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About sleepers, freaks and mocks

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Adam from Tallahassee, FL:
On ESPN's mock draft, they have the Jags taking 1.) Adam Carriker, 2.) Sidney Rice, 3.) Josh Gattis, 4.) Troy Smith, 5.) Courtney Brown, 6.) Adam Podlesh, 7.) Dallas Sartz, Ramonce Taylor and Uche Nwaneri. Your thoughts?

Vic: I am unimpressed by this mock. Carriker would be a consideration but is likely to be gone when the Jags pick. Josh Gattis is a second-day guy, I've been told. Adam Podlesh would make sense.

Jason from Baker County, FL:
Do you think Michael Bush is worthy of a first-round draft choice? He averaged over seven yards a carry.

Vic: Michael Bush broke his leg in the first game of last season and had a rod inserted. On March 23, a new rod was inserted. Bush hasn't run or worked out for scouts and that would qualify him as a red-dot (medical reject) player on my board. Willis McGahee's situation was different. All reports favored a full recovery. The new rod that was put into Bush's leg in late-March could be a sign there are problems with his recovery and reason to doubt it will be full. I hope I'm wrong.

Andy from Paducah, KY:
Why did you mislead us into believing you were punishing us for complaining by not having a column on Monday?

Vic: I thought we could have some fun with it, but I was wrong. What the one-column suspension threat produced was the most venomous e-mails I have ever received. The whole thing is similar to what we used to do in "news reporting" classes in college. The professor would ask, "What are the facts?" Then we would assemble the facts from the information we were provided. All of a sudden, he would say, "We don't know that to be a fact. What are the facts?" In the "Ask Vic" example, I threatened to invoke a one-column suspension if there was one more complaint. The following day, in response to an e-mail complaint, I wrote, "No column on Monday." So what are the facts? 1.) A threat was made to invoke a one-column suspension. 2.) There would be no column on Monday. We know those two facts to be true but we don't know for sure why there will be no column on Monday. What's required is a direct question: Why is there no column on Monday? Nobody, however, asked the question. I got e-mails that vilified my decision and others that supported it, but nobody asked why there was no column on Monday. Good reporters ask questions. They ask questions to make sure they have all of the facts.

Nick from Wakefield, RI:
Troy Smith at 6-0 is not too short to play quarterback. Doug Flutie was only 5-10. It's only the arm strength that holds Smith back.

Vic: Flutie had something you've failed to mention. He had a magic wand.

Nathan from Richmond, VA:
What position do you value more, a stud linebacker or a defensive end?

Vic: Defensive end is generally considered to be a more premium position than linebacker, but only if it's a pass-rushing defensive end. What you're looking for is a sack-you/strip-you player. If that player is a linebacker, such as Lawrence Taylor, then you value him more. The quarterback must go down and the quarterback must go down hard.

Mike from Lancaster, OH:
Was the interview with Gene Smith as painful for him as it seemed to be?

Vic: Scouts are in the business of not divulging what they know. That's what makes this whole process so difficult for everybody. Yesterday, we attended a press luncheon at which the men who were being interviewed were determined not to provide information. I don't blame them. It's just the way it is; always has been. I heard of a recent interview in which a personnel director was asked which positions are strongest in the draft and he said he couldn't reveal that information. Are you kidding me? That's laughable. I can remember from a long time ago asking Chuck Noll how his interview went with the upcoming opponent's media and he would always say, "Little information was passed." Nowadays, no information is being passed. You gotta have your snitches. I got one and he'll give me a thing or two, but never more than two.

Tony from Fredericksburg, VA:
Who would be, in your opinion, somebody who could be a sleeper in this year's draft?

Vic: Chris Leak. No, just kidding. Martin Teal of Troy is my candidate to become this year's Marques Colston. Teal is 6-4, 212 and runs a 4.4. He has all of the measurables you want in a wide receiver. The knock on him is attitude and route-running. The NFL will fix both.

Matt from Orlando, FL:
If Matt Jones has freakish speed, then why are the Jaguars looking for a speed receiver if Jones possesses that speed?

Vic: You can never have too much freakish speed.

Hasso from Jacksonville:
I remember when the Jaguars selected Matt Jones a couple of years ago. Everyone was shocked and all you could hear on TV was the fans screaming ohhh! In your opinion, is there any player the Jaguars could pick at 17 that could cause the same kind of reaction?

Vic: Yeah, Chris Leak.

Jai from Liverpool, England:
Tried reading Hemingway and didn't enjoy it as much as I do reading your column.

Vic: Thanks for the compliment but, for your sake, don't ever tell anyone you didn't like "A Farewell to Arms."

Mike from Mill Valley, CA:
Feel like posting a mock draft? So we can see your skills?

Vic: We're going to do our annual mock draft tonight on "Jaguars This Week." We'll post the results on

Eddie from Baltimore, MD:
In your article on Wednesday, you didn't mention Mike Peterson as one being held out of mini-camp practices.

Vic: Mike has been cleared to practice.

Scott from Gilbert, AZ:
On last week's radio show, you stated that you could "put a net around six players" the Jags would more than likely take in round one. Would that net look something like this? Jamaal Anderson, Reggie Nelson, Darrelle Revis, Jarvis Moss, Robert Meachem and Michael Griffin?

Vic: I want a bigger net. I wanna throw a net over, say, nine players: Jamaal Anderson, Reggie Nelson, Darrelle Revis, Leon Hall, Adam Carriker, Jarvis Moss, Michael Griffin, Patrick Willis and Ted Ginn.

Adam from Orlando, FL:
Just curious, can you find out what Matt Jones' 40 speed is and was it really as freakish as you say it is?

Vic: It's very, very freakish. I'm hearing reports now of guys running 4.1's. Everybody's a freak. It could give rise to a whole new drafting philosophy: BAF.

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