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(on what it¹s like to be a Jaguar) ³I think it¹s great. I really like the city. I had fun when I was down there on my visit. They have fine facilities. I¹m just anxious to get down there and get going.²

(on being picked in the second round) ³I¹m not really surprised. I knew it was going to be a longshot coming into the draft. There¹s some great competition out there, a lot of great players. And there¹s a lot of good players left. I was fortunate and blessed that I was chosen as high as I was.²

(on his size as it relates to playing defensive end in the NFL) ³I feel like I can get to the size the organization thinks I need to play at. I feel great. I¹ll do whatever I have to do to get the job done.²

(on filling the Jaguars¹ need for a pass rusher) ³I feel like I can provide the pass rush they¹re looking for. I¹m going to do everything in my power to get myself ready, both physically and mentally, to succeed at that job. It makes me feel good that I¹ll be depended upon, and I think that¹s going to make me push myself and raise my level that much more.²

(on adding spice to the Jaguars¹ defense) ³I feel like I¹m an impact player and that I can be an added addition to the defense.²

(on getting injured at his private workout) ³It was the three-cone drill, the first drill that I was involved in. I turned my right ankle. I don¹t know if it really hindered me in regard to my draft position. It hindered me in my practice, but I don¹t know how much effect it had on the guys that were there to watch me work out. I tried to come back and do the best I could to finish the workout for them. ³

(on his best 40-yard dash time) ³I ran a 4.63 and a 4.75 the day of the workout.²

(on the type of player he is) ³I consider myself an aggressive player. I play attack-style defense, and feel like I can be very aggressive.²

(on the gap between him and Illinois DE Simeon Rice in draft position) ³I just feel like the experience level, him playing in more games than I did, him being a little older. I feel like I can be as good a player as him. I¹m not sure how good he actually is. We¹ve been through some of the same situations going through college. This is just a different level going to the NFL. Some guys can adapt, and some guys can¹t. I hope to be on the positive side of that.²

(on coming out of college early) ³It was going to take me another half a year to a year to finish school, and I was still going to be in the same predicament as to whether I was going to finish school or try to further my career. I talked to my parents, and they were very influential in my decision.²

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