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Another generation


Steve Nix sounds almost apologetic when asked how many Jaguars home games he has missed since the inaugural season.  A scheduled cruise prevented him from attending two preseason games several years ago, but other than that his attendance has been perfect. 

Nix started attending games in 1995 with his father-in-law, Art Stewart, and the tradition has continued with his daughters, Kristen (pictured) and Kamren.  While Art no longer can attend games, he remains a season ticket holder in hopes it will help avoid blackouts so he can watch the games on television.

The Nix family participated in the Jaguars contest that picked 10 fans to have their photo featured on the club's 2011 general bowl tickets. Twenty finalists were selected and fans voted for the winners on and the Jaguars Facebook page. 

Here are the stories of Kristen and Steve Nix:

Kristen Nix

"I love my Jaguars and I'm really honored to be selected.  I am so excited that I actually made it on the ticket. 

"My dad has had tickets since the inception.  My grandfather can't make it to the games anymore but he continues to purchase tickets in the hopes it will assist in preventing blackouts so he can watch the home games on television.

"I used to really not like going to the games but now I go with my dad and I'm really starting to enjoy them.  I can't wait for this season. I went to about six games last year just because of school and everything I had going on.  I always study on Sunday but I try my hardest to make it to as many games as possible. 

"My dad and I have a great time and it begins by tailgating before the games with his friends. We have a lot of fun and I'm really starting to understand the games more.  He has had to teach me everything because I'm not into sports that much, but I love football.  It's hard to watch it on television for me but when I'm at the game I get into it and really understand what's going on.

"It's just a great experience to bond with everyone and cheer your team on even if they don't win.  If I don't go to the game I still know when they lose because my dad comes home sad.  I try to cheer him up.  I think I'm their lucky charm because they always win when I go to the games."

Steve Nix

"My father-in-law, Art Stewart, hasn't been able to go to games for at least six or seven years now.  He has had tickets since the inception and maybe dropped them for only one season.   He has just kept buying tickets and I try to tell people his story so they understand.  There's plenty of people that can do the same.  Just give them away or give them to charity.   He will either give the tickets to his son or we will take them, just to make sure they get used. 

"He has five TV's in his room and has five different things on at any given time.  He's basically got a sports bar set up in his room.  It started with about 25 us getting tickets and over time people moved and some of the group was a little older.  They would do the Saturday/Sunday event with the Florida game and that got trying on them.  Some of the newness wore off for others but there is still a core of us that continue to go.  We also have a core group that goes to one away game each season and this year we went to Dallas. 

"My daughter is getting to the age now where she probably doesn't care that I'm there with her, but I have an 11-year old that goes as well.  She stays and bonds with me.  It's just a great experience to have everybody there.  We have a core group of people that really enjoy the games.  I have only missed two preseason home games due to a cruise. 

"One of my favorite moments was in 2005 at Pittsburgh.  I had just turned 40 and Rashean Mathis picked off a pass in overtime and we won 23-17.   We had big fat cigars on the boat back to our parking spot and Pittsburgh fans couldn't say anything.  It was a great experience."

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