Jaguars in the Community 

The Jacksonville Jaguars run an all-year-round community programme supporting events across the UK. By providing community events with fun inflatables, Jaguars giveaways and interactive games about the Jaguars and the NFL, we hope to continue to grow the awareness of the Jacksonville Jaguars as well as support the game at grassroots. Anyone can apply to have the Jaguars in the Community roadshow at their event.

To apply to have the Jaguars in the Community roadshow at your event, please email:


What Jaguars Assets are available?

  • Giveaways – balloons, posters etc
  • Inflatables – 2 x games, 1 x Jaguars head, 1 x Jaguars archway
  • Jaguars gazebo (3x3m)
  • Giant Jaguars helmet

Can we invite Players, Alumni players, THE ROAR cheerleaders and/or Jaxson De Ville to our event?

Due to the limited time they spend in the UK it is unlikely that they would be able to attend your event however we do try to accommodate requests if at all possible. Please do not be offended if they cannot attend your event.

How likely is it that the Jaguars will be able make our event?

We would love to go to every event request however we have limited time and resources. We prioritise American Football related community events and large scale events.

To increase the likelihood of the Jaguars attending your event, here are some of the selection criteria that are considered:

  • Number of people attending the event
  • Multiple team representation
  • BAFA affiliation
  • Media presence
  • Proximity to London