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O-Zone: Whel, whel, whel...

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Ed from Atlantic Beach, FL:
I never support losing home games to London. Now, we're playing a divisional opponent there. We only get three opportunities to watch division action at home. Now, that's out the window. I understand Mr. Khan's logic and the perceived benefit to play in London but enough is enough. I can't be the only fan that has this view. Does he care what we think?
John: Jaguars Owner Shad Khan absolutely cares what fans think, and as evidenced by the dramatic improvements everywhere around this franchise and stadium in recent years, he just as absolutely cares about the Jaguars and about Jacksonville. What he particularly cares about is making the Jaguars financially viable in Jacksonville for the long term. While many fans remain understandably irritated by this notion, the game in London is key to doing that. My impression after this week's NFL 2016 Annual Meetings is more and more smaller-market teams will follow the Jaguars' lead and try to create overseas revenue streams by playing home games there. I expect this approach to be part of the NFL's future, and I expect history to see the Jaguars as a trendsetter on this front rather than an outlier. So, whatever the perception of the benefits of London, the reality is they are enough that the Jaguars will be playing a home game there for the foreseeable future.
Andrew from Panama City Beach, FL:
When can we expect the humor to begin?
John: Fair point.
Dwayne from Pike Road:
Most analysts believe the Jags have answered the call for a better secondary by signing Tashaun Gipson and Prince Amukamara. I think they still need competition there with Jalen Ramsey. I think they can pass on Myles Jack and get a second-round guy like Reggie Ragland from Alabama or Antonio Morrison from Florida. What are your thoughts?
John: Jalen Ramsey would be a good selection – and if he is there at No. 5, the Jaguars absolutely may take him. As for passing on Myles Jack … sure, that could happen. Still, a team drafting Ragland or Morrison in the second round is not doing so with the same expectations they would have if selecting Jack at No. 5 overall.
Jim from Neptune Beach, FL:
Greg Hardy? Any chance?
John: Stop.
Stephen from Jacksonville:
Still a free agent, do you think Stefen Wisniewski could return to the Jaguars next season? Is there a scenario where his return is possible?
John: Stefen Wisniewski returning is possible because General Manager David Caldwell said this week the door is not closed on the issue, but I wouldn't at all call it a good possibility. Every indication is Brandon Linder will start at center next season with A.J. Cann at a guard and Jermey Parnell at right tackle. Kelvin Beachum and Luke Joeckel will compete at left tackle, with one starting at tackle and the other quite likely starting at guard.
Perry from Orange Park, FL:
There has been a lot of talk about Joey Bosa and Noah Spence, but what about Shaq Lawson? He seems the most athletic of the three with a fantastic motor to boot. Any chance he gets a look at No. 5?
John: No. 5 seems high for Shaq Lawson at this stage.
Pedal Bin from Farnborough, Hampshire:
Mr. Mighty O: I keep saying London is not the United Kingdom. London is our capital and there are Jags fans from all over the UK. Remember Joe from Wales who gave you the Policeman's Helmet? He's from Wales, not London! The Jaguars are gathering a following throughout all of the UK and Ireland not just London. DTWD!
John: You are correct and I am incorrect. This is not surprising and stems more from my overall ineptitude/ignorance than my feelings toward the United Kingdom.
Benjamin from Jacksonville:
If you are wearing the general-manager trousers (because you're the general manager, not because you stole Dave's pants) and the first four picks are Laremy Tunsil, Carson Wentz, Jalen Ramsey, and Joey Bosa who would you pick with the fifth overall selection in the 2016 NFL Draft?
John: Myles Jack.
Jaguar Al from Motor City, MI:
O-Man, we are reading a lot about Luke Joeckel possibly moving to left guard. Does he have the skill set and the body type to be successful at that position?
John: That's a legitimate question – and if Beachum wins the starting left-tackle position, my guess is we're going to find out the answer.
Brian from Staten Island, NY:
John, every time there is a delay in posting the O-Zone, I get this anxious, nauseating feeling the likes of which you've never seen. It's like a big, black cloud hanging over me until I finally see the light that is the daily O-Zone. If only I could put this angst and pent-up energy in things that are actually important, I would be unstoppable.
John: Perhaps I can ease your anxiety. While the O-Zone streak will not last forever, it won't "just stop." I almost certainly would let someone know in advance. Unless I'm dead. Then I won't care.
Alexa from Tallahassee, FL:
In your opinion, who has been the worst Jaguars draft pick and why?
John: I'd have to go with Blaine Gabbert because trading up into the Top 10 for a quarterback who doesn't work out does long-term damage other first-round misses can't match. But I'd be willing to listen to arguments. Goodness knows there are many.
Michael from Jacksonville:
Who do you think will be the front four on the defensive line this year; who will be situational?
John: The accurate answer is the entire defensive line will be situational because this line is going to rotate a lot of players and have a lot of players shifting roles. What I assume you want to know is who will be listed on the depth chart as starting on the defensive front. I imagine that will be Jared Odrick, Roy Miller, Malik Jackson and Dante Fowler Jr. That means Sen'Derrick Marks, Tyson Alualu, Ryan Davis, Abry Jones, Michael Bennett, etc., would be situational – though in this situation really important would substitute nicely for "situational."
Bob from Sumter, SC:
One fer the Monte Kiffin hire. Makes perfect sense to add experience with a first-year defensive coordinator.
John: I'm fer the Kiffin hire, too, but I wouldn't slant this hiring as the Jaguars wanting Kiffin because of Wash's "inexperience." Yes, Kiffin's eyes and ears have seen and heard more football than a lot of people will forget, but this hiring would have made the same sense whatever the experience level of the coordinator.
Robert from Elkton:
Before free agency began, ranked the Top 99 free agents. The Jags signed five of the Top 40. If you looked at it by draft order, that would be two first-rounders (No. 1 and No. 20), and three second-rounders (No. 33, No. 36 and No. 40). I know fans are going to fan ... but really? How could anyone expect more than this?
John: You can't dismiss fans fanning by simply saying "I know fans are going to fan," then acting as fans just "sort of fan." When fans fan – and they certainly do fan – they really fan. But yeah … the Jaguars hit free agency about as hard, deep and expensively as anyone could rationally expect. Not that rationally expecting things or doing anything reasonably at all applies to, you know, fans.
Aaron from Chantilly, VA:
John – let's say Bortles throws only 10 picks this year (eight less than last year) and the offense cuts its three and outs by half, how much does the defense stats go up by that alone? Regardless of the offseason pickups, Day One should we expect a better Defense?
John: Yes.
Camron from Orlando, FL:
Hey, John, I am supremely underwhelmed by the Jags signings this offseason. Malik Jackson isn't proven: he had one great playoff run, and now he has signed a $90 million deal? Unless it's J.J. Watt, defensive linemen are NOT worth that much. The Prince signing I'm OK with (since it's a prove-it deal), but I don't understand why there wouldn't have been a push for someone more reliable/better, such as a Sean Smith. The punter we got isn't better than Anger, and Chris Ivory is being supremely overpaid (although I love him as a player). I liked bringing back Chad Henne, Ryan Davis, and Marcedes Lewis. I loved the Tashaun Gibson signing and thought that bringing in Kelvin Beachum was a very good idea. All that being said, $90 mil for a freaking DT? Wow.
John: I'm sorry you're underwhelmed. My hope was everyone would have at least been whelmed by the Jaguars' free-agent signings, but … 'twas not to be. Honestly, though, it's rare for teams to get everything they want in free agency and there isn't often much to choose from in free agency … so considering you liked Henne, Davis, Lewis, Gipson, Ivory and Beachum … I'd say maybe you were actually … whelmed!

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