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Ask Kirk, part one


Veteran linebacker Kirk Morrison fills in for Vic and answers the fans' questions in part one of this two part special feature.

Johnny from Orange Park

Hey, I've been a huge Jaguars fan for years through thick and thin and extremely stoked for 2010. My question is what do you feel the defense is capable of this upcoming season even though this is your first season with us? Also, do you feel this offensive line has actually improved at all by competing in OTAs or is it just simply too early to tell?

Kirk: I think those three offenses are all tops in the NFL. The Colts and Peyton Manning were Super Bowl runner-ups last year. The Texans are another capable offense and the Titans have one of the best running backs in the NFL. Week in and week out is a test for us. When we go up against offenses like that it gives us a test on defense to see where we rate. As far as the NFL, it's going to be a good test for us all year long because we feel like we can hold our own against these offenses.

Scott from Fleming Island

Tommy Kelly losing his pants… funniest thing you've seen?

Kirk: All of those scenarios are something that we dream of. Nothing overrides the other, because they're all big plays and game-changing plays. When you have plays like that, those are infectious. Guys on the team are striving to do the same thing. My biggest play would probably be when I scored a touchdown a couple years back on a fumble recovery against the Houston Texans. Hopefully I can get some more of that magic again this year.

Evan from Ponte Vedra

Which linebacker's role is to support the run and which linebacker's role is it to support and help in pass coverage in our 4-3 defense?

Kirk: My first reaction was a new beginning, a new start. It was almost like I was drafted over again. I couldn't wait to be a part of a place that is on the verge of being a special team in the NFL.

Veda from Jacksonville

What was the first thing you bought when you got your rookie signing bonus?

Kirk: All three of them worry me because they're all dynamic. Houston has the zone blocking scheme, which helps running backs find any kind of crease. Tennessee kind of speaks for itself, a power running team with one of the best running backs in the NFL, a 2,000-yard rusher. The Colts running game is dynamic in that they are a pass-oriented offense, but when they run the ball it's effective because they get you on your heels from thinking pass. They get a lot of long runs that way.

Fred from France

I like the move that the Jaguars made by acquiring you and Aaron Kampman, and the draft they bolstered the defense. Do you think that this year the team defense has the potential to create a good pass rush and beat the Colts and Titans offenses?

Kirk: One thing that I've noticed with being on this team is the camaraderie of everybody on this team is almost as one as a whole. There aren't groups of guys that hang together. It's probably one of the closest teams I've been on.

Austin from St. Augustine

You have been amongst the leaders in tackles for the last five years and I am sure you will be all over the field this upcoming season. Every game you will be making big plays and causing a riot in the crowd. Whenever you knock out a running back or deliver a jaw-breaking forearm shiver to a wide receiver, is there anything in particular you would like the crowd to chant?

Kirk: I think when you look at what the New Orleans Saints did last year as a football team; they were last place in their division in the NFC South the previous year. Nobody picked them to do anything, yet their team came in and won the Super Bowl with a young football team. There aren't any guys on the team with a lot of years in the NFL except quarterback Drew Brees. I see a lot of similarities in what they had in New Orleans to the same thing we have going on here in Jacksonville.

Kevin from Tallahassee

If you can get one message out to the people of Jacksonville what would it be?

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