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Videos - December 2018

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2018-12-02 Jaguars Weekend: Indianapolis Colts
2018-12-02 D.J. Hayden makes leaping grab to pick off Andrew Luck
2018-12-02 Myles Jack snags fumble caused by Telvin Smith
2018-12-02 Ramsey offers Luck a hand up, then pulls it back
2018-12-02 Calais Campbell hugs Luck for an 8-yard loss
2018-12-02 Marrone: "We kept working"
2018-12-02 Smith: "We locked in and did our jobs"
2018-12-02 Colts vs. Jaguars highlights | Week 13
2018-12-02 Harrison: "We knew we had to make a play"
2018-12-02 Campbell: "We're not done yet"
2018-12-02 Marrone: "Pitched a shutout!"
2018-12-02 Jaguars Postgame: Jaguars 6, Colts 0
2018-12-03 Jags Drive Time: Monday, December 3
2018-12-03 Marrone: "We're back to trying to win a game"
2018-12-03 Marrone: "My mind's on Tennessee"
2018-12-03 Zone Blitz: Winning Feeling, Franchise Best and Nashville Bound
2018-12-04 Jaguars Happy Hour: Monday, December 3
2018-12-04 Sounds of the Game: Indianapolis Colts
2018-12-04 Jags Drive Time: Tuesday, December 4
2018-12-04 Gipson: "Now we're just playing football"
2018-12-04 Ramsey: "I'm not motivated by external things"
2018-12-04 Kessler: "It's tough on a short week"
2018-12-04 Smith: "It's a mental game at this time of year"
2018-12-04 Inside a Minute: It's a mental game
2018-12-04 Campbell: "Each week it gets a little bit harder"
2018-12-05 Jags Wired: Shutting out the Colts
2018-12-05 Mic'DD Up: Calais Campbell
2018-12-05 Jaguars Happy Hour: Tuesday, December 4
2018-12-05 Jags Drive Time: Wednesday, December 5
2018-12-05 Jaguars Happy Hour: Wednesday, December 5
2018-12-06 Inside A Minute: Tennessee Titans
2018-12-07 Kessler squeezes pass by former USC teammate Adoree' Jackson for first down
2018-12-07 Cameron Batson's muffed punt mishap results in safety
2018-12-07 Kessler floats sideline toss to Westbrook for 23 yards
2018-12-07 Can't-Miss Play: Westbrook pirouettes for spectacular toe-drag TD
2018-12-07 Kessler: "The guys want to win"
2018-12-07 Marrone: "Heavily disappointed"
2018-12-07 Ramsey: "They showed up to play and we didn't"
2018-12-07 Campbell: "We didn't play good enough"
2018-12-07 Cole: "We definitely give it our all"
2018-12-07 Jaguars Postgame: Titans 30, Jaguars 9
2018-12-10 Jags Drive Time: Monday, December 10
2018-12-10 Blake Bortles: Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee
2018-12-10 Mic'DD Up: Jalen Ramsey
2018-12-10 Zone Blitz: What Happened, QB Kessler and Prideful Playing
2018-12-11 Drive Time: Tuesday, December 11
2018-12-11 All Access: D.J. Hayden
2018-12-11 Sounds of the Game: Titans in Prime Time!
2018-12-11 Jaguars Happy Hour: Monday, December 10
2018-12-12 Jags Wired: Titans in Prime Time
2018-12-12 Jags Drive Time: Wednesday, December 12
2018-12-12 Jackson: "We watched a lot of tape"
2018-12-12 Jones: "It's impressive to watch"
2018-12-12 Kessler: "The extra time was valuable"
2018-12-12 Inside a Minute: Hoping for more
2018-12-13 Jags Drive Time: Thursday, December 13
2018-12-13 Milanovich: "I'd like that one back"
2018-12-13 Inside a Minute: He's the man
2018-12-13 Wash: "He's a quality quarterback"
2018-12-14 Jags Drive Time: Friday, December 14
2018-12-14 Jaguars Happy Hour: Thursday, December 13
2018-12-14 Gameday Grub: Shrimp Tempura Sushi
2018-12-14 What's Up at the Bank: Washington Redskins
2018-12-14 Jaguars FAQ: Washington Redskins
2018-12-14 Doug Marrone Show: Thursday, December 13
2018-12-14 Zone Blitz: Finding Offense, Handled Defense and Win for Jax
2018-12-14 Film Room Friday: Washington Redskins
2018-12-15 Every team's greatest game-winning touchdown
2018-12-16 Jaguars Weekend: Washington Redskins
2018-12-16 Jaguars Trending: Washington Redskins
2018-12-16 Can't-Miss Play: Westbrook's wall of blockers paves way for HUGE 74-yard TD return
2018-12-16 David Williams bursts through hole for 15-yard gain
2018-12-16 Dede Westbrook rushes for a 20-yard gain vs. Washington Redskins
2018-12-16 Cody Kessler rushes for a 21-yard gain vs. Washington Redskins
2018-12-16 Marrone: "That was tough"
2018-12-16 Kessler: "I have to find a way to score"
2018-12-16 Westbrook: "The moral of the story is win"
2018-12-16 Redskins vs. Jaguars highlights | Week 15
2018-12-17 Jags Drive Time: Monday, December 17
2018-12-17 Zone Blitz: No Biggie, No Changes and No Wins?
2018-12-18 Jags Drive Time: Tuesday, December 18
2018-12-18 Jaguars All Access: Taven Bryan
2018-12-18 Jaguars in the Community: A.J. Bouye Shop with a Jock
2018-12-19 Jags Wired: Washington Redskins
2018-12-19 Sounds of the Game: Washington Redskins
2018-12-19 Mic'DD Up: Telvin Smith
2018-12-19 Jags Drive Time: Wednesday, December 19
2018-12-19 Jaguars Happy Hour: Tuesday, December 18
2018-12-19 Marrone: "That's my job"
2018-12-19 Kessler: "I'm always excited to play"
2018-12-19 Ramsey: "I love football"
2018-12-19 Inside a Minute: Love of the game
2018-12-19 Jackson: "They pay me handsomely"
2018-12-20 Jags Drive Time: Thursday, December 20
2018-12-20 Jaguars Happy Hour: Wednesday, December 19
2018-12-20 Milanovich: "We're a running team"
2018-12-20 Fournette: "A tough season for us"
2018-12-21 Know Your Jaguars: Best Christmas Present
2018-12-21 Doug Marrone Show: Thursday, December 20
2018-12-21 Jaguars Happy Hour: Thursday, December 20
2018-12-21 Zone Blitz: Offense Help, All on Defense & Just Nervous
2018-12-22 Jaguars FAQ: Miami Dolphins
2018-12-22 Jaguars Trending: Miami Dolphins
2018-12-22 Gameday Grub: Mahi Tacos
2018-12-22 Inside a Minute: Miami Dolphins
2018-12-23 Fournette bursts through hole for quick TD
2018-12-23 Kessler tosses dime on the move to Westbrook for 22 yards
2018-12-23 Telvin Smith undercuts Tannehill's pass for 33-yard pick-six
2018-12-23 Jaguars vs. Dolphins highlights | Week 16
2018-12-23 Marrone: "The focus will be on going ahead and winning the next one"
2018-12-23 Tackle Hunger food distribution
2018-12-23 Jaguars Postgame: Jaguars 17, Dolphins 7
2018-12-24 Ramsey: "We executed and winning is fun"
2018-12-24 Jack: "I'm proud of my team"
2018-12-24 Bortles: "Tried to find a way to win the game"
2018-12-24 Campbell: "We're going to continue to battle"
2018-12-24 Mic'DD Up: Taven Bryan
2018-12-24 Jags Drive Time: Monday, December 24
2018-12-26 Jags Drive Time: Wednesday, December 26
2018-12-26 Jags Wired: Holiday in Miami
2018-12-26 Marrone: "He gives us the best chance to win"
2018-12-26 Sounds of the Game: Shining in south Florida
2018-12-26 Gipson: "We'd love to spoil their party"
2018-12-26 Chark: "I missed the game"
2018-12-26 Campbell: "It's important for us to play well"
2018-12-26 Bortles: "I enjoy working with these guys"
2018-12-26 Inside a Minute: Here's Blake!
2018-12-27 Jags Drive Time: Thursday, December 27
2018-12-27 Ramsey: "I'd say he's No. 1"
2018-12-27 Telvin: "I believe in our guys"
2018-12-27 Milanovich: "We have it in our playbook"
2018-12-27 Inside a Minute: Finding a way
2018-12-27 All Access: Myles Jack
2018-12-28 Jags Drive Time: Friday, December 28
2018-12-28 Know Your Jaguars: LeBron James Vs. Michael Jordan
2018-12-28 Film Room Friday: Houston Texans
2018-12-28 Zone Blitz: Tough Task, Help Bortles and Let's Hope
2018-12-29 Gameday Grub: Steak
2018-12-29 Jaguars Weekend: Houston Texans
2018-12-29 Inside a Minute: Houston Texans
2018-12-30 Ramsey's perfect coverage of Hopkins leads to pass breakup
2018-12-30 Bortles zips pinpoint pass to Moncrief for 22 yards
2018-12-30 Marrone: "I will be able to get this right."
2018-12-30 Jaguars vs. Texans highlights | Week 17
2018-12-31 Jones: "Come back ready to work"
2018-12-31 Ngakoue: "There's always a new year to look forward to"
2018-12-31 Marrone: "I let people down this season"
2018-12-31 Bortles: "It's totally up to them"
2018-12-31 Campbell: "It's a lot of good-byes"
2018-12-31 Inside a Minute: What's Next
2018-12-31 Zone Blitz: Long To-Do List, Revamp Offense and QB Change?