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O-Zone: Short-sighted

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Mike from London, ON:
Is it the Sam or the Will backer that comes off the field in nickel situations? Just thinking with regards to the response you gave with Poz conveying knowledge on the field in real time about the defense. Could he not still do that, or would that be seen as stepping on Jack's toes, so to speak?
John: The Sam – or strong-side – linebacker typically comes off the field in nickel situations as opposed to the Will (weak-side) backer, and that indeed is the case in the Jaguars' defense. That's the reason Myles Jack's move to the middle from strong will make him a three-down player, because he was coming off the field on third downs when playing Sam last season and he will stay on the field in that situation in the middle in 2017. Jack will be calling the defense from that position.
Rob from Brunswick, GA:
John, as mentioned by Pedal Bin, it is the Dead Zone. So, with that in mind ... you can see one concert. Not time-machine concerts; only current active bands. You can see them anywhere (Wembley Stadium or Royal Albert Hall or Madison Square Garden). Who do you see and where?
John: Jason Isbell in the smallest venue I can find.
James from Destin, FL:
John, I totally understand when you belittle fans sometimes. It's because you get belittled at home and take it out on us. It's OK to ask for a hug sometimes.
John: My belittling of fans happens from time to time, on a small scale. Oh, if that were true of my home.
John from Jacksonville:
There was breaking news recently that President Trump likes two scoops of ice cream when dining with guests who get one scoop of ice cream. When you dine with guests, are you the type of person who likes three scoops while you get none or like giving your guests three scoops each while you get none?
John: I'm not much for ice cream, but I will take the last beer. In fact, I tend to enjoy a beer more if it's the last one and other people are thirsty.
Greg from Waycross, GA:
Johnny Boy, I would like to tell you the story of when Tony Boselli came to Waycross for the Jaguars' team promotions a few years ago. He stopped in at the BBQ restaurant I worked at, because Jeff Lageman told him to try it before he left Waycross. He was very nice and friendly with everyone who approached him. He signed autographs for all my workers who asked, took photographs with customers and signed autographs for them also. He is an outstanding person and wonderful representative of the Jaguars' organization. He is very humble, so here's another one for Mr. Boselli.
John: That wasn't Tony Boselli.
Rob from Brunswick, GA:
John, on Senior Moments you mentioned you weren't concerned much about Blake Bortles' mechanics because you felt that even last year they were good enough to get by. You said it was his decision-making that was the issue. I'd certainly agree with that assessment. But what can you do about it? Is there really a way to work on that? Or is that just something that he'll either fix or not by himself? I admit I am not optimistic. Seems like if he were capable of making better decisions it would have happened by now.
John: Quarterbacks can improve decision-making. The better a quarterback's knowledge of the offense, and the better his overall understanding of offensive and defensive schemes, the better his decision-making. But much comes down to a feel and an ability to make the right read and the right throw at the right time. That's what separates the great from the good and the rest, and there's no one offseason drill to perfect it. Experience can help. Bortles has three years' worth of that now. We'll see what happens in Year 4.
Trae from Jacksonville:
#SunPass #NeverForget
John: No doubt.
Al from Kalispell, MT:
John, I was wondering recently if the NFL will ever do away with the eight-division format they have now and simply divide it into two sixteen-team leagues where the best records end up in the playoffs. What brought this to my attention is the apparent trend of teams "tanking" for higher draft picks creating an unfair advantage for teams within the same division as those tanking for that season. What are your thoughts on this?
John: I don't see the NFL changing its format. The only way I could see it is if the league adds a significant number of teams in an overseas expansion, and we're a long, long, long way from that. There long has been a belief in the NFL that the division format works because it creates rivalries, and there has been an accompanying belief that the division winner should be rewarded with a home playoff game. Debate that last part if you will, but that's the belief. As for the tanking thing, I'm not as worried about it as some people. The nature of the NFL Draft is such that one selection – even the No.1 overall selection – is not consistently franchise-altering enough to make tanking appealing enough to become a trend. There might be an occasional quarterback can't-miss enough to make tanking worthwhile, but I doubt it will happen enough that the league would change its competitive structure to stop it.
Tim from Rock Springs, GA:
What are the chances we can pick up Jimmy Garoppolo in free agency next year? Do you think that would be a good idea for the team so we could focus on defense or offensive line in the draft?
John: Tim, it's June and we not only have an entire season before free agency, we also have an entire dead zone before that regular season. Considering that, I just can't answer Garoppolo questions yet. It probably is a good question. It probably makes me a bad senior writer – or even a bad person – that I can't do it. It's just that right now it makes my head hurt and I just need to lie down.
Papdoc from St. Augustine, FL:
With Doug Marrone wanting a run-heavy offense, could you see the Allens and Lee looking for a pass-heavy team when their contracts come due? l would hate to lose them, but they all want the ball as far as career stats. Do you think we could keep all three or do you think Allen Robinson might look elsewhere?
John: I think the Jaguars wanting to be a run-heavy offense doesn't mean they don't need wide receivers. It also doesn't mean the Jaguars won't throw enough to keep wide receivers happy. I don't know that the Jaguars will keep all three, but remember: we're talking about a wide receiver corps that right now features three receivers with a collective two 1,000-yard seasons between them. All three have shown flashes of being really good, but none have proven themselves to be elite. I like all three and think all three can be good players, but I also think how they perform this season will go a long way to determining how they fit into the Jaguars' long-term plans.
Preston from Oakville, CT:
Two questions O-Man: Do you think the Jags will go with three quarterbacks again this year? And if Blake Bortles struggles again (which I don't think he will), do you think timing will determine who they turn to? For example, if they make a change early in the season, they go with Chad Henne for his experience, but if it is towards the end of the year, they go with Branden Allen to see if he could be the quarterback for the future?
John: Yes, I think Henne would be the logical option early in the season – and I think Allen would be the logical option later in the season. But I also think it will take something very extreme for either option to become reality.
Jon from Chapel Hill, NC:
John, I believe the center position is second most critical on the offensive line just behind left tackle. Are good centers typically hard to find in free agency and do many teams have the same opinion as me?
John: Yes and yes.
Matt from The Mancave:
I understand ESPN and other news outlets are covering all 32 teams and not just the Jags, but ESPN showed our starting defense and had Fowler and Day starting and Poz still at middle. Then an online article was raving about how good Cam Robinson will be at right tackle until he is ready. Why must they fake news us, O man?
John: The only ESPN Jaguars coverage I read regularly is Mike DiRocco. Actually, scratch that: I only read Mike on occasion. OK, I don't read Mike. It's not that his Jaguars coverage is bad; it's just that he's well … short.
Scott from New York:
Favorite O-Zone memory?
John: I'm pretty fond of that last answer on DiRocco.

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