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REGGIE BARLOW fourth-round draft choice 5-11, 185, Alabama state

3I feel I can run precise routes and I know I can catch the ball in my hands and run good routes with good body control. I just want to be able to get a little more upper body strength and be able to fight off the tough cornerbacks.2

(on opportunity on being a punt or kick returner) 3Coach Coughlin and the coaches have told me that, and if that is one of the things they would like me to do is to return punts and kickoffs, I1m willing to anything that will help out the Jacksonville Jaguars. I just look forward to coming in, and if punt returning and kick returning will help the team, I1ll do it to the best of my ability.2

(on fastest 40 time) 3In my individual workouts, I was clocked a 4.45.

(are you happy where you were drafted?) 3I can1t complain with this year1s draft being so deep on receivers. I have been hearing I would go anywhere from the second to fourth rounds, with most people saying maybe the third round. But, after all, it turned out good. I get to go to a fine team, a fine establishment. Just to be able to play the game of football is important.2


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