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O-Zone: The pool guy

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get it . . . Steven from Fernandina Beach, FL:
Assuming accuracy is the same in both scenarios, which attributes are more important: Size, arm strength and mobility or football IQ and quick release?
John: Let me start by saying every NFL player must meet a baseline in many attributes. You wouldn't consider a quarterback who simply couldn't make certain throws, for example, just as you wouldn't consider a cornerback who ran a 5.1-second 40-yard dash. Assuming all of the elements that you mentioned meet a passable baseline, then I would take football IQ and quick release. The ability to get a team into the right play and make the right decisions is critical in this era.
Gary from Cowtown and Jacksonville:
"If you're referring to the No. 3 overall selection in the draft, I'd vote for the best player who's still on the board." Definitely "one fer."
John: #Standunited
Ed from Section 205:
In your response to Ed from Ponte Vedra regarding Manziel you made it clear again you could care less about a player's off-field life. Guess that is OK for you, but hopefully not the thinking of a GM as I believe the off field life of one of our past Round One picks has us in a bind. And again, Manziel's own father indicated in an ESPN story that he feels his son has anger issues and deals with those issues with alcohol. Is this not a huge red flag??
John: "Guess that is OK for you…" First off, thanks for the approval, Ed. I'll sleep better. As far as how Caldwell feels about Manziel off the field, let's remember something here: Caldwell and the Jaguars will do their own research into Manziel off the field and that will be taken into consideration with everything else about the player to reach a decision whether to draft that player – whatever Manziel's father said in a story, and whatever the public perception of Manziel. The reason is that there is a difference between perception and reality, and the perception may nor or may not paint an accurate overall picture. Finally, you don't make a decision on Manziel based on Jaguars selections in the past. You pick him based on how you feel about him. Doing anything else is off-point, ill-informed and irresponsible.
Colin from Orlando, FL:
John, can you tell these people that the attendance argument for acquiring a player is a ridiculous one? Whether it's Johnny Football or the former Gator QB, one player putting a few more people in seats does nothing for this franchise. Being consistently in the playoff hunt gets people to go to your games and become fans. No one player can create the same enthusiasm.
John: Well put.
John from Jacksonville:
I wanted to get more clarification on taking Romo and giving up the third pick this year. Romo will be 33 years old next year. He has won one playoff game in his career. I agree he could improve this team next year, but I do not believe he will ever have a chance to win the Super Bowl for the Jags. Do you think it would be worth giving up a third pick to have a quarterbackthat could compete for a playoff spot for a few years but cannot win you the big one?
John: First off, let's keep this in perspective. This was a hypothetical question and not something that is likely to happen. The question was asked if I would swap picks with the Cowboys if it meant getting Tony Romo. That would mean moving down 13 spots to get one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL who still has four or five seasons. Yeah, I probably would. It's not a no-brainer and a bunch of other factors play into it. If you asked, would I trade Andrew Luck for Tony Romo? Probably not. Would I trade Peyton Manning in his prime for Tony Romo? No. Would I trade the No. 3 selection – which this year will mean a chance to draft a quarterback with a ton of questions surrounding him – for the No. 16 selection and Romo? Yeah, probably. Would David Caldwell? I have no idea. Will it ever be a real-life issue? No, so there's that, too.
Jason from Jacksonville:
One fer the inevitable barrage of O-Zone 80's bar sightings. Put me down fer 17 South.
John: No doubt.
Eric from Boston, MA:
Moving forward, how would characterize the style of our offense, or do you believe we haven't established an identity yet?
John: I think the Jaguars started showing some identity. Ideally, the Jaguars will be up-tempo and diverse with some elements of read-option used occasionally. I think they'll use "gimmick" plays and call them something else, but I think there will be a lot of creativity. I also think the identity will grow more defined as they get better players and learn what those players do best.
Jess from Jagsonville:
Hashbrowns IN the Sausage McMuffin? Did you think of that? That is genius.
John: #Shadricksighting
Wallace from Jacksonville:
I watched more playoff football the past two weeks than I have in years. Despite the NFL "being a passing league" it sure appears that the teams with the strongest running games and line play are the ones still in the hunt for the Lombardi trophy. Put me down as one who is hoping that the Jaguars draft several linemen (especially OL) in the upcoming draft. Use the first-round pick on Clowney (if available) or a QB, but after that go to work on strengthening the lines! That's what I hope Dave Caldwell does.
John: This postseason has been about running and playing defense. At the same time, the fact remains that the remaining teams – particularly those in the AFC – have pretty good quarterbacks, so if I'm a general manager, I wouldn't mind having one of those.
Ben from Indy:
Say we draft Clowney with our first pick. Everyone always talks about him being such an amazing talent that he could play anywhere on the line and be dominant. But where specifically do you see him fitting on our d-line? Is he more of a LEO or DE?Doesn't seem like he would fit a typical 3-4 DE position.
John: I think he'd be the Leo. And if he's motivated to play every play – and if he plays the run at the point of attack a little better – I think he'd be pretty good at it.
James from Socorro, NM:
I had a dream last night that the Jaguars made the playoffs with a 7-9 record, and then I sent you a witty question for the O-Zone. Is that weird?
John: I spend a lot of time reassessing things. You may need to consider doing the same.
Christopher from Richmond, VA:
Do you think David Caldwell would bring in any undrafted quarterbacks to camp for competition. I think this year's QB class is much better than last year's. There may be some that go under the radar and undrafted. For example ODU's TaylorHeinicke – it would be nice to see a guy like him that dominated and set records in the FCS at camp. Any guy that can throw for over 700 yards in a game deserves a look no matter what level he plays.
John: That's possible. It wouldn't be ridiculous for the Jaguars to draft a quarterback and follow that with an undrafted rookie quarterback. Bear in mind that the reason most undrafted quarterbacks don't get drafted is because they're not ready to compete at the NFL level, so I would temper your enthusiasm for any such player. More often than not that player is a recognizable name with a long way to go. But could a guy like that get a look? Should he get a look? Absolutely. Why not.
Christopher from Richmond, VA:
Just found out that Taylor Heinicke doesn't come out for one more year. So, you can disregard my last email.
John: Word.
Brett from Glendive, MT:
Aaron Murray or Johnny Manziel? Personally, I think Murray is a better quarterback and more solid of a pick. Allowing a trade from No. 3 to get more picks perhaps? What is your opinion of Murray and how would you compare the two?
John: I like Murray a lot. I've said often that my concern with Manziel is if you take the "magic" away I don't know that he's a Top 10 pick. If he can create the miracles that go with the magic, he's a fantastic player that can energize a franchise. Without it, he's probably not special. The "magic" will be tougher to perform against bigger, stronger, faster players, so that's a concern. Murray was very productive, but – somewhat like Manziel – doesn't have prototypical NFL size. He doesn't have the "magic" Manziel does, but then again, who does? Murray is a solid pick, but where do you pick him? And are you drafting your "Guy" if you draft him? I don't know yet.
Bryan from Tampa, FL:
Ahh, the swimming pool area. I can't help but think that is a bad idea.
John: Or from Shadrick's point of view, oh-so very good.

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