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Ronnie Harrison - Tuesday, July 30, 2019

(On what the difference is for him coming into training camp this season) "Like you said, it's different. Last year I was kind of just trying to see where I was fitting in to this defense. This year, it's kind of clear cut where I'm at, at strong safety, so I'm just trying to come in and work hard every day first off, earn the trust of everybody that's been out there playing. I'm just trying to show them that I'm ready, staying in my playbook, training hard, studying the plays. Just trying to get it all down, attacking every day like it's a game." 

(On if he gained what he needed to last season learning from veterans) "Yeah, definitely. [Barry] Church and 'Gip' [Tashaun Gipson], they were two blessings to me. They accepted me last year. They didn't have to do that. They taught me they playbook, taught me the game a lot, gave me a lot of tips and stuff like that, so I just tried to soak it all in as best as I could for this year, and I felt like that helped me out a lot."

(On how young players such as Breon Borders making plays has impacted the competition in camp) "It just keeps everybody hungry. We're still competing. Nobody's spot is solidified. We're competing, this is training camp, everybody's fighting for a spot, so with them making plays like that it just brings energy to the room. It makes it exciting. It makes going to practice fun."

(On if the defensive backs room is young) "Yeah, yeah it's definitely pretty young. I'm in my second year, Dub [Jarrod Wilson] is in I think his fourth year. It's both of our first years starting, so we're a very young room, got a lot of rookies in there. A lot of inexperienced guys, but a lot of talent as well."

(On how he thinks him and Wilson complement each other) "I think we do a great job. Both of us are kind of heady guys, we play above the neck. We're very smart, we communicate well together. We kind of have the similar tools that we both can come and cover down on the tight ends or in the slot, can roam in the middle of the field, so I think we're paired well together."