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Always give her flowers

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

David from Port Orange, FL:
I have a desperate question for you. I just found out a lady I'm interested in loves football. Since the NFL is off until next fall, what should I do? Is the Arena League any good? Are the tickets expensive? Are the drinks reasonably priced? Should I get her something for Valentine's Day? If so, should I buy her flowers or a football?

Vic: David, always flowers. There's something about flowers. You can walk in the door with a dozen long-stemmed red roses, throw them against the wall and she'll still love you. Flowers are to women what football is to men. You can't give women too many flowers. I have a deal with a florist. They have my credit card numbers and they're to send flowers on three dates: Valentine's Day, her birthday and our anniversary. When I get the call that says, "Thank you for the flowers," I know it's one of the three.

John from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
The weather in Jax has been pretty crummy since Super Bowl Sunday. Has there ever been a Super Bowl played in the cold and rain like we have been experiencing lately? Also, do you see the weather playing a big role in whether Jacksonville would get a second Super Bowl?

Vic: Obviously, weather is an issue in Jacksonville, which is right on the weather line. Fortunately, the Super Bowl wasn't played here this year. The wind and cold would've really been a problem, especially for Janet Jackson. Super Bowl IX was played in cold, damp conditions at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans. The game was supposed to be the first Super Bowl to be played inside the Louisiana Superdome, but construction wasn't complete. There's no question, weather is an issue. It would only help Jacksonville's cause if the weather is favorable for next year's big game.

Amin from New Haven, CT:
In reference to the Peyton Manning situation, let's say they franchise him and give him his $18 million for the year, wouldn't he just wreak havoc on the Colts' 2005 salary cap? They can't possibly pay him more than $18 million forever.

Vic: I don't care what the Colts are saying about using the franchise tag on Peyton Manning, there's no way they can do so for any purpose other than to buy time. The franchise tag is just not a realistic option. Eighteen million dollars would be a killer hit on their salary cap, and 120 percent of $18 million is $21.6 million in 2005, and that's not going to happen. Any way you cut it, the only chance the Colts have of keeping Manning long-term is by negotiating a new contract, and if he really wants to test free agency, all he has to do is keep saying no. After all, what's wrong with $18 million? Who needs a signing bonus when that's your one-year salary? There's no way out on this one. They let it get out of hand.

Dan from Thousand Oaks, CA:
What is stopping me from declaring myself eligible for the NFL draft? I am 15 and don't play football or anything but I am a big fan. Who would I have to inform to declare my eligibility?

Vic: You'd have to apply to the NFL's player personnel office before the March 1 deadline.

Alex from Fairfax, VA:
If Mark Brunell does go to the Redskins, do you think he will start over Patrick Ramsey?

Vic: The obvious answer is yes, but let's take a look at the effort the Redskins made to draft Patrick Ramsey in 2002. It was Steve Spurrier's first year as Redskins coach and he was desperate to draft a quarterback. The Redskins had the 18th pick of the first round, but it was felt that was too high to pick Ramsey. The Redskins traded with Oakland for the 21st pick of the draft and a third-round pick, then the Redskins moved down again by trading the 21st pick of the draft to New England for the 32nd pick and the Patriots' third-round and seventh-round picks. With the 32nd pick, the Redskins drafted Ramsey. Frankly, they did a heckuva job getting their guy and getting extra picks. The issue now is Ramsey's future with the team. Is he going to be in a competitive situation? Is he going to be groomed for the future? Or are the Redskins going to trade Ramsey for a pick that would replace the pick they'll spend on Mark Brunell? It's all very intriguing.

Clay from Jacksonville:
The report this morning is the Brunell trade offer is for a third-round pick. Is paying the $2 million (roster bonus) really worth an extra third-round pick? I know there have been some good players to come from rounds three, but there are many more examples of players who don't make it in the NFL from those rounds. What are your thoughts on paying the $2 million to Brunell just to get a third round pick?

Vic: Relax; the Jaguars obviously know what they're doing. In fact, I am in awe of the whole thing. I never considered a trade for Mark Brunell a possibility. The Jaguars have done a great job of managing this situation. They may even find a way to make the $2 million roster bonus go away.

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