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Big time on Saturday

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Alison from Jacksonville:
Last week's edition of "Inside Training Camp: Jaguars Summer" that was due to be shown on Fox at noon this past Sunday was pre-empted by coverage of Hurricane Frances. Could you please try to find out for me and other disappointed fans if Fox is planning to run it at another time so we get a chance to see it?

Vic: What a Saturday evening you're going to have. At five p.m. this Saturday, WAWS-TV (Fox 30) will air the fourth episode of "Jaguars Summer." It will be followed by the documentary's fifth and final episode at six p.m. But your big night is just beginning because at seven p.m., on WTEV-TV (Channel 47), the one-hour "Jaguars Season Preview" will be shown. That'll take you right to bed time so you can be rested and ready to go for Sunday's one o'clock kickoff in Buffalo.

John from Jacksonville:
While it is over a week away, are we still looking at a TV blackout for our home opener against Denver?

Vic: There are approximately 13,000 tickets that must be sold for the Jaguars to avoid a TV blackout for the Denver game. History would suggest the Jaguars are not likely to sell those many tickets over the next eight days. By the way, I learned today the average cost of a Jaguars ticket is the third-cheapest in the league at $40.80. Buffalo has the lowest average, $37.13, followed by Arizona at $39.72. The league average is $54.75.

Dave from Providence, RI:
First off, me and the guys from Rhode Island want to thank you for a great time at the "Ask Vic" golf outing. We'll be back in force next year. Now to my question. I agree, each draft is graded on how the first pick plays, but what about our last pick? What if McCray becomes a home run? Have you seen any flashes of this?

Vic: I absolutely believe Bobby McCray could be a home-run pick. In fact, I find it ironic McCray emerged at a time when a lot of people were clamoring for the Jaguars to trade for Adewale Ogunleye. They are of similar size and they each came into the league without fanfare; McCray as a seventh-round pick and Ogunleye as an undrafted free agent. The difference is that McCray is a minimum-wage player whose signing bonus is the equivalent of a new car. Ogunleye broke the Bears' bank. Maybe McCray will be the next Ogunleye.

Bill from Woodbury, MN:
All offseason we heard (and rightfully so) that pass-rush and kicking were areas that had to improve. Do you really feel the team made substantial progress in these areas?

Vic: I expect the Jaguars' pass-rush to be a lot better this year because they have more speed and depth on defense, which will allow the Jaguars to expand their pass-rush schemes and apply greater concentration on pressuring the quarterback. All you have to do is read Jack Del Rio's body language. A year ago he said, "We will stop the run," and the Jaguars did. This year, he has said, "We will affect the quarterback," and I have no reason to doubt that statement. But he didn't say "We will sack the quarterback." That may be expecting too much. Pressure on the quarterback is what's important, and the speed the Jaguars have on defense will allow them to use a lot of personnel combinations they couldn't use last year. As far as the kicking game is concerned, I think all we can do is cross our fingers.

Daniel from Arcola, IL:
If a quarterback tries to spike the ball and it hits the ground before the line of scrimmage, is it considered a fumble?

Vic: When spiking the ball for the purpose of stopping the clock, the ball is not required to cross the line of scrimmage. It must be a continuous motion that is executed with the clear intent of stopping the clock. No other purpose is acceptable. Throwing the ball away to avoid a sack is another matter. The quarterback may throw the ball out of bounds without incurring a penalty for intentional grounding, provided he is outside the tackles and his pass reaches the line of scrimmage. If the pass does not reach the line of scrimmage, he is penalized for intentional grounding.

Scott from Miami, OK:
I am a fan out here in Oklahoma and it seems this website and your column are the only connection I have to my favorite team. I was wondering what your opinion is on when our young team will be a threat to go all the way, and not a team that would surprise everyone if they did.

Vic: The Jaguars are at least a year away from that lofty status. They need at least one more offseason of player acquisitions to feel they've adequately addressed their needs.

Jon from Jacksonville:
Thanks for the great work. What will Quinn Gray's responsibilities include this year? Scout team? Some reps in practice? How do you see him being used by this team? Trade option or backup QB of the future?

Vic: He's a valuable scout-team quarterback who appears destined to become the Jaguars' backup quarterback of the future.

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