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'16 reader mock: With the No. 1 overall selection …


JACKSONVILLE – Day One was no blowout. Far from it.                     

And while the 2016 reader mock draft's much-anticipated No. 1 overall selection eventually did go in an expected direction, getting there was indeed most of the fun. As always.

Yes, the reader/mockers kicked off this sixth annual version of the reader mock – a decidedly shorter, more-succinct version than previous versions – by choosing the player for the No. 1-selection-holding Tennessee Titans'  that most analysts expect them to take.

But first, they debated.

They argued.

And somewhere in the discussion they made a pretty good case for a player many believe could maybe, maybe, maybe  make history on the night of the April 28-30 NFL Draft.

That player? Jalen Ramsey.

Ramsey is a cornerback/safety from Florida State University, and while no modern-era defensive back ever has been selected No. 1 overall in the NFL Draft, there are those who believe the Titans could break form by selecting the versatile, athletic player first overall later this month.

Count reader/mocker Asarum Magnificum among that group.

"The Titans will likely take the best player in the draft," Magnificum wrote of Ramsey before adding a sentiment shared by many Jaguars fans hoping the team will have a chance to select him at No. 5 overall: "As much as it pains me to not have him on the board at No. 5, I can't imagine any team letting his athleticism and talent – at a position of need for a lot of teams – slip."

Reader/mocker Iron John agreed.

"I think the Titans pass on [Mississippi left tackle Laremy] Tunsil, great as he may be," he wrote, adding, "I think they take Ramsey."

That pretty much defined the give and take on Day 1, with many readers thinking Ramsey will be the Titans' choice and most others thinking Tunsil. Of course, there were those who broke form, with reader/mocker GZ believing the Titans will take Ohio State edge player Joey Bosa because … well, because of spite.

"Tennessee always likes to screw with Jacksonville when it looks like we have a good thing going," he wrote.

GZ's Tennessee paranoia aside, most of Day 1 was indeed a Tunsil-Ramsey push and pull. Eventually, the push of conventional wisdom – that left tackle is a more No. 1-worthy position than safety/cornerback and that the Titans will want to protect young quarterback Marcus Mariota – won the day.

"'[Former Jaguars and current Titans Head Coach] Mike Mularkey fired by Titans: team went 0-13 after losing Marcus Mariota …'" longtime reader/mocker Ben "J-School" Corby wrote, adding, "I can see that headline. So can Mularkey. Titans take Tunsil."

Reader/mocker jagsjim wrote, "Tunsil," and reader/mocker jfilo found this so insightful that he agreed and wrote: "Tunsil."

Reader/mocker David Mosher was a bit more expansive, but conventional wisdom swayed him, too.

"Tunsil is the across the board first pick for the Titans," he wrote. "They're not taking Ramsey. I don't think any DB in the history of the draft has ever gone No. 1 and Ramsey's not gonna change that."

Maybe Ramsey will change that in real life, but this isn't real life. This the 2016 reader mock and in that world, the 2016 NFL Draft after one day looks like:

1.Tennessee | Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss

That brings us to the Cleveland Browns at No. 2. Nearly everyone thinks the Browns are going quarterback with this selection – even having signed Robert Griffin III as an unrestricted free agent – but "nearly everyone" is wrong as often as not when mocking drafts.

Still, the gut here is the Browns indeed will go quarterback and the gut here is that when they do they'll go with North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz.

So, that's the senior writer's offering on Day 2 of the '16 reader mock.

Have at it.

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