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Ask Tony, part three


Offensive tackle Tony Pashos answers questions from fans in the final part of this three part special feature.

Alex from Las Vegas, NV:

You protected Steve McNair back in the day in Baltimore. Do you see a lot of similarities between Steve's game and David Garrard's game?

Tony: Absolutely. Before I get to their games I will say Steve was one of the coolest guys I've ever been teammates with. He had every intangible a coach and a teammate could ask for, especially at that position. When speaking to my family about the comparison between David and Steve I often find myself saying they are so similar it's scary. On the field as well; I would say David has more athletic ability than Steve but they both knew how to manage the game. They both are prepared enough to look downfield to their receivers and if nothing opens up they keep the play alive by either finding the backs or using their legs. Steve was a great warrior and pro in this league and when it is all said and done I believe the same words will be said about David.

Basil from Southport, NC:

I have a friend in Jacksonville who played professionally as an offensive tackle. He is nearly stone deaf from what he claims were head slaps that were allowed during the early years. When were they declared a penalty?

Tony: I don't know the exact year that they were made illegal, but I am grateful that they are. It's a very effective move because it knocks you off balance but it also makes your ear rings if hit on the right spot. Defensive linemen sometimes have hit me with a head slap over the years "accidentally" and it doesn't make me happy.

Jeremy from Green Bay, WI:

What is your favorite music?

Tony: I love all types. My i-pod has a huge variety. I have artists like Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson, T-Pain, Tim McGraw, Ozzy, etc, etc, etc. If it sounds good and it makes me feel good, I don't care about the genre. On gameday I enjoy hard hitting rock, and any type of music that has a hard fast beat to it.

Gene from Columbia, SC:

Have you ever been to Philly's finest at Jacksonville Beach?

Tony: Never been there but my teammate Joe Zelenka told me about it and it is on the list.

Neal from Roswell, NM:

What kind of diet do you have?

Tony: My diet is to make sure I eat enough protein with a low but good enough mixture of carbohydrates. I pull back on the carbs in the evening but load up during the day when I need them. I also constantly try to eat quality sources of protein.

Mike from Pensacola, FL:

Can you give us insight into the preparations that take place during a typical game week?

Tony: The preparation begins on Wednesdays in the NFL. We show up first thing in the morning with a lift. If there are any injuries or bumps and bruises we also do treatment in the morning before we go to our meetings to begin installing the game plan. Bits and pieces are installed throughout the week and sometimes even all the way up to the night before the game. The injuries never change the process. The process always stays the same and it is up to us players to adjust to the situations - new players, different plays, etc, etc.

Bill from Jacksonville, FL:

My brother said he recently saw you at an off the field event and said you were the largest person he's ever seen. How much do you eat during a typical day?

Tony: I don't know how much in pounds I eat, but I know I have no problem ordering a whole pizza for myself.

Keary from Jacksonville, FL:

I sat in front a nice couple at the Denver game that was all about Tony Pashos and the Jaguars. It was loud when we spoke, but I'm pretty sure they said they were your girlfriend's parents. I just wanted to let you know that they yelled for you the whole game and seemed very proud of you.

Tony: It was my girlfriend's family that made the trip. They are super supportive and have been since we started dating. Against the Colts they even made signs for me!

Darren from Tifton:

Does the combination of sweat and chinstrap make your beard itchy during games?

Tony: The first week and a half when I started growing my beard it would itch like crazy. When my beard was at its longest it would actually get caught between my chinstrap and helmet and pull all the time. It would be pretty painful at first then I would get used to it as the game or practice went on. Maybe the sweat helped it glide.

Howard from Homestead, FL:

What's the dumbest question Vic has ever asked you?

Tony: Vic hasn't asked me a dumb question and the players in the locker room don't refer to him as one of the reporters who asks "dumb" questions. But there are some reporters that can't help themselves.

Drew from Jacksonville, FL:

Why did they flag you for holding during the Steelers game?

Tony: The angle the side judge had he thought it was a hold. From my angle it felt more like me slamming a blitzing LB on his back.

Christian from Jacksonville:

Who wins the battle of facial hair? You or Matt Jones?

Tony: I think Matt has shaved his stache too, so we're tied. We were both neck and neck for a while until he dyed his black. Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew mentioned to me dying mine black or teal and then Matt beat me to it. Maybe next time.

Henry from Jacksonville:

What would it take for you to wear a fedora after a game?

Tony: I don't think you will ever see me with a fedora. It's just not my style. But I did grow up watching the WWF and wouldn't mind growing out my mullet, putting on a bandana, and sporting a feather boa like Jesse "The Body" Ventura used to. That's more my style.

Howard from Jacksonville, FL:

True or False. Playing an offensive line is tougher than giving birth.

Tony: False. My mom would never talk to me again if I said true after what she went through to have me. Let's just say after she went through the usually painful things they describe on the Learning Channel she also finished the day with a broken tail bone. I was a big boy.

Travis from Jacksonville:

Do reporters like Vic annoy you guys when they ask stupid questions?

Tony: Vic isn't known among us as "the guy" who asks all the so called "dumb" questions. I don't mind any of the questions. I try to answer them with complete honesty every time because I realize reporters are usually the only way a fan can paint a picture about us. I try my hardest to make my point clear so it comes out clear in the interview and the fans gets the truth.

Scott from Crossville, TN:

How did Vic persuade you to do this for him?

Tony: I was just asked and it sounded like a great idea. No twisting of my arm. We will continue to fight and compete. Jags fans are the best, you guys deserve it.

Rebecca from Jacksonville, FL:

I've memorized the alma mater of every player on the Jaguars roster. You went to Illinois. Give me another fun fact about you to impress the boys with.

Tony: I've been known to pull over regardless of where I'm at to read historical markers on the side of the road. I can't help it, I love history!

Parks from Port Orange, FL:

Which players are among your all-time favorites?

Tony: Some of my favorites now are Orlando Pace, Dave Diehl, and of course Fred Taylor. All time favorites are Kevin Gogan, Walter Payton, and of course, Dick Butkus.

Adrian from Jacksonville:

Do you ever ask Tony Boselli any tips?

Tony: Yes, when I get a chance to talk with Tony I definitely ask him for tips on how he did things. He played the game at a high level and I never turn down coaching points. It's no different than me asking Coach Heck how he accomplished certain things when he played.

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