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Bin translatin: Here's what they really said


There has been no war of words. Coaches Tom Coughlin and Butch Davis and their players, obviously under orders from their coaches, have been very cautious in what they've said to the media this week.

If the action in Cleveland Sunday is to equal the comments made to the media this week, the Jaguars and Browns need not wear shoulder pads. But they will, and both teams are expected to use those pads aggressively. In this case, few words are expected to translate into much action.

Here's what was said this week, followed by a translation. Hey, it worked with Osama Bin Laden.

We'll start with Coughlin.

"I'm not going to focus on that," Coughlin said earlier this week when asked about the lingering effects of the Mark Brunell-Gerard Warren incident from Sept. 30. "What I want to do is try to focus on doing everything we can to win a football game. That was then, now is now, and we're all aware of that. The league stepped in. The league did what they thought they had to do. We just moved forward."

(Translation) "I don't want to be fined, so, I'll keep my thoughts to myself. If we win, I might tell you exactly what I think."

Davis was incredulous the media would even broach the subject.

"I'm not even going to dignify that. I would hope that my reputation; we want to be very aggressive, well-coached, we want to play hard and I think that certainly anybody who would think we're trying to encourage any kind of behavior or play; it's totally unfounded," Davis offered in somewhat disjointed commentary when asked about the Browns' penchant for pregame taunting.

(Translation) "Come on, guys, you saw my Miami teams play. Do you really need to ask?"

Then there was Browns linebacker Jamir Miller, who painted the Browns as the patron saints of Lake Erie.

"We don't say anything. We just go out and play. I don't know where people get that from. We just go out and play football. That's all we are trying to do. We don't do a lot of talking, we just go out and play," Miller told reporters about the Browns' reputation for trash-talking.

(Translation) "You know, once you learn how to tell a lie with a straight face, it's really very easy to do. Plus, it's not really a lie if you're saying it to the media."

But there's no lying on Sunday. The scoreboard will tell the truth, and both teams will have to live with that.

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