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Best available; just deal with it

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Joseph from Jacksonville:
I understand the Jaguars' new stance of drafting the best available player. Yet, wouldn't you think it would be wasteful to draft a DT or a QB in the first round? I mean as far as rating goes there would have to be several players of superior need and equal value available at our position. I believe the Jags, if given an opportunity, should trade down. Vic, what is your opinion on the aforementioned?

Vic: I believe firmly in drafting the best available player, or trading out of the spot to a place where need meets best available player.

Pat from Fountain Valley, CA:
Just want to thank you for taking the time to answer all of these questions. When there's no football, some of us have to keep busy. My question is: For a while there was some talk about the possibility of signing Jason Sehorn. I think this would make our defense very solid, however, shouldn't we focus a little more on getting a few quality names on the offensive line. To me that is a section on the team that is sub-par.

Vic: It would have to be addressed in the draft. Let's see what they do.

Sam from Sacramento, CA:
In the first round of the draft, if Charles Rogers and Andre Johnson are already selected, then who would be the next receiver in line for the Jaguars to select?

Vic: The next wave of wide receivers would seem to begin with Taylor Jacobs and Kelley Washington, but they are expected to go way down the line from Charles Rogers and Andre Johnson. That kind of gap would seem to take the Jaguars out of the wide receiver group for their first-round pick, but there's plenty of quality pass-catchers in the later rounds. This is a rich crop of wide receivers and the Jaguars clearly don't have to spring early to get the kind of number two receiver to complement Jimmy Smith.

Nick from Jacksonville:
Do you know if Jack Del Rio has evaluated the team's talent yet and if there will potentially be any major changes to the starting lineup?

Vic: The existing talent has been evaluated and $12 million of bonus money has already been spent on major changes.

Patrick from Pittsburgh, PA:
I like the way the Jags' defense is shaping up for this year and a few years to come. The thing is, the offense doesn't seem to be promising for the future. I'm not so sold on David Garrard as the future of the Jags and I don't see Jimmy Smith playing until he's 40, like Rice and Brown. What do you think the Jags will do to take care of these positions that are in need of much help. Also, as of right now, who do you see starting at linebacker other than Peterson and Ayodele?

Vic: Professional football is not a game of maintenance. It's a game of replacement. In time, players such as Jimmy Smith and Mark Brunell will have to be replaced. Every team faces those kinds of father-time demands. The Steelers are facing it with Jerome Bettis and the Titans are facing it with Eddie George. You'll see some of the Jaguars' concerns addressed in this year's draft, but you can't do it all in one year. It's an ongoing process and this team is facing some major roster reconstruction. As far as linebacker is concerned, I would think T.J. Slaughter will get the first shot at middle linebacker, and I think Danny Clark figures into the picture there, too.

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