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Ask Tony, part one


Offensive tackle Tony Pashos answers questions from fans in the first part of this three part special feature.

Lee from Jacksonville, FL

What was your opinion of Wednesday's debate?

Tony: I was growing it since the first day of camp, and I cut it this week. It took me about 30 minutes to do so.

Danny from Jacksonville, FL:

How many times a game do you think the average tackle commits a holding penalty that is not called by the referees?

Tony: I will go support my girlfriend running a 5k race for the cure. And catch up on a ton of busy work around the house.

Dennis from Macclenny, FL:

At a recent game a picture of your pooch was brought up on the Jumbotron. Tell us about your dog.

Tony: Receiver. I would dominate that position.

Matt from Kingsland, GA:

Does it ever bother you that the "skill" players get the attention while you and your brothers in arms do all the dirty work? Your name is only called out when you mess up. Did you feel this way when you started or was it a growing process?

Tony: The funniest thing I heard was probably somebody asking who farted.

Chad from Jacksonville Beach, FL:

How did you get so damn big?

Tony: I actually have tried to read Ancient Greek before. A lot of the words read the same as modern Greek but many of the them are spoken differently today than in ancient times. Kind of like what it sounds like to hear or read Shakespeare. I actually tried to take Ancient Greek in college thinking it would be a breeze. I was totally wrong and dropped it after a week and focused on classes I actually needed instead.

Atul from Jacksonville, FL:

Who are you more scared of, Jack Del Rio or Brian Billick?

Tony: I had my eye gouged out by a pathetic defensive lineman before. We won the game and I told the rest of the offensive line about it and we spent that entire game taking shots on him.

Mathias from Stockholm, Sweden:

How do you plan your eating? When and what do you eat on a regular day of workout and practice?

Tony: I wouldn't mind playing in another country against another NFL team. It would have to be organized just right, like right before a bye week. I love to travel and see the world so it's no hassle to me, besides I know many fans would definitely love to travel with us and support us there also.

Jerry from Jacksonville, FL:

Is it more difficult to block a speed rusher or a bigger, stronger defensive end? Which do you prefer working against?

Tony: You are a true offensive lineman. We care so much about what we do that every play is permanently recorded in our brains. I watched film from high school this offseason at my parents house, everything came back to me. We played Oak Park River Forest and I pulled to the left and stood straight up running through the hole. I got blasted; I will always remember that because whenever I pull now I always say stay low to myself.

Steve from Jacksonville, FL:

What is the nicest gift a quarterback has ever given to you?

Tony: The University of Illinois recently gave into the pressures from protesters regarding our mascot. They claim the Chief was discriminatory or disrespectful to Native Americans. Our mascot performed an authentic dance with an authentic dress and everyone in the stadium was on their feet when he came out. He was Chief Illiniwek and he represented the tribe that the state of Illinois got its name from. Long story short, it wasn't disrespectful at all. If anything, banning him made him more popular in the state.

Patrick from Jacksonville, FL:

What kind of weather do you prefer playing in, extreme heat or extreme cold? Also, what's the coldest game you have played in?

Tony: Defensive linemen don't really talk all that much smack. It's the linebackers that seem to run their mouths. They usually try to talk a bunch of stuff to the running backs or the quarterbacks around the pile. The way I see it they are wasting their time. I think Marcedes Lewis and I have the funniest lines in the game.

Bill from USS George Washington:

I'm a long time Jaguars supporter. Unlike most I still believe we will win our division and this is why: Indianapolis will sweep Tennessee and we will win the remainder of our division games. Within our division who presents the biggest obstacle to our approach of run baby run?

Tony: I always try to play mad. It feels great to play with fire inside. I love it.

Julian from Jacksonville, FL:

From as much as I know about you I know you will give me a honest answer. Who is the best defensive end you have faced? Can Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves become that good someday?

Tony: Protecting David is the name of the game. You protect him he can play at his best. It takes more than just four people though. We all need to be on the same page. The line has to read the defense and block them as planned, the backs need to know how we're blocking because they are part of the passing game also. Tight ends need to know everything the line does plus all the routes, and the wide receivers have to run the right route and the right depth in order to be open and the quarterback needs to know his routes, the cadence, the timing of the play, etc., etc., etc. It takes all of us combined. That's why this is the ULTIMATE team sport on earth.

Michael from Lake Mary, FL:

I have been a season-ticket holder for several years. I have noticed over the past two years that when you are introduced or when the offense gets the ball you run in full sprint to the field. Is there a specific reason you do that? I like it because it makes me feel that you are there to do business.

Tony: Game day is an emotion filled, physically and mentally challenging roller coaster ride. It truly is an amazing experience. Just think about how excited and emotional it is as a fan, then multiply that by a million.

Adam from Orlando, FL:

What is the first thing you do after you get home from a game?

Tony: I ate everything on my plate growing up. It usually consisted of home cooked Greek cuisine. Nowadays if I wanted to go out for a bite to eat it would be places like Tentos, Chicago Pizza, The Bridge, Stonewood, Capital Grille, and El Potro. I love discovering new places all the time. Like the Bridge, I went there last week and last night, still can't stop talking about it. It's high on my list.

Marc from Madison, NJ:

Over the past 20 years there have been some great offensive linemen such as Larry Allen, Bruce Matthews and Anthony Munoz. Which one stands out to you as the most dominant?

Tony: Jacksonville Municipal Stadium should be number one. Some other favorites I enjoy are Denver, Green Bay, and Washington.

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