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O-Zone: True identity

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Chris from Jacksonville:
Shad Khan became a multibillionaire making plastic bumpers. I can't even begin to imagine what he can do with an NFL franchise. If he says we need to play a game in London, I believe him. #sktwd
John: If you want to begin imagining what he can do, close your eyes and think of the Shipyards Proposal, and the world's largest video boards, and the state-of-the-art training facilities, and the state-of-the-art locker rooms, and …
Kent from Jacksonville:
All this talk about "Remember the Titans" … I may be in the minority, but I thought the movie was very cheesy and full of typical Hollywood feel-good. Even having the guy that played Turk from Scrubs (best doctor show ever) couldn't save it from all the cliches.
John: You're overcooking my grits, coach.
Nate from Atlanta, GA:
I think Telvin Smith has the potential to be a multiple Pro Bowl player. I know one knock on him was he would have to gain size to be an every-down player. Any word on how many, if any, pounds he added in the offseason? And do you think added weight could hurt the speed he plays with? Go Jags!
John: The concerns over Smith's size actually waned quite a bit last season. The team was concerned early, but as a rookie he showed on a consistent basis that he could make big-time NFL plays at his size; he also held up pretty well in the run game. Smith said this offseason he did add some size and strength – about five pounds, if I recall correctly. He said he wants to add it the right way, over time. I don't sense he's overly concerned about it, though – and I don't know that he should be. Some players are best-advised to play at their natural weight and just play; Smith appears to be such a player.
Joyce from Jacksonville:
The NFL has a developmental league. It is called college football. An NFL developmental league would hurt college football. Anyone who knows how much revenue football brings in knows that it will never be allowed to happen.
John: I don't think college football is quite the developmental league for the NFL it was even a decade or so ago. There now is a pretty dramatic difference in the college and professional game, and it's not just because of size and speed anymore. It's largely because of the rise of spread offenses in college football. I also don't think a developmental league would hurt college football much because I don't think there would be extensive interest in the developmental league. If college football weren't associated with the schools, I believe people would notice the drop-off in the level of play quickly and the popularity would wane. It would be evident just as quickly with a developmental league. I do think there's more of a need for a developmental league now than a few years ago. But I doubt it will happen because it would have trouble raising enough revenue to be worth the expense.
Ronnie from Jacksonville Beach and Section 119:
John, I won't tell you Blake Bortles is definitely going to be a franchise quarterback, but I can say he sure acts like one. #DTWD
John: Yep.
Austin from Jacksonville:
As of now, how do you envision our match up with Carolina in Week 1 going? When was the last time the Jags started off a season with a win? Wasn't it when Luke McCown started in place of Blaine Gabbert in Del Rio's last season? It could happen again ... couldn't it?
John: McCown actually opened the 2011 season as the starter in a Week 1 victory over Tennessee days after the Jaguars waived David Garrard, but yes – Gabbert did move into the starting lineup two games later. As for the 2015 opener, I like the Jaguars' matchup. That's not to say I am sure they will win; Carolina is a good team and I think the Panthers will contend for a playoff spot. But I think the Jaguars are improved and I believe they'll play well at home in Week 1.
Matt from Colorado Springs, CO:
For a guy who played quarterback in college why was Nick Marshall's showing at the combine so terrible? It was very confusing to watch. How has he since developed as a defensive back? Has he shown much progress in the last few months? And if he makes the team, would he realistically see extended playing time – or any playing time, for that matter?
John: Playing quarterback in a spread, hurry-up, multi-formation college offense such as the one Marshall ran at Auburn and playing in the NFL can be – and often are – dramatically different tasks. Though Marshall was phenomenally successful at Auburn, he was as much a runner as thrower, and never really exhibited an NFL-type arm in college. As far as his development with the Jaguars, he has shown NFL cornerback-level athletic ability, and I expect he will be on the roster this season in some capacity to let him develop. I'd be surprised if he plays an extensive cornerback role, though it wouldn't be as surprising to see him play a special teams role.
Bill from Dansville, NY:
Went to the used clothing drop off and found a nice pair of jeans. #shadricksightings
John: Actually, that's more of an O-Zone sighting.
Chuck from Baltimore, MD:
Do you think that the Jags would have any interest in picking up Ray Rice? He had several good years as a Raven and could probably be acquired with an incentive-laden contract.
John: I think the Jaguars have one of the deepest running back groups they have had in some time, and I'd be surprised if they pursue a veteran running back.
Joseph from Davie, FL:
Why don't the Jaguars and other NFL teams just play a preseason game in other countries? It seems like a good way to expand the brand while not sacrificing a game the fans want to see. I'm not sure if the average English fan really understands the significance of a regular-season game versus a preseason game. I would guess they go to the game to just get an experience for American football, which they would get with a preseason game.
John: I envision the Jaguars' European fans I've had the pleasure to meet and get to know the past two years, and I smile as I imagine their reaction reading this. They absolutely know the difference between a regular-season and preseason game. They also know the definition of a forward pass – and they even know what a "Leo" is, too.
BCB Member Chris:
I've held my tongue long enough Sir O of the Zone … all this talk about the movie remember the TITANS on a Jaguars website is making me rage slam my head into the keyboard! As a diehard faithful and team DTWD, I can't fathom enjoying even a little anything with the name titan it. Remember the titans, attack on titan, clash and wrath of the titans, titan ae! I want to have the hap-, hap-, happiest offseason since Bing Crosby danced with Danny Kay!!! HALLELUJAH! Where's the Tylenol!!! You're the man John-O!!
John: Um, Chris … you know "Remember the Titans" was about a high school team from Virginia 40-odd years ago, right? Chris … Chris?
Shawn from Mean Streets of Arlington, VA:
I guess I'm in the minority here, but I like watching the Jags play internationally in London in front of 80 thousand people once a year on my giant HDTV. Can I get a one fer?
John: I think you can get one or two mer than that.
Trey from Lovely Fruit Cove, FL:
Out at the Town Center and I watch a little ole lady wait patiently for a parking spot to open up. Then just as she was about to turn in... Whoooosh! Another car zips in from the other direction. The lady and I yelled at the guy but he just walked off to Starbucks with a smug smile on his face. Could that be the infamous JP??
John: You were there, too? #Shadricksighting
Jerrell from Columbia, SC:
It's nine wins or bust for the Jags and Bradley. I'm tired of the excuses: winning record or go home. Eight or nine years of losing are enough for a lifetime. OK, John. I am done. You can talk now.
John: Thanks for giving me the floor. Look, I understand the frustration of losing. And the people at EverBank Field want to win as badly as any Jaguars fan. But I just don't see this as a win-nine-games-or-else season. The Jaguars need to improve, and they need to show again that this building process is going in the right direction. But if they show real improvement, then make a change, what's next? Another rebuild? Another blow-it-up-and-start-over process? You need to make absolutely sure this isn't working before you sign up for another one of those.
Chris from Jacksonville:
So, I was watching Batman, and I was thinking … incredibly rich guy, lots of philanthropic efforts in their city … Shad Khan is BATMAN!
John: Shh.

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