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O-Zone: Wasting away

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Brandon from London, Ontario:
Hey, O: It still amazes me that Allen Hurns went undrafted. What was it the scouts didn't see in him that they would think he wouldn't turn into the player he is today? Reppin' the Jag love from Canada!
John: Hurns was a productive wide receiver at the University of Miami who in retrospect obviously should have been drafted in 2014. He was a go-to, reliable player in a major conference – and he also had a work ethic that would have made him a safe late-round selection. But when NFL teams scout college players they typically look for some measurable trait that sets them apart from other draft-able players. Hurns wasn't a "measurable" guy in terms of size or speed. That keeps you from being drafted, but it doesn't preclude you from being a really good player.
Michael from Jax Beach:
Season-ticket holder from Day One. I lived in New Jersey and drove to home games during four-year period 1995-1998 until the wife and I moved to Jax in 1999. Missed one home game during those four years. True story. Your thoughts?
John: You're either ridiculous or impressive. Probably both.
JV from Iowa:
Is Shoelace ok? Something doesn't add up with his recent incident. Neither he nor his passenger woke up when they hit the water? And when the cop tried to wake him, he started falling back asleep? Doesn't sound normal. Help us make sense of this, O.
John: You're speaking about an incident early Sunday morning in which Jaguars running back Denard Robinson apparently drove into a retention pond on Jacksonville's Southside. Robinson according to a police report "opened his eyes and went back to sleep" when officers knocked on the window to wake him and his passenger. The car at this point was submerged on the driver's side. Police determined that Robinson was not impaired and he therefore was not cited. It's without question an odd situation, but your assessment that "even if you're tired you don't fall back asleep so fast" isn't necessarily accurate. A final thought that seems pertinent in this instance: I don't know how much sense I can make of the situation without details beyond the police report, but I do know oddness doesn't mean guilt.
B from Jax Beach:
As a professional coach, (not football) I'm constantly amazed by readers' insistence that Gus Bradley needs to shift his focus to winning with his players. Each game is made up of plays, both offensively and defensively. Each play is made up of players executing on their particular duties within those plays. Coaches spend their time in these areas as well as making sure they have the best players in place to make those plays. Excellent execution results in positive plays, which results in defensive stops, takeaways and offensive scores. I'd love to hear the theory of teaching the whole (winning) without spending time on the details of the plays involved. "Do your job!!" What say you, O-Man?
John: I say I'd like to hear that theory, too. It's probably not as well-thought out or as sounded out as yours.
Gerald from Hilliard, FL:
With a faster-tempo offense do you think Allen Robinson has a chance to break Calvin Johnson's single-season record of 1,964 yards?
John: I highly doubt it, and I'm not sure it would be all that great for the Jaguars if Robinson were to get in range of that record. The Jaguars would like to be more efficient running the ball this season and would also like to get players such as Julius Thomas, Marqise Lee and Rashad Greene more involved offensively. If that happens, Robinson probably won't get as many passes thrown his way as last season. He may not match the numbers he put up last season, but that's OK. He still can be very good and the Jaguars' offense would be better for it.
Rick from Annandale, VA:
O, what's the greatest rock-and-roll song of all time? For me, it has to be an epic hit by an epic band that transcends time. Gotta be "Stairway To Heaven."
John: Stairway certainly is up there using your parameters, as is "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones. As for singular moments, "You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC and "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses are difficult to beat.
Naela from Duval County:
Hello! So, I've been a big Jaguar fan for over 10 years but I've only recently become a football fan (if that makes sense). As such I've started reading O-Zone as to avoid offseason withdrawals. I've been perusing through years of O-Zone articles and have gotten the impression that Tony Boselli isn't your favorite person. Curious minds want to know. Why?
John: He knows. That's what matters.
Jon from Brentwood, UK:
So, John, with your man Federer having shown World No. 1 Djokovic how a comeback from 2 sets down should be done, what's your prediction for Roger's progress in the tournament?
John: Roger Federer indeed pulled off one of the most memorable victories of a memorable career Wednesday, beating Marin Cilic after being down 2-0 in the Wimbledon quarterfinals. I think he gets past Miles Raonic on Friday in the semifinals, but I can't see him beating Andy Murray on Sunday. I hope I'm wrong. We'll see.
Jared from O-Town:
I don't understand all of these questions about the coaches lately. Would you agree that coaches winning at the NFL level is more about the players than the plays? Seems to me that in order to get the top job, you must have proved you can motivate, develop, and game-plan. A lot of people will probably point to Belichick as one of the great current coaches. Take Tom Brady away and he's only a .450 coach in those games. Players. Not plays.
John: Pretty much.
Thomas from Fernandina Beach, FL:
Please tell me you did not just admit in print that Prisco is right?!?!? His head is huge as it is. O-Man, what were you thinking?
John: When it came to the NFL expanding to Jacksonville, Pete Prisco was remarkably right remarkably often. And actually, it doesn't matter whether or not you admit Prisco is right. Either way, he's going to believe it – even when facts indicate otherwise.
Mike from Des Moines, IA:
I don't think enough people realize how much music exists because of Prince. It isn't just Prince songs. He wrote Manic Monday, and he is credited with producing and writing my favorite Morris Day and the Time song, "Jungle Love." He was so prolific at creating hit songs that he gave hit songs away. Let that sink in. The world was a better place with Prince in it.
John: And never, ever forget Sheena Easton's Sugar Walls. Never. Ever.
Nolan from St. Augustine, FL:
Mr. O, how often do you think Rashad Greene will be on the field this year? It sounds like Marqise Lee is expected to have a big year. Does Lee become our go-to slot wide receiver? If so, does that bump Greene to mostly punt return duties?
John: I don't know that this situation has played out yet and I think we'll learn more in training camp and preseason. If I had to guess, I'd say Greene will be the slot receiver a lot on third-down situations with Julius Thomas at tight end and Allen Hurns/Allen Robinson on the outside; that feels like the Jaguars' most reliable third-down package. I'd say we'll see a lot of Lee on earlier downs with Hurns moving into the slot and Robinson and Lee on the outside.
David from Orlando, FL:
O-Zone, when you pass Shad Khan in the hallway, does he: A, Gleefully shout "Johnny-O! Slap me some skin!" B, introduce himself, forgetting that you've already met; or, C, get a puzzled look before asking you "What are you still doing here?"
John: Yes.
Duval Doom from Section 117:
After the Tampa trip last season, where BCB showed up in force (I think 1,500-2,000 Jags fans went) there was a lot of Twitter discussion about a Florida division, with Atlanta thrown in for good measure. I wasn't crazy about ever leaving the Titans, because the day we start owning them will be a sweet day, but I definitely saw the merit in "geographic divisions" for building rivalry and filling stadiums. In that spirit I'd happily give up Indy for the Dolphins or Bucs. With some NFL crowds shrinking, do you think divisions with closer geography – and therefore a greater chance of opposing fans making a road trip – are likely?
John: This isn't something I see coming in the next few years. If NFL crowds indeed shrink in the coming seasons, then yes … a more geographically-based alignment would make sense.
Charlie from Charlotte, NC:
Shadrick, Boselli and Sexton walk into a restaurant. Who pays??
John: Probably Shadrick. From the looks of things, Boselli and Sexton haven't eaten in months.

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