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Jaguars in the Community 

From encouraging young students to get moving, to bringing your personal event to the next level, the Jacksonville Jaguars offer their UK fanbase a variety of year-round programs to support the game of American Football at a grassroots level; all you have to do is ask.

How can I get involved in these programs? Check out our FAQs below.

What Jaguars Assets are available?

  • Giveaways: Balloons, posters, cups and more
  • Inflatables: 2 per game - 1 x Jaguars head, 1 x Jaguars archway
  • Jaguars Gazebo: 3x3m
  • Giant Jaguars Helmet

Are players, Alumni, Jaxson de Ville or The ROAR available to attend personal events?

Due to the limited time they spend in the UK it is difficult to get them scheduled to attend your event, however, we do try to accommodate all requests so please send in a note with your event details.

Please do not be offended if they cannot attend your event.

To increase the likelihood of the Jaguars attending your event, here are some of the selection criteria that are considered:

  • Number of people attending the event
  • Multiple team representation
  • BAFA affiliation
  • Media presence
  • Proximity to London

What programs do you offer young adults aged 8 - 19?

Great question! See the most common ones below.

I live in London and I'm a big Jaguars fan. How can I meet other fans and stay up to date with the latest team news?

Join the Union Jax Fan Club.

How do I apply to have the Jaguars in the Community roadshow attend my next event?