my questions, which are always great, but then I see you answering all of these stupid questions with "OK." Are you trying to educate people or show everyone how stupid your readers are? This is football. This is serious. You suck.
John: OK.

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