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A very sensitive time of year

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Craig from Jacksonville:
What is a Turk?

Vic: A man with a big scimitar.

Schuyler from Lake Zurich, IL:
Will Chad Nkang make the team? Being out the entire preseason really has to hurt the chances for a special teams specialist.

Vic: Nkang was so good on special teams last season that he's considered a lock to make the team. The only issue is his wrist injury. Is it healed? Jack Del Rio painted a positive picture of his condition recently, so I'm assuming he'll be ready to go soon. This is a unique situation. We're talking about a guy who's really nothing more than a special teams player. That's how important special teams have become. If a guy is really good at it, he doesn't need to do anything else. Years ago, that was not the case.

Daniel from Arcola, IL:
Will Harvey be able to participate in tonight's preseason game?

Vic: That was a decision that was being discussed on Wednesday when the Jaguars asked the league for and received a roster exemption for Harvey. If Harvey plays in tonight's game, they would have to surrender the roster exemption and cut a player so they might activate Harvey.

Fritz from Interlachen, FL:
In your jobs on the line article, you wrote: "First-round pick Derrick Harvey has joined the team, which means the defensive end situation is starting to clear." Did you scoop the PR release?

Vic: Notice that I said joined, not signed. When I wrote that story, Harvey had yet to sign but he was in the building. I am required to be very specific about situations involving signings because it would be so embarrassing to the Jaguars and to if I got loose with the word "signed" when, in fact, he wasn't signed and, all of a sudden, the situation unraveled.

Tom from Jacksonville:
How come I heard about Harvey signed on before

Vic: I promise you, was the first to report accurately that Harvey was "signed." When you read it on, Harvey and the Jaguars had only agreed to terms. Do you get what I'm saying? is at a disadvantage in these situations because it is our policy not to release anything until the ink is on the contract. What I'm telling you is that is probably not the place to go for information on these such matters. I apologize for that but it is what it is.

Justin from Jacksonville:
One thing that "no excuses" can apply to is Jaguars fans not selling the stadium out on a season-ticket basis. After the season we had last year and the expectations for this year, there truly is no excuse.

Vic: I'm not accepting any.

Keith from Jacksonville:
Is the Derrick Harvey deal cap friendly?

Vic: The salary cap isn't even an issue. The Jaguars have lots of room and the cap is probably going bye, bye anyhow.

Jason from Jacksonville:
What do you make of the decision by S. Merriman to play with a torn MCL and PCL despite advice from doctors around the country to have the surgery? Is this a "tough game for tough guys" move or foolishness on his part in risking his shot at free agency and his career for a shot at the title?

Vic: Mark Brunell did it back in 1997. His ACL was partially torn and he continued to play on it instead of having it reconstructed, which would've ended his season in the preseason. As far as I know, Mark never did have it fixed. Was it a mistake? Yeah, it probably was because he was never the same. Mark never again was the scrambler he was in 1995 and '96. He lost a major part of his game; maybe the biggest part of his game. Merriman's situation is a little different because his injury doesn't involve the ACL. His injury involves the LCL and the PCL, both of which can be fixed with surgery that doesn't require a year of recovery. The LCL, in fact, will heal on its own if it isn't a complete tear. Fred Taylor had PCL surgery after one season and, even though he sat out all of OTAs and most of training camp, he came back and had a big year the next season. Brunell's situation was different because having his ACL reconstructed at any time would've probably caused him to sit out a season. Merriman is probably thinking he can have his LCL and PCL fixed when the season is over, recover during the offseason and not miss a year of action. What I can't help but wonder is the damage a bone-on-bone situation could cause. I don't think this is over. I wouldn't be surprised if he reconsiders his decision to play.

Vince from Jacksonville:
Tired of the Bills? Maybe we should write Congress and see if they can just schedule us to play the Cowboys, Steelers, Colts and Packers the whole season, or better yet, maybe we can sell some tickets to the Eagles fans that are waiting in line to purchase season tickets. And we wonder why there are rumors of selling the team.

Vic: Or maybe we could just come to the game and watch a Bills team that is starting to look pretty strong. With Trent Edwards at quarterback, these aren't the same old Buffalo Bills. Don't put this one in the win column before it's played.

R.J. from Jacksonville:
What was the most awkward/most memorable Turk-to-player conversation you've ever seen or heard?

Vic: It was me to an old running back named Reggie Harrison. Yeah, I was the Turk. Here's what happened. A PR person told me the team had just cut Harrison. I instantly felt bad because Harrison was a guy I really liked and had used often as a good quote, so I went to his dorm room to say goodbye and get a comment from him. Hey, the guy made one of the big plays in Super Bowl history, so he deserved a formal farewell. The door to his room was open, I walked in and said, "Gee, Reg, I'm really sorry to hear the news." He said, "What news?" I knew instantly that the Turk had yet to make his visit. I was speechless as I watched Harrison's face sag. He figured it out real quick. I've never seen Harrison since that day, but I'll never forget him. This is such a sensitive time of the year.

Henry from Jacksonville:
Will the first depth chart not be released until final roster cuts?

Vic: Jack Del Rio doesn't offer a depth chart until after final cuts. Some time this weekend or next week, we'll have a depth chart.

Derick from Buckley, WA:
With the Oklahoma drill, what else does one need to get excited?

Vic: It may be the most exciting few moments of the summer. I honestly believe the Oklahoma was better than anything I've seen in the preseason.

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