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O-Zone: Who mentioned who?

JACKSONVILLE -- Let's get to it . . . Timothy from Muncie, IN:
Enough already with the whatever-rhymes-with-O questions and answers. It has gotten ridiculous. Back to football. When you look at the Jaguars, what gives you hope about this season?
John: Indeed it is enough already. Because while I'd love to point out that if I was a power hitter from Japanese baseball lore, I could call it the Sadaharu Oh-Zone, it's indeed time to move on from a worn-out gag. Now, at last, that's in our rearview. As for your question, I think what gives me hope is this: the Jaguars seem to have a synchronized vision of where they want to go, and that means Gus Bradley and David Caldwell being in lockstep. They were hired at essentially the same time in January, and I've always thought that's a good situation. The duo typically seem to agree on football matters and share the same vision. I already can hear some readers, "John! You mean it hasn't been that way in the past?" Well, in the past, leadership wanted the same thing, but in retrospect, could just never get in lockstep for whatever reason. Now, it feels different. Shad Khan has been the owner for a year now and he feels good about his coaching/GM combination. He feels good about the business side. None of that guarantees anything, but as I've mentioned here lately, it does increase the percentages of success, and you get the feeling being around the Jaguars these days are going to have a better feeling than recent seasons.
Jim from Gainesville, FL:
Watching the Ace Sanders video, I realized that Jeff Lageman is quite the biology expert. I now also want to go see those tigers in Africa.
John: I did more than watch the Ace Sanders video. I listened. And because I did, I realized that the person interviewing Sanders was J.P. Shadrick.
John from Orange Park, FL:
I haven't heard David Caldwell or Gus Bradley talk much about the special teams. How do you think they feel about the specialists?
John: There's not a lot to dislike about Bryan Anger and/or Josh Scobee if you're a coach or general manager. I don't know that Caldwell would have selected Anger in the third round – in fact, I'd bet he wouldn't – but he and Bradley have to like having a young punter with that sort of hang time and distance. Anger's future, however, you feel about where he was drafted, is bright. As for Scobee, again – not a lot to not like. There may be some holes getting filled in a lot of areas, but punter and kicker are in good shape.
Squints from Jacksonville:
Two words... ROAR lifeguards!!!
John: I'll get back to you.
Owen from Waycross, GA:
I just watched the Rookie 101 with Ace Sanders. During the interview, J.P. asked where he would like to vacation. Sanders said South Africa. J.P. then asked if he was a safari guy, and would like to see elephants and tigers . . . Please inform J.P. that there are no tigers in Africa.
John: I suppose next you're going to tell me that wasn't Lageman in that video . . . C'mon, OWEN!! I mean, 'Cmon, man!!!
Renee from Jacksonville Beach and Section 104:
Please tell me that the negotiations for the swimming pool(s) included criteria/rules on proper attire, etc., because you know spandex should have a weight limit. Go Jags!
John: Here's hoping that the first rule is that there are no rules.
Tudor from St. Augustine, FL:
I know you didn't just agree with Laurie about LeBron. Game 6 was rigged, and had those penalties against Ginobili and Green been committed against James there would be 20 refs calling fouls. No, LeBron can't get it done. He needed the refs once again to bail him out. The Miami Heat are a corrupt joke. Had 6 been called fair, there wouldn't even have been a Game 7.
John: I did agree with Laurie. I must say I wasn't invested enough in the NBA Finals to match your passion in this discussion. I'm not a huge LeBron James fan. I watch most of the Finals games pulling for the Spurs, because I have come to like Tim Duncan. James seemed to make big plays in Game 6 and Game 7, and he seems to be a deciding victory. Big fan or not, he seemed to get it done.
Paul from Jacksonville:
I can't wait for next year when they announce the plans for putting a dome on the stadium.
John: Yeah, I don't see that. These renovations/enhancements announced this week are pretty significant, and will give the stadium a strikingly updated feel. I don't know that there will be a mad rush for more any time soon.
Jared from Downtown O-Town:
What does Jaxson do to keep himself busy during the offseason? Is he allowed to use the facilities to stay in shape? I know he's getting up there in age and wouldn't want to see him pull a hammy during the season.
John: That cat knows where to find me.
Clint from Victoria, BC:
I think Gratz and Trufant should start at corner with Mike Harris at nickel. Alan Ball in the mix? Really? Is it just because he's 6-feet-2 or is he showing flashes in practice? Also, how is Brandon Marshall looking at linebacker? He was a mid-round pick and seems to have all the attributes, yet you never hear about him. Speaking of "never hearing about," is Jason Spitz alive or is he just pretend?
John: I see Marcus Trufant probably at the nickel, and probably as the top guy there entering the preseason. Ball is in the mix for starting corner because right now, he's the best player for the position. Right now. I've said all throughout the offseason that could be a spot where another veteran is acquired off waivers – not because Ball can't start, but because I expect the Jaguars to keep adding veterans during training camp and preseason and Gratz seems entrenched as the starter on the other side. It seems Marshall will have to win a roster spot in training camp, and yes, Jason Spitz is very, very real. He is currently working as a reserve interior offensive lineman.
Andre from Vanceboro, NC:
John, are you truly saying this is the no mo'-Zone? Say it ain't so-Zone.
John: Oh, it is so. It's time.
Jim from Jacksonville:
Will the pools only be accessible for high end ticket holders, or will any fan be able to enjoy the new "game day experience?
John: . . . to be determined.
Marshall from Section 106 and Jacksonville:
Can you explain how sixty thousand or more fans are going to fit in a pool during half-time? Will there be life guards available?
John: There will be lifeguards. I don't think all 60,000 fans will be in the pool. At least not at once.
Eric from Camp Pendleton, CA:
Don't get me wrong, I love all the upgrades coming to the stadium. But there is one thing that is missing that makes a football game and that is the flyover. Hardly anyone admits it but the chills that a flyover sends through a person can't be substituted by anything. Bring em back John, bring em back.
John: Actually, a lot of people admit it. A lot. That one, I'm afraid, is out of the Jaguars' control, and no one around here doesn't want the flyovers.
Jim from Edgewater, FL:
Are you going to do the O-Zone from the new pool when it is built?
John: The question is not if, but when. Another question is not if, but how dressed? It is literally rich with possibility.
Chris from Mandarin, FL:
Will the new training areas be finished in time for training camp? If not, does this put the Jaguars at a disadvantage in terms of preparation?
John: They are expected to be ready for training camp. As was the case last offseason with the locker rooms, it has been intense project – as is typically the case with major construction projects – but they appear likely to be ready by late July. If not? No, it doesn't put the Jaguars at a disadvantage. They have been training throughout the offseason. There are plenty of facilities at EverBank that can be used if the new training areas aren't completed.
Mandy from Jacksonville:
Is Jaxson de Ville walking around with his whiskers held a little higher after schooling Mr. Copy & Paste Mike Florio? Of course, schooling Mikey is about as difficult as punching through a wet paper bag. Even though, could you please tell the Cat that Jags fans are still proud of him? Can't wait until this team shuts people like poor little Mikey up for good. But I'm sure people that schooled like that will always dump on the Jags.
John: Jaxson was feeling pretty good about himself late last week – and deservedly so. As for Mike Florio, he does a great job. His website is very popular.
Trey from Jacksonville:
Is that why you mention Tebow every day? For page views?
John: Do you see the irony in your question?

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