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Quick thoughts: Eagles 29, Jaguars 21

Quick-Thoughts-Post Game

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Senior writer John Oehser, senior correspondent Brian Sexton and team reporter Ashlyn Sullivan offer quick thoughts on the Jaguars' 29-21 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in a 2022 Week 4 game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pa., Sunday

John Oehser, Jaguars Senior Writer

  1. No panic. The Jaguars lost a couple of things at the Linc Sunday – a game to the Eagles and the momentum of an impressive two-game winning streak. What they – and their fans – shouldn't have lost is hope, because there's no reason the difficult three quarters that turned an encouraging Jaguars start Sunday into an ugly loss should be a trend. "No panic, no panic," Jaguars safety Rayshawn Jenkins said. "We'll go back in the lab tomorrow, clean it up and we'll be back to what we've been doing." The Jaguars showed good things early Sunday – many of the same things they showed in victories over the Indianapolis Colts and Los Angeles Chargers the last two weeks. They lost their way with two second-quarter turnovers, and that morphed into a five-turnover game for quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Those takeaways, along with not being able to stop the Eagles' run-pass-option runs over the middle of the line, enabled the Eagles to quickly turn a 14-0 deficit into a 20-14 lead. It was the sort of quick-shock turnaround, and the Jaguars wilted in really difficult conditions against a really good team Sunday. That's not unusual for a young team learning its way. "We're going to be good," Head Coach Doug Pederson said late in his post-game press conference. "We'll be OK." Pederson won't panic over this. Jaguars observers shouldn't, either.
  2. They giveth, they taketh away. Considering Lawrence's five lost turnovers – four lost fumbles and an interception – the post-game focus must be there. The Jaguars entered Sunday leading the NFL with a plus-seven turnover differential – eight takeaways and one giveaway. The Eagles were plus-five there and dominated the area Sunday. Lawrence's turnovers led to three Eagles touchdowns and a field goal. His lone interception ended a potential go-ahead drive in the red zone in the third quarter. His final lost fumble came on the first play of the Jaguars' final drive with Eagles leading by eight points. That's too many points given away in too many situations to beat a team as good as the Eagles on the road. "Anytime you make the mistakes we did, turned the ball over like we did where we turned the ball over, you're not going to keep good teams out of the end zone," Pederson said. "That was really the difference in the ball game."

Brian Sexton, Jaguars Senior Correspondent…

  1. Bullied on Broad Street. The Eagles were on their heels until Lawrence's first fumble. Once that ended a drive that could have – and should have – added points to a 14-0 lead, Philadelphia was a different team. The Eagles used screens to put the Jaguars on their heels, then used a punishing running game to beat the Jaguars down the field for the first rushing touchdown allowed by the Jaguars' defense in 2022. The Eagles did it again on the next drive in almost the exact same rhythm, with quarterback Jalen Hurts scoring Eagles' second rushing touchdown in as many drives. A few plays later, after Lawrence's second fumble, the Jaguars knew what was coming but were powerless to stop it and looked nothing like the No. 1-ranked run defense that flew to Pennsylvania for this game. The Eagles ran 50 times Sunday, the most ever against the Jaguars, for 210 yards and four touchdowns. It was troubling to watch.
  2. What do you call a meltdown in a maelstrom? Weather notwithstanding, the Jaguars melted down Sunday. Lawrence, the AFC Offensive Player of the Week for Week 3, fumbled four times and got greedy in the red zone when he tried to force it to wide receiver Christian Kirk instead of dumping it off to wide receiver Jamal Agnew who might have scored. He was responsible for all five turnovers, and I doubt anyone watching him the last two weeks would have thought that was possible. Those five plays alone are enough to lose a game but when you have dropped passes from key contributors such as Kirk and wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr., missed blocks, missed tackles and senseless penalties you have absolutely no chance against a team as good as the Eagles. I'm sure we'll see the good Jaguars again. Hopefully we don't see this version of the bad Jaguars.

Ashlyn Sullivan, Jaguars Team Reporter…

  1. No excuses. That was the most miserable game I've ever watched from the sidelines. Yes, I'm a very dramatic person, but players were putting thermals on at halftime because it was so cold and no one expected the rain to be like it was: Nonstop, pelting you in the face. Kirk after the game said he didn't want to use the weather as an excuse for losing, but he did say it was very difficult to get anything going on offense and the Jags had trouble holding onto the ball with the rain. This team will be more prepared for these conditions next time around because it seemed to catch them by surprise Sunday.
  2. Don't win this way. You cannot cough up five turnovers and win. And you certainly can't do that against the hottest team in the NFL. The second half just felt out of reach, like the Jaguars couldn't get any momentum. That feeling aside, the Jaguars managed to make this a one-possession game late in the fourth quarter despite Lawrence playing his worst game of the season. The Jaguars still are tied for the AFC South lead and they're still .500. The show goes on.

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