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Base scheme is stop the run

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Chris Walker from Starke, FL:
John Pease, the Jags' defensive coordinator, said the style and types of schemes he will incorporate would be based on his personnel. Based on how you've seen the defensive personnel perform, what do you think is their most likely style of defense?
The strength of the Jaguars' defensive personnel is clearly the two defensive tackles, Marcus Stroud and John Henderson, who represent the 13th and ninth picks of the last two drafts. When you've spent two high selections on players who will be shoulder to shoulder in the middle of the line, you have to believe you are going to be effective against the run and at collapsing the pass-pocket. That has to be scheme one: Stop the run and push the pocket up the middle. If the Jaguars are successful at that, then all other schematic options become available. In my opinion, the Jaguars' defensive personnel suggests there will be a lot of specialty substitutions. The key to how many different personnel groupings and schemes the Jaguars can employ will depend on whether or not players such as Eric Westmoreland and Akin Ayodele are successful in their specific roles. I'm sure you want me to say the Jaguars will become an attack-style defense, but, quite frankly, I don't see attack-style personnel.

Dan Passen from Jacksonville:
Are there any linebackers who will become available after June 1 who will attract the Jaguars' attention? Also, what will be the role of third-round pick Akin Ayodele? Will he start right away?
Keith Mitchell of the Saints might create some interest. Akin Ayodele is a former college defensive end who is attempting to make the move to strongside linebacker. Given those circumstances, it would be unrealistic to expect Ayodele to be an every-downs player in his rookie season. I see him as a specialty-downs player whose athletic ability and pass-rush skills would allow him to provide some occasional impact, but his real value will surface after a couple of seasons in the league.

Willie Collier from Jacksonville:
How do you think Henderson will help us this season?
John Henderson should offer immediate impact as a run-stuffing defensive tackle who has the ability to collapse the pass-pocket and chase down plays to the outside. He has that kind of ability. He may also get a look at defensive end. I expect him to be a star-quality player, which is consistent with the expectations for a top-10 selection.

Thomas Bobo from Clinton, MS:
What is your take on competition taking place for the placekicking position. My hometown favorite, Holmes, has produced everywhere he has been in the NFL and at Auburn. Will he finally get the opportunity he has worked so hard for and deserves?
The job is wide open. Let the best man win. The one thing we learned last summer is that Tom Coughlin is not afraid to cut a draft choice.

Julius Marble from Jacksonville:
I went to the truck show and was wondering how the field is recuperating. I'm sure they can just re-sod after that show, right? No one ever really wonders about how the field grows and all the work the grounds guys do. What exactly do they do? Are there, like, 10 guys who just sit around making $15 an hour, or how does it work?
The playing surface is replaced each summer. Then they fertilize it, water it and cut it. I hope that answers all your questions.

Jack Cumming from Toronto, Canada:
This question doesn't have much to do with the Jaguars, but what exactly is a west coast offense?
The west coast offense passing game is a five-step, deliver-the-ball-quick concept designed not to get the quarterback hit. The quarterback usually has three reads. The play is designed so that one of those three receivers is open. One of Bill Walsh's base beliefs is that a pass to the third-read receiver, who is usually in a short-gain area, is as good as a run.

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