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O-Zone: Time to move forward

JACKSONVILLE -- Let's get to it . . . Scott from Jacksonville:
I'm excited to watch David Caldwell and Gus Bradley work and build a young, talented team through the draft. Especially interesting will be the quarterback situation. That said, I don't understand keeping Chad Henne on this roster. Clearly, he is not a franchise quarterback, has had years to progress and hasn't made the strides necessary to believe in him long term. Why not replace him with some younger talent, who could possibly evolve into a productive NFL quarterback? Blaine Gabbert and some rookies or a younger vet? Henne is what he is and the Jags would just be "spinning their wheels" with him at the helm.
John: Henne's not at the helm right now. There are also nearly five months until training camp begins. Caldwell and Bradley have talked about competition. It's hard to say until March 12 who on the roster will be involved in the quarterback competition come April, but there's no reason to let players go before it's necessary. The Jaguars have free agency and the draft and a lot of time after that to continue reshaping the roster. What's the harm in letting the two quarterbacks now on the roster be a part of the mix until they prove to the new regime they don't deserve the opportunity?
John from Section 213:
So in the spirit of Gus Bradley's mantra of "getting better everyday" what are you doing?
John: Wondering what the heck that means.
Tommy from Wilmington, NC:
It seems like CB Aqib Talib might be the perfect "second" wave free agent that we may want to sign, especially with Cox most likely leaving. Have you heard anything like this?
John: My guess is Talib will be more first wave than second. He would be a premiere free agent and unless such a player is available at a surprising price, that's not the sort of player fans should expect to be signed by the Jaguars in free agency this offseason. Not that Talib is particularly likely to hit the open market. Reports around the NFL Scouting Combine were that the Patriots would find a way to re-sign him and considering his importance to their defense, I'd be surprised if that doesn't happen.
Jason from New York, NY:
What do you say when you see things?
John: What was that in my drink?
John from Atlantic Beach, FL:
Hey O-Man, I say Ziggy Ansah . . . you say? I say Bjoern Werner . . . you say? These two cats I have listed as my first pick in the draft. Although I could throw in Milliner CB from Alabama because we really need a cornerback but this Ansah kid is going to be a beast at defensive end. I really like his play.
John: I say . . . as of now, I'd lean more toward Ansah than the other two you mention. If the Jaguars are at No. 2, I'd be surprised if they go corner, and Ansah seems to fit what the Jaguars want to do more than Werner.
Nick from Annapolis, MD:
I don't think Damontre Moore is going to have a huge drop in value, because I believe in the NFL circles he was probably already rated much lower than the national media. Watching his highlight film, the guy does not show enough natural athleticism and strength to be an NFL starter. He plays way too high and only seems to win match-ups when the competition is playing poorly. His lateral quickness is atrociously bad.
John: You may be going a touch too far saying he won't be a starter, but Damontre Moore absolutely has been the most notable faller since the combine. Once considered a Top 10 selection by some, he has fallen out of the first round on many mock drafts. Where he was actually rated before probably doesn't matter much, but no question his Pro Day will be critical.
Tim from Jacksonville:
Damontre Moore would be higher on my board because of his poor combine. This means the kid has performed well on the field despite being saddled with a poor strength & conditioning program in college. NFL S&C programs are a lot better than college. I continue to view these combine performance tests as completely worthless compared to game tape. Fixing a low bench press or 40-time is one of the easiest things in the world to do; it just takes time and good programming by an S&C coach that knows what he's doing. Don't the Jaguars' scouts know this?
John: Tim, meet Nick; Nick, Tim.
Bo from Dresden, NC:
Do you think as Caldwell and Bradley look over the roster they think, "Whew, what have we gotten into!"
John: No, I think they thought, "We have a chance to build an NFL team in our vision and we are really excited about the opportunity." I'd be thinking, "Wow, I'm making a lot of money," but knowing the two of them, they're probably thinking a lot more about the first thought than what I'd be thinking.
Chris from Section 223:
Call me crazy, but the new color scheme on the site seems to foreshadow the color scheme we'll see on the uniforms.
John: We shall see.
Steve from Woodbine, GA:
I am surprised you consider Tony Romo a star. He is an average quarterback at best. While I will agree that he is famous (because of whom he has dated and the team he plays on) he is far from what I consider a star. Stars don't choke in big games!!
John: OK, let's everyone join the nitpicky party. I was asked this week about players who became stars after being undrafted free agents. I put Romo on the list, and while he may not be a star under your definition, it's safe to say if you could find a player of Romo's ability every year in collegiate free agency you would feel awfully good about your process.
Eric from Boise, ID:
John, people seek you like a [wise] old hermit on a Mountain.
John: I wondered why people always looked at me funny.
John from St. Augustine, FL:
Do the Jaguars' coaches and front office only look at last year's injuries list when trying to get a feel for who should be retained or released? We had at least 20 people on injured reserve and at least that many from 2011, maybe even more. Some of these players were out on injuries both years at some point. My question is do they look a couple of years back at players production and time out of games due to injuries?
John: Caldwell and Bradley are going over the roster in detail to find a starting point for the building process. This is not just a matter of printing a roster online and looking at the injury report from last season. There are detailed discussions with everyone in the organization, as well as extensive study as to the player's entire history with the Jaguars and before. Short answer: yes, they look at everything.
Troy from Orange Park, FL:
First,I just read the response by some of the fans to how you answered my last question about jag players keeping their jobs. Even though you gave me a short term answer. I was looking for a long term mainly once Caldwell contract is up and everybody become a free agent. Will anybody on the roster get new contracts or will Caldwell replace everybody with his own hand pick player? Here is you chance to redeem yourself and give me the answer again!
John: I'm sorry . . . what was the question?
Scott from London, England:
Why does everyone think Berkevious Mingo is a decent player?!?! He was getting plowed over in the run game at the college level, and his speed rush was nowhere near as good as someone like Jarvis Jones!!!! I know speed is craved after in the NFL especially as a pass rusher, but c'mon.... really?!?!?!
John: Apparently not everyone thinks Barkevious Mingo is a decent player.
Cory from North Bay, CA:
Wouldn't grabbing a pass rusher in FA and Milliner in the draft and then a DT early second round sound great?
John: It would if you haven't been listening to David Caldwell much the last few weeks. If you have, you wouldn't be holding your breath for an early signing in free agency.
Ruben from Jacksonville:
I was a David Garrard supporter and never felt he had a fair shake with the combination of o-line play and lack of receiving options. Why not bring him back to compete he'd be a low risk and granted the o-line isn't any better, he's never had this kind of talent at wide receiver and is used to playing under pressure and is probably still mobile, low-risk, high-reward option?
John: I'm getting more and more questions along these lines. It's probably time to stop thinking about Garrard returning. The Jaguars are planning and preparing for this decade, not the last.

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