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O-Zone: She's got the look

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … David from Oviedo, FL:
O-we-O, how would you rate Blake Bortles throwing on the run and do you think we see more or less of it this year?
John: I think Bortles is pretty good when throwing outside the pocket on the run; last year, it appeared to be one of his strengths during his rookie season. That said, I'd like to see less of it because that would mean the Jaguars' offensive line is playing well enough that Bortles can stay in the pocket. I'd also like to see less of it because in the NFL the most effective quarterbacks are the ones that can stand in the pocket, read defenses and win games from there. I think we will see less of it, and when we do see it, I think it will be designed to take advantage of Bortles' strengths in that area – but I'd still like to see less of it.
Doug from Jacksonville:
Let's just say no one ever sees Shadrick jogging on Baymeadows Road. Fighting kids in the ball pit at Chuckie Cheese? Yes. Polishing his laminated Bear Bryant poster? Yes. Hitting the "door close" button as a little old lady tried to catch the elevator? Yes. Exercising? No. Why would an Adonis like yourself socialize with such a lazy soul?
John: Who says we do? #Shadricksighting
Sea Bass from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
I'd say Aaron Colvin is playing nickel because he's the Jaguars' best player at the position. That said, do you see us addressing this in the future in free agency or the draft – thus allowing Aaron to move outside permanently? How about Jeremy Harris? We hardly even knew he was on the roster till Demetrius McCray mentioned him in his interview. And what's your opinion on Sergio Brown? When I look him up, all I see is that he got Worked by The Gronk... Brown has a much lighter build than Sample. This is a concern in regards to tackling. One last thing: why cut Sanders now? Before minicamp? We must be freeing up the roster spot for linebacker depth or could it be that Justin Blackmon is about to be reinstated!?!?
John: Wow … many topics, many questions. First, Colvin is playing nickel corner because he's good at it and I've said repeatedly I think he'll play his way into an extensive enough role this season that fans won't be asking why he isn't on the field more. As far as future drafting or signings at the position, let's wait until the Jaguars have played a game or two this season to open up that topic. Second, Harris has played sparingly in two seasons but Head Coach Gus Bradley discussed him during the offseason program and said he was playing well. He's a player to watch and this obviously is the season/training camp in which his potential needs to show up on the field. Third, I wouldn't judge Brown solely on what he did against Gronk; Rob Gronkowski plays well against a lot of players. Some combination of Brown/Sample will play free safety for the Jaguars this season; the Jaguars feel they needed to upgrade that spot and the hope is they can find something from those two to be better there. Finally, the Jaguars' release of Sanders Friday was because he apparently wasn't going to make the final roster; it has nothing to do with Blackmon or linebackers.
James from Jacksonville:
John, just when I was getting over "on the bubble." Now, I hear the reference "cowbell." Geez! What does it mean?
John: Google it. It's worth it.
Gary from Palm Coast, FL:
Listened to Lageman's video on offensive lineman skills. At about 50 seconds in, he made reference to "rising high to low." Suggest he re-record to correct "low to high."
John: I'll pass this on to Lageman. I know he was hoping to put in a little more offseason work. He likes suggestions, too.
Ed from Ponte Vedra, FL:
Just a joke for you: "I wish I'd marry a New England Patriots fan. They don't mind if you cheat."
John: OK, I laughed a little at that.
Jeremy from Jacksonville :
With the exception of a team operating in Washington D.C., an NFL owner is probably the most influential person in any given city. These franchises prop up local economies by an ungodly amount. We should be grateful Khan wants to have an international impact, not scared and paranoid.
John: Khan has a commitment to Jacksonville and is trying to make an NFL franchise work here. Because of the market size, he and the Jaguars' leadership team has had to get creative to make that happen. A big part of that creativity is an international presence. To address your question more specifically, though, Khan's not looking for people to be walking around expressing eternal gratitude every day … but yes, this city/franchise should benefit in the long run from his presence.
MrPadre from Kingsland, GA:
A recent question from Greg from Carlsbad assumes players salaries are divided by 16 regular-season games. Is this true? Or is it divided by 20 "total" games – or done by weeks in the season? Because if the preseason is reduced to add "meaningful" games, there won't be any additional games – just more meaningful games. No matter how it is figured they are paid handsomely and I don't see how reducing the preseason and adding to the regular season would require more pay for the players. What say you?
John: I say players are indeed paid by the game during the regular season. This is because players can be released or signed on a week-to-week basis. Adding regular-season games would require more pay for the players because adding regular-season games would mean more television revenue for the owners. If the owners get more television revenue, the NFL Players Association is going to make sure players are paid accordingly.
Sunil from Jacksonville:
You do understand why a longtime season-ticket holder would be upset to see the Packers game in 2016 moved to London, right? We all understand the importance of adding local revenue with one game in London. It is critical for us in Jacksonville. So why not send the Vikings or Raiders game over there? We get a marquee franchise like the Cowboys and the Packers once every eight years...and we lose them both to London? Please tell me you understand why we would be frustrated.
John: I've been pretty clear on this for a long time. I understand fans are frustrated by this because I get emails on the topic regularly. My point is I don't relate to it. When I was a fan, I was concerned about my team and didn't care that much about who they were playing except that I wanted my team to beat that team. I didn't care about "marquee opponents;" I cared about seeing my team play. Others feel differently, and that's OK.
Kyle from Pensacola, FL:
Ansah, Richardson, Kiko Alonso, Giovani Bernard, and Eddie Lacy. Five players that stand out from the first 3 rounds. Out of 90 something selections, I'd say we were pretty lucky to get guys that don't flat-out stink.
John: The 2013 NFL Draft class overall was indeed considered weak. After two seasons, it pretty much has played out that way. The verdict is still out on a lot of the players from that class for the Jaguars, and I'd say overall it still has a chance to make a significant contribution.
Trae from Jacksonville:
John, if you had to pick two football games (one college and one NFL) to attend from the past 35 years which two would you pick? Thanks.
John: Miami-Nebraska in the 1984 Orange Bowl for college and the NFC Championship Game between the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers following the 1981 season – the game that included the play now known as The Catch.
Samwise from Shire:
When Matt Jones worked out for the Jaguars, he brought his own snappers to show he could punt, too. Have any decent players played a skills position and been the kicker/punter?
John: The two that come most quickly to mind are George Blanda and Danny White. Blanda played quarterback for the Chicago Bears, Houston Oilers and Oakland Raiders and also kicked; he finished his career as the NFL's all-time leading scorer. White punted for the Dallas Cowboys and was also their starting quarterback much of the time in the early 1980s, taking the franchise to the NFC Championship game each season from 1980-82.⨪
Brian from Gainesville, FL:
Big O, you're killing me! Ever since you told my wife that it's OK to consider "Jerry Maguire" a football movie she's been telling me that she's right. Come to think of it, that started long before she was even familiar with you, the O wise one. Still, follow the man code, my brother!!!
John: My wife doesn't have to tell me she's right. It's just sort of understood. Then, of course, there's The Look …

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