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O-Zone: True identity

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Ric from Jacksonville:
So, John ... I was reading an article on ESPN about Ryan Davis, written by Mike DiRocco. He quoted a stat that surprised me: "One impact play for every 23 snaps. That's an even better rate than Houston defensive end J.J. Watt, who averaged one impact play every 25 snaps." I know Coach Bradley isn't missing something. So why isn't Davis on the field more than he was, especially with a level of play like that? What is your opinion of him and do you think he will get more playing time, especially with the Jags being one very notable rookie short this year on the defense?
John: I get this question from time to time, and that's understandable because Davis – a Leo/defensive end – has been very effective when given the opportunity. He had six-and-a-half sacks last season playing mostly as an interior pass rusher in passing situations. Here's the thing about Davis: The Jaguars like him very much. He has proven to be remarkably effective as a pass rusher rushing from the interior in the Jaguars' lightning package – a three-Leo pass-rushing package used in passing situations. Davis excels at using his athleticism and quickness to beat interior offensive linemen. He hasn't been quite as effective rushing from the outside against tackles; at the same time, he hasn't been in the latter role as often as he has been inside. Could Davis get more reps on the outside? Yes, he has played outside some and I expect him to continue to do so. But I don't anticipate Davis playing a significantly different role moving forward. You don't necessarily want to alter the role of a player who's playing so effectively, and although Dante Fowler Jr. indeed is out for the season, the Jaguars likely still will have much the same Leo package – Chris Clemons, Andre Branch, Davis and Chris Smith – as they did last season. I don't know that they'll change it much.
Dave from Ada, OK:
"Doctor, doctor, give me the news. I've got a bad case of loving you." In your opinion, is this guy in love with his doctor? Is this song basically just his attempt at hitting on her at an office exam? How creepy is that?
John: #Shadricksighting
Jim from Duval:
Hello, O-Zone. The "Dead Zone" is coming. I hate it, but it is what it is. Beer seems to help. What do you do to make up the time?
John: I actually don't dread the so-called dead zone as much as others. For one thing, it's never really all that dead. More than that, though: the "dead zone" really doesn't last that long. You're talking about five weeks or so between the end of organized team activities/minicamp and the beginning of training camp when there's not much going on in the NFL. That means we've somehow managed to make what essentially is a five- or six-month season seem a whole lot like a ten-and-a-half or eleven-month season. In light of that, I don't think having five or six weeks when the NFL isn't the nation's dominant sports story is all that tragic.
Brian K from Bold City Brigade, Atlanta Chapter:
I was born in Bangkok, raised in Clay and now reside in Atlanta. Regardless, I proudly proclaim "DTWD." #itsnotaboutgeography
John: No, it's not.
Scott from San Marco:
What gives, O-man? Why do I have to find out about Sample breaking his arm and having surgery on the ESPN website hours before it is reported on Let's stay up to date!
John: I don't pretend to keep a stopwatch on ESPN and and wasn't doing so Friday when news came out that rookie James Sample had surgery on a fractured forearm sustained Thursday. I will say that a review of Twitter timelines would indicate that's senior writer and local reporters covering the team pretty much tweeted news about Sample at about the same time – which is usually the case when the team announces news. I also would say those writers all posted stories shortly thereafter. ESPN appeared to have posted its story a little more quickly, and's senior writer appeared to have been a little quicker on Twitter. In neither case were there "hours" involved, so I'd say on this one everyone was pretty "up to date!"
Matt from Ocala, FL:
Hey, O-Zone. First of all, love reading your posts every day. Second, do you know the exact dates of any future practices for the team that will be open to the public? It's a great time to watch a couple hours of football along with meeting some of the players afterwards.
John: The team's final minicamp practice on Thursday, June 18 will be open to the public, as will many of the practices in training camp in late July and early August. The minicamp practice begins at 11 a.m. and will be held at the Florida Blue Health and Wellness Practice Fields.
Shannon from Brunswick, GA:
I saw where you posted pictures of O-Zone Jr. in his cap and gown. Congratulations to him and to you! Does he plan to follow in your footsteps and be a sports writer?
John: You know what they say about wanting a better life for your children?
Leon from Austin, TX:
John, the flipside of the coin is that Dante Fowler Jr. now has to sit on the bench soaking up the defense. Exactly what Bortles was "supposed" to do last year. #OZTWD
John: That's true, but that's not a particularly appealing flip side. Not that Fowler will get zero benefit from watching and being in meetings next season, but there probably isn't quite as much to be learned from "absorbing" knowledge for a young defensive end/pass rusher as there is a young quarterback.
David from Sweden:
Hey John! Is Bernard Pierce not at all expected to be a piece of the running back rotation next season? I don't hear much about him now. He played for the Ravens several years, with mixed success, granted, but he always made a good team.
John: Bernard Pierce hasn't been discussed all that much by Jaguars observers since being acquired off waivers from the Ravens. And he seems to have been discussed less since the Jaguars selected T.J. Yeldon in the second round of the draft. That's understandable because the Jaguars now seem very deep at running back with Yeldon, Toby Gerhart, Denard Robinson, Pierce and Storm Johnson in the mix. Honestly, it's difficult to tell beyond Yeldon how the rotation will play out next season. It now appears to be a deep group with five players who can contribute, and while Pierce hasn't been discussed much, there's no reason he can't be in the rotation. As much as any positon, the running back rotation will be determined during preseason. Three or four solid performances in August have a way of making preseason talk/speculation suddenly moot.
Tyler from Kansas City, MO:
Any chance Khan brings Tebow to Duval if he doesn't make it with Philly? Sorry … I just couldn't resist
John: Try harder next time.
Tommy from Jacksonville:
I've been seen reading the O-Zone multiple times at work. I've always said to my boss, "If you have a problem with my work product, please let me know." On a side note, do you know of anyone hiring?
John: I don't, but don't worry. I sense you're probably OK. Bosses love your approach and love when employees stand up for themselves even when the employees are in the wrong. And that stuff they say when they joke with you about firing you? Hilarious. So, you're OK. I guess. Whatever.
Carl from Jacksonville:
I noticed that some fans dislike trading up in the draft because they value all of the picks. But, imagine this roster without Allen Robinson and Linder. The WR core would look extremely bare and the O-line without its best player. Just a thought.
John: And a pretty good one.
Dennis from Orange Park, FL:
Will the Buffalo game be televised on local television also?
John: Yes, the Jaguars-Bills game at Wembley Stadium in London October 25 will be streamed on Yahoo! properties and shown on over-the-air television locally in the Jacksonville and Buffalo markets.
James from Orange Park, FL:
If O-Zone wanted to impress Mr. Lamping and Mr. Khan through great work ethic and due diligence, what would that look like? I'm sure there would be much less ducking and hiding.
John: When you say great work ethic and due diligence, what do you mean by those words, exactly?
Jason from Falling Waters, WV:
What does Gus and the coaching staff see in Josh Wells? Because he sure didn't prove his worth on the field last year.
John: They see a player who played sparingly as a rookie undrafted free agent, but who has the potential to be a backup or possibly a contributor. Don't get too down on players after brief appearances as rookies. That's particularly true of offensive lineman.
Kevin from Jacksonville:
Ever wonder if maybe, just maybe, you're the problem?
John: In more ways than one.

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