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Bathrooms extraordinary places

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jeffrey from Elgin, SC:
I don't know how you do it. You read all of your e-mails, answer a good number of them, follow all of the ups and downs of the Jaguars and the draft, educate us daily on the cap and the ramifications of it, write outstanding views and play golf. How do you do it all in one day? I am sure a lot of fans would like to know a little more about the man and his daily routine.

Vic: You forgot about my wife, who happens to be from your home state. She's very high maintenance. Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day to get it all done. Fortunately, daylight savings time is getting near, and that will help me more fully address my golf responsibilities.

Justin from Jacksonville:
Which do you think is the Jaguars' best free-agent signing so far this year, and why? Also who was the best-ever free agent signed by the Jags?

Vic: I'm partial to the Juran Bolden signing because I think it has intriguing upside. In the modern game, left corner is a premium position. The right corner is referred to as the "squat corner," because he is usually a zone guy who "squats" or "sits" on the short routes. The left corner has to be an athletic and fast defender capable of being locked in man-to-man coverage all over the field. Dewayne Washington was always a right corner with the Steelers and will remain in that capacity with the Jaguars. Bolden is a left corner, which means that if he is able to take that job, hold it and excel at it, the Jaguars will have hit a major home run with Bolden in free agency. His contract is a show-me deal that could make Bolden a major bargain in his first two seasons, before the Jaguars face a $3 million option bonus in March of 2006. Had the Jaguars not signed Bolden, I believe Rashean Mathis would've been moved to left corner because he has the athletic skills to play that position. If Bolden is a "home run," the Jaguars will have two guys in the starting lineup with left-corner skills, which would allow defensive coordinator Mike Smith to more involve his linebackers and safeties in blitz packages. Washington gives the Jaguars a veteran reserve that can be used in "nickel" and "dime" coverage schemes. In my opinion, the Bolden acquisition is real key. Which was the all-time best Jaguars free-agent signing? Keenan McCardell.

Rich from Harrison, MI:
Since there seems to be a "roll call" of military and overseas Jaguar fans lately, I thought I would chime in from a merchant ship sailing on its way back to the states from Kuwait. Although it is brutally slow, I am fortunate enough to be able to follow "Ask Vic" and keep up with all of the draft and free agent news via the ship's satellite. This leads to my question. We have many people onboard from many different states and they are looking to me for a place to watch the draft when the ship gets to Jacksonville. I remember watching one year at a Jacksonville sports bar, and they had a great draft party. I know Alltel Stadium will have one. Any others? Will you make any appearances?

Vic: If you and your sailor buddies can behave yourselves, come on over to the "Bud Zone" at Alltel Stadium on draft day. Brian Sexton, Jeff Lageman and I will be doing our radio coverage of the draft. Stop and say hello.

Jerry from Jacksonville:
What is the most important position in the Jaguars defense, and how well does that player fit in it?

Vic: Well, I've already described the importance of the left cornerback position. Certainly, the right end or blind-side pass-rushing position is a premium gig. But, as it pertains to the Jaguars' scheme and their personnel, I think middle linebacker is the featured position. Mike Peterson plays at a great advantage. He has in front of him two first-round picks, Marcus Stroud and John Henderson, who are used to occupy blockers, much as Ray Lewis had Tony Siragusa and Sam Adams in Baltimore a few years ago. Because Stroud and Henderson have been committed to that role, the pressure is on Peterson to make "every" tackle. In the Jaguars' scheme, Peterson has got to be a star player. In the second half of last season, he was.

Sluggo from Houston, TX:
I am a Houston Texans fan and I keep up with the Texans web site, but I must say that I have learned so much more about the NFL, the salary cap and various other information from your "Ask Vic" column. I make a point to check it out at least three times a week. My question for you is how many wins do you think the Texans will have? Will they make the playoffs, and how bad will they beat the Jaguars in 2004?

Vic: The Texans addressed their need for "big guys" by signing Todd Wade and Robaire Smith in free agency. The Texans also re-signed Gary Walker. With those signings, I think the Texans are in position to be an AFC South title contender in 2004. Dom Capers is one of my favorite people, so I admit to having a little bias for the Texans, but I really do believe they're on the verge. They need a big draft, however, to get over the hump. They need to get a corner, a safety and more big guys. They also need for David Carr to take the next step, and/or Domanick Davis to prove last season was no fluke. As far as beating the Jaguars, maybe you should ask Dave Ragone what he thinks. By the way, is offering a fan-driven mock draft I think is an outstanding feature. It's something we should do at next year.

Gene from Keystone Heights, FL:
Who came up with the "Ask Vic" idea? I always assumed it was you.

Vic: It was the Jaguars' IT Director Bruce Swindell.

SMSgt Jimmie Sampson Jr. from Jacksonville:
Robert in San Diego said that "Ask Vic" was read in some extraordinary places. You replied, "Such as?" I'm active-duty Air Force and I can tell you it is read in places such as: Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras; Ali Al-Saleem Air Base, Kuwait; Al Daphra Air Base, U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates); Kunsan/Osan Air Bases, Korea; Kaden Air Base, Japan; and Air Force bases in England, Germany, Italy, Spain and Guam. You asked! Thanks for such a great site for Jaguar fans around the world to stay on top of what's happening.

Vic: But when will someone invent a way to read the internet in the bathroom?

Meeja from Bangkok, Thailand:
Firstly, from your answer to Robert from San Diego, do you think Thailand is the pretty extraordinary place? Sorry if my English isn't clear.

Vic: Yeah, that's great, but what about your bathroom?

Shawn from Three Rivers, MI:
You mentioned to Ed from Kansas City that the Titans might be interested in a running back, mentioning Kevin Jones and Steven Jackson with a possible reach to Greg Jones. Where is Chris Perry in this scenario? I think if he was at 28 he would be a perfect fit for the Titans. What do you think of Perry?

Vic: My understanding is that Chris Perry does not fit in the first round. But he would be a real attractive guy in the second round. Perry has outstanding pass-catching skills and is expected to become an immediate hit as a third-down and utility back. But the Titans need a feature back, and most draft analysts don't see Perry in that role. I will tell you this, however: Jaguars running backs coach Anthony Lynn loves him.

CW3 Dave Emeott from HQ KFOR, Kosovo:
Would Kosovo be considered an extraordinary place to read your column?

Vic: Are you in your bathroom?

Mike from Bridgeport, CT:
Vic, when can you see the Jaguars returning to the playoffs?

Vic: Ask me that question after the draft.

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