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A look back and a glance ahead


The following is the transcript of Tuesday's question and answer session between Vic Ketchman and Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver. Vic: Wayne, would you give us your thoughts on what happened in Pittsburgh on Sunday?
Wayne: That was a tough loss. I really thought that, when we made that last drive, we were going to win that football game. We had an opportunity but the offensive line turned a guy loose on Jonathan and we gave up the ball. You can't make mistakes like that and expect to win.

Vic:Normally I wouldn't ask another owner this question because I don't believe I would get the truth, but you've been truthful with us. So,, what do you think of the way Jonathan Quinn played? In my opinion, I didn't think he played that bad.
Wayne:I think the papers treated him horribly. Jonathan played fairly well. Both of those drives when Jonathan coughed up the ball, he was blindsided. The guy was turned loose and the guy slapped the ball out of his hand. He had no clue the rush was coming. It's hard to fault Jonathan there. I thought Jonathan did an admirable job.

Vic: Is there any comfort in a close loss?
Wayne: Our defense played extremely well. I think we gave up 10 or 11 yards rushing before that one 40-yard play to Jerome Bettis, who is certainly one of the best backs in the league. We had a number of players who really played an outstanding game. I was really proud of our defense. Our pressure on the quarterback was not as good as I would have liked to seen it. Our coverage on some of those third-and-longs was a little disappointing. We gave up some third-and-long plays we shouldn't have. Overall, it was a good football game. We played well enough to win but we just made some mistakes that were costly.

Vic: When do you turn your attention to what has to be done in the offseason?
Wayne: Obviously, Vic, we are already doing much of that. It's a work in progress. We are going to have to make some very difficult decisions. That's all I'll say at this point, but we are studying every option to see how we can keep this a competitive football team. However, at the same time, we understand we have to do some rebuilding.

Vic: There's speculation about major changes that will have to occur due to the salary cap. Is that an accurate statement?
Wayne: Yes, I think so.

Vic:What do you favor in the way of a comprehensive plan for the team's future?
Wayne: I don't want to sit here today and say what we will and won't do. I do know we have to look at every option. We have to look at seeing how we can continue to be a competitive football team, while at the same time with realization that we have some difficult decisions to make. It's not going to be a fun offseason.

Vic: The draft is the way, right?
Wayne:The draft is the way. We have always said that. We have to build through the draft and one thing I was proud of is that Marcus Stroud played a heck of a game on Sunday. I think if you go back and look at his last three games, he continues to improve. I think in the long term we are going to be validated and Marcus was a great first-round draft choice.

Vic: How much of what happens in the remainder of this season will impact the decisions you have to make during this winter and next spring?
Wayne: Obviously, it will. We're going to have to make some difficult decisions based on our salary cap. That's the reality.

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