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O-Zone: Very uncomfortable

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Darren from St. Louis (Destin, FL):
One thing I have noticed with Blake Bortles is his completion percentage is strikingly low compared to some of the top quarterbacks in the league. Is this something that will improve with his maturation process, or is it a product of the shots he takes down the field? In a perfect world, we would love to see him in the 65-70 percent range, right?
John: There is an odd undercurrent this week of people focusing more on Blake Bortles' flaws than his strengths. That's fine, I suppose, and it is part of the deal for an NFL quarterback, but remember: for the Jaguars, this season wasn't about perfect worlds. It was about figuring out if Bortles indeed could be a long-term, starting-level quarterback. I think it's safe to say the answer is yes. I don't know Bortles' ceiling, but I think it's also safe to say he can get much, much better. He has played well this season far more often than he has played poorly and while the season hasn't been a straight upward arrow, he very definitely has trended up. That was the hope; that is what the Jaguars wanted and needed to see. As far as his accuracy issues, no question they are real at times, and they probably stem both from inexperience/immaturity and the shots he takes downfield. Bortles' completion percentage almost assuredly will increase as he matures and as he and the Jaguars' coaches get a better grasp of what he does well. At the same time, he's going to be a player who takes chances – and who doesn't particularly worry about completion percentage. I doubt Bortles will ever be Seventy-Five Percent Completion Guy, but I think his accuracy and efficiency will improve as he and those around him grow.
Carson from St. Auggy:
When/if you are going to see 'Star Wars' will tell me everything I need to know about you. So?
John: What's "Star Wars?"
DUVAL DOOM from a Galaxy Far, Far Away:
So, in honor of the day, tell us your Star Wars story.
John: I once walked by a bunch of people waiting in a long line to see Star Wars. I laughed and went and watched something else.
Chris from Delray Beach, FL:
When a player waves to the sideline during a game to be replaced for a play or two – whether because he is winded, dinged up or whatever – how is that communicated to the offensive coordinator? Does it impact play-calling or do they call plays regardless of the personnel on the field? I was always curious how that whole process worked.
John: It is typically the position coach's responsibility to handle substitutions of a position group, then to make sure the coordinator is aware of the personnel on the field. How the coordinator factors in personnel when calling plays is up to the coordinator. If it's Bryan Walters in for Rashad Greene at the 45-yard-line, for example, the offensive coordinator's call likely wouldn't change dramatically. If it's Walters in for Allen Robinson at the goal line, the coordinator perhaps might slightly less inclined to call a fade to the corner against a large, physical cornerback.
Mark from Davenport, IA:
How will the Jaguars' offense change when the players' contracts expire? How long are the key players under contract?
John: The offense shouldn't change much because of expiring contracts. That's because if the players are good, the Jaguars will, you know … re-sign them.
Ed from Ponte Vedra, FL:
Off-the-wall question: Do opposing team owners attend an away game and if they do, where do they sit?
John: Opposing owners typically attend road games, and they typically sit in a luxury suite because, you know … rich people things.
Carter from St. Augustine, FL:
A.J. Cann is playing well at right guard and Zane Beadles is holding his own at left guard. With Brandon Linder returning next season and Stefen Wisniewski's struggles as of late (giving up two touchdowns on botched snaps), is Cann versatile enough to transition to center next season? P.S. KRIMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAA!!
John: We'll see how this plays out, but I'd say the odds right now are that Cann and Linder start the season at guard. I think Linder might move to the left side and allow Cann to remain on the right, but we'll see. I wouldn't rule out Beadles being involved in the mix, though that's a question for the offseason. I doubt the Jaguars want to move Cann away from an area of strength to "transition" to center; they consider the position very important along the offensive line. As for Wisniewski, whatever his future with the Jaguars I don't think it will depend on the snaps – and I really didn't think the one Sunday against the Colts was nearly as much on him as many seem to believe, anyway. And yes … absolutely … Krimma.
Jordan from Little Valley, NY:
I hope next season the Jaguars are more aggressive with two-point conversion attempts. I think we will start seeing more attempts across the league next season. What do you think?
John: I hope the Jaguars continue kicking extra points until a two-yard play is more automatic than it is now. I don't think you'll see a substantial increase in extra points because coaches still believe you should make a 32- or 33-yard field goal consistently. Usually.
Keith from Miami, FL:
I'm sorry if this has been asked before and answered. I must've missed it, but has anyone asked Gus Bradley why he doesn't go for two more often if Jason Myers is struggling so much on the extra point?
John: Because you don't expect your kicker to miss extra points. Usually.
Jordan from Little Valley, NY:
Do you remember when Gus Bradley pulled Doug Marrone into his office to talk? I believe it was the week of the Bills game. Whatever advice that was exchanged I believe to be the turning point of the season.
John: Nah, don't overthink it. The Jaguars are indeed 4-3 since the London game, but it wasn't about advice exchange between Marrone and Gus Bradley. The Jaguars have matured a bit since then, and are playing better to go along with that maturity. Besides, Marrone and Bradley work in the same building. They've had more than one conversation this season, and presumably more than one has taken place in Bradley's office.
Michael from Gainesville, FL:
Given Shad Khan's obvious commitment to Jacksonville, it is almost comical for folks to continue to suggest he will relocate the team to London. But why there is such a financial windfall to the Jaguars for being that home team? Is it simply the merchandising and gate revenue to the sold-out games, or is the league sweetening the pot for us in particular for being the vanguard in this endeavor?
John: It's gate revenue and it's sponsorship money. It's significant.
Joe from Jacksonville:
Jerry Sullivan is cool receivers like him.
John: Good ones who are professional, willing to listen and willing to work do … yes. That's why this current group of Jaguars receivers like him very much.
Andrew from Jacksonville:
The Jaguars have scored more points through 13 games than the Colts, Ravens, Falcons, Saints, Eagles, Broncos, Packers, Cowboys and Packers. Sunday may have had something to do with that, but if you had told me that would be true at the beginning of the season, I would tell you it's going to be a good year.
John: The Jaguars' offensive improvement is marked. The points are one example, and so is the fact that the team has moved consistently between the 20s all season. This offense is functional where it wasn't functional before. We absolutely know that much about this team and that's a significant step.
Perry from Orange Park, FL:
You've been saying for a while now that it's more important to win games than it is to secure a higher draft pick. I've always disagreed, but have now seen the light! Watching this team win is fun! And having faith in Dave to find players no matter where we draft feels pretty good too!
John: #DTWD
Frank from Knoxville, TN:
Hey Zone. Great article on Blake, but you left out one of his best attributes. The beard game is definitely on point. Vastly better than that other young stud quarterback the division.
John: #Beardgame
Eden from Hilton Head, SC:
Do you think Telvin Smith could win Defensive Player of the Year? His stats really show he should win it.
John: For the entire league? No, I do not believe Smith can win that. That sort of award usually goes to someone with a higher profile. I don't doubt that he could win such an award eventually, but not this season.
John Paul from James Point, FL:
Zone, there is a great uncomfortablity amongst Jags Fans and we need an answer. What does JP stand for ? Is it Jason Pierre or is it Jaguars Prodigy or maybe even Jon'Derrick Poz? Please Zone, help our comfortability level.
John: Just pie.

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