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Ayodele has big-time ability

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ed Gribbin from Orange Park, FL:
I enjoy reading Jaguars Inside Report and your Q&A in this column. I lived in Ridgway, Pa., when the Steelers drafted Joe Greene and many others who were unknown to fans at the time. Who among the rookies has a chance to be a diamond in the rough?
Third-round draft choice Akin Ayodele has the kind of talent that, when applied properly to the pro game, can produce big-time results. Ayodele could become a big-time pass-rusher and play-maker, if he can overcome the 'tweener disadvantage. When he was drafted, local fans were disappointed the Jaguars hadn't selected Florida's Alex Brown. At this point in time, the Jaguars have no regret.

Jeremiah Stadt from Jacksonville:
Great column. My question has to do with a linebacker who ended up, at least in my section of Alltel Stadium, the talk of last year's preseason. I am speaking of Joseph Tuipala. He seemed to be all over the place last preseason, but as soon as September came we never heard much from him. Is he strictly a special teamer or does he have any chance to make the linebacker rotation?
Joe Tuipala is one of those hard-working, tough but physically-limited players whose special-teams skills keep him in the league. His performance last season raised his level to the status of backup linebacker. His challenge this year is to maintain that role.

David Wielgus from Orlando, FL:
Tony Brackens is going to be out for an undetermined amount of time. Why does the media have to harp on it day after day?
Tony Brackens is overwhelmingly the greatest drain on the Jaguars' salary cap for the near and long-term future. His health and performance are critical to this team's recovery. That makes him extremely newsworthy.

Zach Miller from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
With Ben Coleman and Rich Tylski currently not on NFL teams, shouldn't the Jaguars be looking to sign these players who performed very well in their stints in Jacksonville?
Football is a young man's game.

Patrick Hurley from Washington, D.C.:
Who do you think will be the starting fullback this year: Patrick Washington on Detron Smith? Washington may not put up big numbers on offense, but he hits the hole hard on every play. Who do you prefer?
May the best man win.

Katie Brokinbrow from Philadelphia, PA:
I am a big fan of Penn State. My father's a professor there and I am an alumni (1993). I am also a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars and I love to see PSU get guys on the Jags roster. What do you think about Bruce Branch? Do you think he stands a chance to make the team or even the practice squad?
Bruce Branch was a big-time punt-returner at Penn State. Any chance he has of making the Jaguars' final roster will probably rest with his preseason performance as a punt-returner, but he may have the cornerback skills to warrant practice-squad consideration.

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