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Beware of what you quote

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Adrian from Reading, United Kingdom:
You don't get off that lightly. How about you answer your own question: Would the Jaguars trade rosters with the Titans? The Colts? The Texans?

Vic: I wouldn't.

Robert from San Diego, CA:
I have to echo Thrill's comments. As a former active-duty Marine and a current Marine reservist, I can assure you "Ask Vic" has been read in some pretty extraordinary places.

Vic: Such as?

William from Redlands, CA:
Great idea for a slogan –"Please, no more slogans" – excellent, perfect, magnificent and simple, yet, complex. Maybe no player will cut his leg in half with an ax. I really have a question, I just was so blown away by that stroke of genius that I had to give credit where it was due. Are you going to do a mock draft this year on your radio show or in a column? If so, when and with whom? I served with the USAF 363rd ESFS at Prince Sultan air base in Saudi Arabia. I did not get much time on the internet but when I did it was at your site. Thank you for your support.

Vic: "Jaguars This Week" will present its annual mock draft on Wednesday, April 21. Brian, Jeff and I will alternatingly select for each team in the first round. Air time is 6 p.m. each Wednesday on WOKV, 690 AM. The broadcast may also be heard on

Taylor from Ellicott City, MD:
I hope that if you answer this question you will still consider my other questions, but I would like to know if I could use one of your quotes for a school project? If so, thank you.

Vic: Sure, but what's the quote? I don't think you should use that "first-round picks gotta look good in the shower" quote. I don't wanna see you get expelled.

Alan from Jacksonville:
That was a low blow about not acknowledging anything outside of Florida. And I would never go to Buffalo, even to play the Packers, er, I mean Bills. And I know Georgia exists because a former FSU coach is there now. But, seriously, I gave up on the travel club since I got a whopping five e-mails about it, and everyone wanted it to be something different.

Vic: Alan, if you can't get it done just bow out so I can turn this thing over to someone who can get it done.

Ed from Kansas City, MO:
Since is the only NFL site I check on a regular basis (because it's the best), I don't know very much about the other Jaguar divisional rivals' draft goals. Would you be able to give a short analysis of the Colts, Titans and Texans, focusing on their need and potential draft board positions?

Vic: The Texans draft right behind the Jaguars. In my opinion, the Texans need big guys on both lines. They signed defensive tackle Robaire Smith and offensive tackle Todd Wade in free agency, but they still need linemen. They could use a cornerback and a safety, too. Defensive linemen Tommie Harris and Vince Wilfork would be solid prospects if they were available at the 10th pick. Wade will play right tackle for the Texans, so that might eliminate offensive tackle Shawn Andrews as a prospect, and there doesn't appear to be another offensive lineman who fits in the top 10; Robert Gallery will be long gone. Cornerback DeAngelo Hall and safety Sean Taylor would be logical prospects for the Texans' first pick. Harris and Wilfork may be gone and cornerback is a position of greater importance than safety, so, if Hall is available I don't think he makes it past the Texans. The Titans have the 28th pick of the first round and that's way too far down the list to be able to focus on anybody, but we know the Titans have some very desperate needs. They lost two starting defensive linemen – Jevon Kearse and Robaire Smith – in free agency and Jeff Fisher would probably like to address those losses. I have to believe Texas defensive tackle Marcus Tubbs would be a player of interest for the Titans, but we're talking about a big guy who turned in a great pro-day workout, so, even though Tubbs' name isn't prominently mentioned in most mock drafts, he's the kind of player who comes out of nowhere, as Jonathan Sullivan did last year. Running back is also a position of need for the Titans. Steven Jackson and Kevin Jones will probably be off the board, so, would the Titans "reach" a little for Greg Jones? Or might the Titans have their eye on Maurice Clarett later in the draft? You know, the Titans have done pretty well with another Ohio State running back. The Titans have a lot of needs, including offensive tackle, where Fred Miller and Brad Hopkins are getting up in years and have become major salary cap burdens. The Colts' needs are distinctly at but not limited to cornerback and linebacker. They lost David Macklin and Marcus Washington in free agency. To the Colts' advantage, those two positions are deep in this draft and should yield quality prospects at the 30th overall pick.

Dalai Lama from Dharamsala, India:
Is it true you often choose questions from exotic places as "need picks" to promote "Ask Vic's" worldly image, rather than choosing the best available question?

Vic: Absolutely not; best available question, always.

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