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O-Zone: Skittleydoo

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Micky from Jacksonville:
You've talked a lot about Poz coming off on passing downs in favor of Aaron Colvin. What adjustments and substitutions happen on the line on passing downs? You've called Abry Jones a nose tackle, so I assume he lines up over the center. Where do the other three linemen line up?
John: Substitution patterns in passing situations vary more on the line than in the back seven. Whereas the common substitution in the back seven indeed would be a nickel corner for a strong-side linebacker – Colvin as a nickel for Paul Posluszny at strong in this case – the substitutions vary for the defensive front. Teams rotate defensive linemen in passing situations because rushing the passer is more physically taxing than protecting the passer, and the Jaguars this season absolutely want to be deep enough along the defensive front that they can pass rush in "waves." It's something they discussed a lot around the 2017 NFL Draft. Specific to Jones, his pass-rush ability and athleticism will get him on the field in passing situations more than, say, Roy Miller in recent seasons; still, I doubt he'll be a pass-rush staple. More common will be combinations that feature Calais Campbell, Malik Jackson, Yannick Ngakoue and Dante Fowler Jr., with Campbell and Jackson inside and Ngakoue and Fowler outside.
Doug from Syracuse, NY:
The schedule-makers are obviously not Jag fans! Who else has to travel to both Super Bowl teams in the first four weeks of the season? … Well, preseason
John: Fight the good fight, Doug.
Ryan from Apopka, FL:
So Roger did it! No. 8! Didn't drop a single set! Nineteen career majors! Any reason you can't see him win No. 20 in a couple of months on New York?
John: We'll set this up for those who don't follow tennis: Ryan's referring here to Roger Federer winning Wimbledon Sunday, and the question is whether he can win his 20th career major title at the U.S. Open in September. Is there any reason Federer won't win? Sure, because winning a grand slam is hard. And because he hasn't won the U.S. Open since 2008. And because Rafael Nadal is good, too. And because Marin Cilic and any number of big servers/big hitters can get hot and win that tournament. And because Stan Wawrinka is really good on hard courts. But Federer won on hard court in Australia earlier this year. And he won Wimbledon. He has won all four of the important tournaments he has entered this year. So, sure: he can win it. He's probably the favorite right now anywhere that's not on clay.
Shawn from the Mean Streets of Arlington:
What a great answer. I couldn't agree more. You know what I'm talking about.
John: Yes, I do.
Ed from Ponte Vedra, FL:
When I got my season tickets, I had to look up the names of at least five of the nine players featured. That's kinda sad.
John: Don't get down on yourself, Ed. It's comparatively easy to keep track of the Jaguars' players. For players currently on the team, simply watch a few games in person or on television. For players new to the roster – say, rookies or free agents – just read the website or the local newspaper. You'll get up to speed soon enough and you no longer will need to feel sad.
David from Broward County, FL:
O-Man, with all the talk of predicting the Jags record this season, I thought of a different question. What will be the Jags' AFC South record in 2017? I say the expectation should be 4-2, but 3-3 is more likely. A losing division record will be a huge letdown. What do you think the Jags division record will be?
John: Three and three.
Tom from Loughborough, England:
John, my friend (Cardinals fan) has some bold predictions for the Jags next season: Lead the league in sacks, Leonard Fournette to have 1,500 yards from scrimmage, Bortles to throw less than 10 interceptions, the Jags to reach the playoffs. Which do you think is most likely?
John: Fournette having 1,500 yards from scrimmage seems most likely. The Jaguars are going to build the offense around the running game, and he'll be a focal point of that. One thing about your friend's list that's obvious is if the Jaguars attain the first three objectives, they'll have a really good chance at reaching the fourth.
Scott from New York, NY:
Can you list the items at EverBank Field that you do have say over?
John: Hold on.
Scott from Doboy Island, GA:
Regarding Michael from Port Orange's question, have the Jaguars' profits gone way up or the value of the franchise? Or both? The value may have gone way up but that doesn't mean Shad is making mad bank. Oehser's double-wide may have doubled in value but that doesn't do you any good until you sell it!
John: NFL teams with the exception of Green Bay don't release figures such as profits, revenue, etc., though the Jaguars at their state of the franchise each offseason are a bit more transparent in this area than most. But you're right that franchise value doesn't necessarily reflect year-to-year revenue and expenses. As for the double-wide doubling in value, I think you have me confused with Sexton. He showed me around his double-wide a couple of weeks back and it is ni-i-i-i-i-i-ce.
Bored from Jacksonville:
What would happen if I barged into the house of Oehser?
John: Rat dog wouldn't like it, so there would be insane barking to start. But even aside from her reaction, I'd advise ringing the doorbell. Barging in on a man in his boxers and his tight, sleeveless, white T is considered a high-risk, low-reward endeavor at best.
Steve from Jacksonville:
Go-Go's because Belinda Carlisle.
John: Indeed.
Otto from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
John, I do realize the Collective Bargaining Agreement does not require teams to list injuries during OTAs as opposed to the regular season. With that in mind, I am somewhat nervous about injuries to Barry Church, Tashaun Gipson and Jalen Ramsey. That is three quarters of our starting defensive backfield. I still don't know what core muscle surgery means. It would be great if the Jags could tell us a bit more.
John: Jaguars 2017 Training Camp begins Thursday, July 27.
Craig from Auburn, IN:
Monumental prediction! If the Jags score more points than their opponents, they will ... win! If they don't, they will ... lose! I also predict that their record will be between zero to 16 wins in the regular season, and they may or may not make the playoffs; and if they do, they may or may not make it to the Super Bowl! Man, I am the Nostradamus of our time! Let me know if YOU have any questions of me.
John: Will you mow my lawn?
Ryk from Fernandina Beach, FL:
Maybe, just maybe, it would be palatable for Keith if the video adds were all old-school "Culligan Girl." How bout it, O!!!!!!!
John: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Ernest from Rockville, MD:
While we are still in the Dead Zone, here is another music question. What are your thoughts on the band Queen? Did you ever enjoy listening to their songs? The remaining members and Adam Lambert will be playing a show in Washington, D.C. in about two weeks. I would have loved to have seen the "original lineup" but I never took a serious interest in their music until college and Freddie Mercury had already passed away. But I'm grateful to see them in some form.
John: I do consider myself a Queen fan. My credentials include having owned "News of the World," "Night at the Opera" and "Jazz" on vinyl, and being a fan of "Bohemian Rhapsody" long before Wayne's World. Best deep track Queen songs: "Don't Stop Me Now" (Jazz), "It's Late" (News of the World) and "Year of '39" (Night at the Opera).
Tyler from Jacksonville:
Why not bring in Johnny Football? I bet you'd be hard-pressed to find a fan that would rather watch Chad Henne...
John: Stop.
Glen from Orange Park, FL:
Let's say Bortles puts up 3,350 yards, 18 TDs, 10 interceptions, 60 completions and we win nine games with a strong ground game and defense. What kind of contract will he be offered?
John: That may be a scenario in which Bortles plays for the final year of his original five-year contract.
Jonathan from Section 122 and still in the Army:
I got my season tickets in the mail the other day and I let out a "skittleydoo" of excitement upon opening that beautiful yellow envelope. Then I find out that I have to go to California for a 30-day rotation at the National Training Center (NTC) smack dab in the middle of October. You should google NTC, John. It's not a lot fun, especially since my tickets will go to my son (gasp). The football gods are not on my side this year, it would seem. Remember, I offered to be your assistant when I retire soon. If only for pity, hook me up with a John. #softservewheneveryouwantit.
John: Well, so much for "skittleydoo," I guess.

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